New Membership Structure — Categories listed below

Today we are launching the Membership Model combined with the Resonance Repatterning® License to Practice.  From the end of February if you would like to practice Resonance Repatterning you will need to have a membership in good standing. This License to Practice incorporates a License Agreement to use the trademark and a logo specific to your level of certification.

Please take some time to look at the various benefits. We believe we have come up with an option to suit all pockets regardless of the country that you reside in. Here are some highlights:

New Name

Resonance Repatterning International Institute — From now on our change in direction is also accompanied by a new frequency!  In numerology, this name represents the number 8 which indicates ‘expansion’.

New Membership Model Incorporating License to Practice

We are formalizing Resonance Repatterning® into global standard. Only those with a membership with the Resonance Repatterning® Institute, which incorporates a License to Practice will be listed on the main Resonance Repatterning® website and promoted as qualified practitioners. This is essential, because as we continue into our expansion phase, we want to have a global standard for practice.

Only those who have a License to Practice will be entitled to use the name Resonance Repatterning® including Holographic Repatterning®, and the logo/trademark. Over time, as we move into marketing our brand out into the world, clients will look for practitioners that meet a standard as with other systems. We have really put a lot of thought into how we can assist you with your career, or your practice of Resonance Repatterning®, and as a result have put together a package of benefits that help you in your journey. This ensures that we have quality practitioners across the globe and through the membership and license to practice we seek to help you build your practice and / or support you in your personal growth whatever the option is that you choose.

How do you sign up?

Very simple
• Send us your certificates and signed off Seminar Attendance Record
• Select the membership that you would like to take out
• Fill in this form – Click here
• Send back all documents in one email to
• We will come back to you with any questions.
• Once we have reviewed all the docs we will process your membership!