CEH Hours

These are the Resonance Repatterning Continuing Education Hours (CEH). A CEH hour equals 1 hour of professional development, that is an hour of participation in a program. It shows your clients that you are improving your knowledge all the time

CEH stands for Continuing Education Hour

Resonance Repatterning® is a method that contributes to improve mental health and general wellbeing. The Resonance Repatterning® International Institute (RRII) ensures that licensed practitioners have and follow high quality standards, so they are required to be continuously updated.
For practitioners to strengthen the competencies they have already acquired in Resonance Repatterning® training and to keep their license to practice valid and current, RRII has implemented the following measures:

The RRII has its own continuing education hours, which are named as CEH (Continued Education Hours). A CEH is a unit of credit equal to 1 hour of professional development, that is, of participation in a program designed for professionals with certificates or licenses to practice in various professions.

We require 24 CEH per year. In the case that the Resonance Repatterning® practitioner collects more than 24 hours in a year, the remaining hours can be carried over to the following year.

These guidelines will come into effect as of January 1st, 2024.

If you have any questions, we are here to help. Please contact us via email support@resonancerepatterning.com or via Whatsapp +52 55 1269 1706.

We hope that these actions will promote the enrichment of knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes of our members, and that this will contribute to develop a more integral and professional practice as Resonance Repatterning® practitioners.


Approved Training Options for CEH Validation. Practitioners may obtain CEH with the following training options:

  • Resonance Repatterning Seminars, including retakes (21 hours each).
  • RR Observer and Mentorship Workshops (5 hours each).
  • Coaching Calls and Masterclasses organized by RRII (1 hour per event.) Note: Attendance is not considered if the member registers to the event but misses it and watches the video after the event).
  • Courses, seminars, or workshops organized by RRII itself or by another institution grant valid professional development hours, provided the training contributes to improve the skills, abilities, and attitudes of the Resonance Repatterning practitioner. (Hours of Attendance to the event. One professional development hour from another organization equals one RRII CEH)

    To validate the number of CEH through courses, seminars and workshops held in another institution, practitioners must present the attendance certificate issued by the institution where the training was taken and ensure that this training enriches their Resonance Repatterning practice. The certificate of attendance must contain: 

    • Name, logo and seal of the institution.
    • Name of the course, seminar or workshop.
    • Date of the training.
    • Total hours corresponding to the training (theory and practice).
    • Signature of the director of the institution and/or instructor responsible for the training.

    To validate the number of hours through the events offered by the RRII (Coaching Call and Masterclass), attendance at RRII Events will be verified through the practitioner’s presence throughout the session and completion of a brief questionnaire at the end of the session.

    Here is how you can submit any document that supports or proves that you attended a seminar, course, or workshop at another organization:

    1. As soon as you receive the first reminder for renewing the RR License to practice, you will need to send the certificate(s) of the courses that you have taken during the year, which cover the validity of your license to practice through and email sent to membersupport@resonancerepatterning.com. Note: check our number 1 of this table to know which documents you will need. 
    2. The information will be validated by the RRII Training Committee.
    3. Once the RRII Training Committee has validated the information, you will receive a confirmation email communicating the outcome and if the CEH are granted, so you are able to proceed with your license renewal payment.

    Join Us!

    If you have not yet joined our Resonance Repatterning Community, we hope that this information inspires you to join our community.

    As you have seen throughout our website, Resonance Repatterning® is a transformational method, which helps you to find the balance and to spiral up by allowing the input of light in your mind-body-spirit as a coherent energy which creates new neural pathways which guide you to coherence since the first session. This is what Resonance Repatterning is about. To find balance and coherence from a neuronal transformation which comes from changing our resonance from non-coherent to coherent frequencies creating new neuronal pathways.

    This is why Resonance Repatterning firmly fits in the areas of mental health, energy psychology and energy medicine.

    That’s why we suggest you join our membership – we do all that we can there to help in keeping your skills where they need to be and helping you grow your business.

    As a practitioner, keeping your skills at a high level in the area of Resonance Repatterning® as well as the areas surrounding it is critical.

    You can build being a Resonance Repatterning® practitioner in a way that fits into your life, however you would like it to. Whether full-time, part-time, or you can just use the method to support your friends and family.

    We are delighted to be able to share this Resonance Repatterning® career pathway with you. Take the next steps and make Resonance Repatterning® your career.

    See what opportunities are open to you:

    Step by Step Certification Guide
    Guía paso a paso
    RR Career Journey
    Trayectoria profesional de RR

    If you would be interested in knowing more about becoming a Resonance Repatterning practitioner, send us a message to info@resonancerepatterning.com or you can also search for more information on how to become a member.

    It will be great to welcome you!

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