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The May month of upgrading and growth… step into the challenge of the Upgrade energy with happiness and joy.

Remember Resonance Repatterning® is live or online via phone, tablet or laptop, anytime anywhere – to help you through your upgrades.

Dear Friend,

Lovely to be here with you again through the Resonance Repatterning® International institute newsletter for May.

May is all about upgrade season.  So much strong light and energy pouring through and upgrading our body mind and energy systems. How are you managing that and how is that showing up in your life? Perhaps you might be engaging differently, entering relationships with others with a different energy, or perhaps your voice change in some way.  Just noticing the changes that are taking place during this precious time is important.  Maybe you are feeling challenged – wherever you are reach out we can assist through these changes.

Wherever you are in your role on this planet, this time is teaching us the ability to handle our own and other’s energies regardless of what is happening around us. The time of mastery is upon us.

Resonance Repatterning® has an amazing way of making this happen. Go ahead and check out the live and self-study programmes on the web site to see how you can help yourself. 

We are growing very fast, we have 10,000 people on our database, we have had 71,000 hits on our website and over we estimate over 3 million people have been touched in some way through Resonance Repatterning® that’s so powerful isn’t it.

Supported now through our HQ we have 20 people who are doing some incredibly amazing work at rebuilding an amazing structure.  With almost half the team from Mexico and the other half from many other countries around the world – we truly are now a global business.

Come and join our committees and help us expand Resonance Repatterning® and touch people from all over the world. Your contribution is important to us.

We have put this newsletter together with love and care and hope you enjoy it.


Courses, now live online via phone, tablet or laptop – ANYTIME ANYWHERE

You can now train with Resonance Repatterning® from wherever you are in the world, from your phone, laptop or tablet, at your own pace whenever you feel like it, live or online.

AND New In the next 30 days, if you’re a member you will have access to an abundance of online self-paced, trauma programmes, mental health, marketing, social media programmes and more. Don’t delay if you haven’t signed up yet to the membership now is the time.

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Marketing Training

In the month of upgrade… Do you recognize your own value

If we change our thinking from our life matters to deeply knowing that our life matters, and that we are important regardless of what we do in life – what changes do you think may come about?

It can be easy to buy into the illusion of our own insignificance. We may see large corporations, institutions, celebrities or successful people in our community, and compare ourselves to them, thinking that their fame or material power, or actions, affirm how little our own lives matter, or even through this process, we are being shown up to be insignificant, unworthy or unimportant.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Every single one of us matters. Our very own existence affects countless numbers of people in countless ways every day, just by showing up and being there.  And because we are each a microcosm of the macrocosm (the larger universe), our internal experiences affect the whole of life more than we could ever imagine. The world simply could not exist as it does now if you, or any one of us, were not in it.  So just by showing up every day in our life and our frequency how will it affect you and the others around you?

Perhaps you are aware already that on some level, there is this niggle in the back of the mind, that you think your life or you don’t matter and then on the outside, this shows up in depression, sadness, isolation, rejection of change, or the opposite, anger, resentment or even rage or disdain, If this resonates within you, maybe it is time to explore why you feel this way. What if you formed a self-rejecting or diminishing belief as a little one to keep yourself safe or to help you make sense of confusing situations. Perhaps change around you felt uneasy and threatening. What about being possibly unseen or unheard and you decided that there was something wrong with you. Spend some time in self-awareness, looking into where these feelings first occurred, and see what might pop up for you and what changes you might be able to make during this very auspicious month, both in your life and in your heart.

This simple belief in our own unimportance could be limiting and impacting our life in enormous ways. When we shift our perception around our own ability to affect our life, those around us and impact the world, just by being there and existing, we may discover wonderful parts of ourselves that had long ago been forgotten. There may even be new parts that we never even knew existed. When we gain awareness of how much our life really does matter, and the impact we have, new sources of energy can emerge and our sense of connection with the world is renewed.

Meridian Focus / extraordinary Meridian. The Yin Wei Mai (Yin Linking Vessel)

We focused last month on the Yang Wei Mai (Yang linking Vessel)

Yin Wei Mai (Yin Linking Vessel)

The meridian this month and the last meridian in the April newsletter the Yang Wei Mai, play a major part in balancing the body’s Yin and Yang. Add this to your process guide and see if this comes up for you! These meridians the Yin & the Yang Wei Mai also involve concepts of the masculine and feminine, life and death and the transitions involved during our aging process. The Yin Wei Mai is paired with the Chong Mai (we will talk about this in one of the next newsletters) The combination of these two powerful meridians provide energetic access to the inner gate of ourselves. They influence the meaning that we derive from our lives, and they help us to respond with more clarity and in a way carries more compassionate.

This meridian affects the lower limbs, nervous system, digestive system, Musculo skeletal system and also the cardiovascular system.  It influences the blood circulation, the Yin and the consciousness of the heart. Imbalance or issues with this meridian can show up as chest and back pain, stomach aches, nausea, blood deficiency, headaches, heart pain and depression.

If you are suffering with any of these symptoms it does not mean that this is the root cause. Calling on a practitioner to help you or a doctor would be the best course of action.

Watch this space for a new course coming soon on the extraordinary meridians

Barter Bucks©

Come and volunteer your services to the HQ committee in exchange for Barter bucks. And you can exchange this for license fees, teaching programmes, becoming a teacher, or something else! Welcome to the Resonance Repatterning® International Institute Community of Exchange.

Body consciousness / Spleen

As you may or may not know each part of our body has consciousness, but what does it mean.  Every month, we will take a part of the body and look at the consciousness and see what it means for that part.

This month let’s take a look at the Spleen

What does the Spleen do: The Spleen cleanses the lymph and the blood and provides the ability to clear old stagnant thoughts from the mind.  In Chinese medicine, the spleen generates worry, which then in turn provides the energy to think. This worry affects the subconscious mind. It also helps to keep digestion of food and thoughts coordinated. It governs the rhythms of the body including keeping the menstrual cycles in rhythm with the phases of the moon.

Associated words that you could muscle check for: Purifying, or purification, cleaning or cleansing, the subconscious, worry, thinking or thought, moving in the rhythm of life.

Free Masterclass 

Come and join for a free masterclass, just click on this link

  • Review your life from a different perspective, identify what is tripping you up and learn how to fix it
  • Let go of the past and have an abundance of tools to navigate how to manage your life differently
  • Deep understanding as to how your experiences have shaped your current actions and how to change it
  • Understand how your current and existing thoughts create your reality and learn how to change it
  • How to reprogramme your mind and your nervous system
  • Understand why you are here and replan what you want from your life

And if you love it the Trauma to Transcendence class begins in September. For more information visit


Vacancies in the committee – come and apply – no Resonance Repatterning® experience needed!

The committees are filling up fast, we now have 20 new members and we look forward to sharing more pictures of this wonderful community in our next newsletter. Please contact so you can join this wonderful HQ community – and earn Barter Bucks in exchange for license fees, courses membership and so on!

The following slots are available – as well ad general positions on the committees

  • Team Lead – Sales
  • Team Lead – Marketing
  • Team Lead – Governance, process and compliance
  • Team Lead – Customer Intimacy
  • Team Lead – Projects
  • Team Lead – Public Relations
  • Administrator – Certification
  • Administrator – Teachers

Committee Member Welcome & Changes 

Welcome to more new wonderful team members and changes

We celebrate you in the committee community for all the amazing work you are all doing individually and as a team on behalf of Resonance Repatterning®

  • Team Lead – Technology and Graphic Design – Hector Nucamendi (Mexico)
  • Team Lead – Juan Ayza Merino (Mexico)
  • Observer – Atzin Dominquez (Mexico)
  • Observer – Graciela De La Teja (Mexico)
  • Observer – Atenea Dominquez
  • Observer – Tabitha Crook (UK)
  • Mentorship Admin – Tabitha Crook (UK)
  • Mentor – Kiffin Allington (USA)
  • Mentor – Geetanjali Raggoo-Seebaluck (Mauritius)
  • Mentor – Megan Fortin (USA)
  • Membership Committee – Theresa Larson (USA)
  • Membership Committee – Megan Fortin (USA)
  • Membership Support – Shayna (South Africa)

 Committee Changes!

As we are expanding and moving – changes are also afoot amongst the team!

  • Norma has taken over the teacher management globally, having managed Mexico to this point – well done Norma!
  • Carla Eldorado – has taken over special projects, Escalated Queries and management of contracts.

How to Reach Us at Head Office 

Certification, Team Lead, Sophia –

Mentorship, Team Lead, Andreea –

Membership, Admin, Shayna –

Membership, Team Lead, Reshma –

Teachers, Team Lead, Norma –

Legal, Team Lead, Garry –

Escalations or complaints or compliments too! Team Lead, Carla –

Everything else!

Website chat 24/7

You will notice we have a 24-hour chat service on our website which is a live person! So, if you have any queries wherever you are in your part of the world get hold of us via chat!

Membership to the Resonance Repatterning® International Institute 

It’s been wonderful to see so many memberships coming in and so many people going through the certification process. There is a lot of excitement in the community.

A reminder to take out membership for the level you are at.  All you need to do is send an email to with the details of which membership you would like to take out, along with your previous certificates. In return you will receive your license to practice, logo and ethical framework.  Don’t miss out – after the end of April you will not be listed as a licensed Resonance Repatterning® or Holographic repatterning® practitioner if you don’t have a membership you won’t be able to call yourself a Resonance Repatterning® practitioner or or holographic repatterning® practitioner or use the logo, there is a membership that caters for all.

Publishing opportunities

We are in the process of compiling a book of new Repatternings from the various colleagues, practitioners and teachers across the globe – if you have always dreamed of being published and want to be included reach out and let us know AND

We are also about to publish recorded Group sessions online as pre-recorded saleable downloads – if you would like to have your sessions published on the new website soon to be launched, again reach out to us at

Senior Citizens discount on membership to the Resonance Repatterning® International Institute.

Great news – now that we are getting to know the make up of the community more, we have decided to launch two levels of discount for our membership:

Over 70’s qualifies for a 50% discount


65-69 Qualifies for a 25% discount.

We hope that you enjoy these discounts and look forward to welcoming you on board.

Private Member Facebook Groups

Reminder to Come and join us at the private Facebook members groups below (NB you have to be a member to join):




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Or connect with us on Instagram

Or connect with us on Instagram 

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