Barter Bucks©

Welcome to the Resonance Repatterning® Community of exchange

To build the new Resonance Repatterning® organisation that will survive for many years to come and help change hearts, mind and health across the globe, we have invented the Barter Bucks© economy the “community of exchange”!.

 This means for the effort that you put into Resonance Repatterning® by joining a committee is rewarded through Barter Bucks© and you can use these Bucks to exchange for programmes/seminars, discounts, license fees, gift vouchers and so on.

 What is the Barter economy?

  • barter system is known as an old method of exchange. This system has been practiced for centuries and long before money was introduced. People started exchanging services and goods for other services and goods in return.
  • Today, bartering has made a considerable comeback using more sophisticated techniques to aid in trading.

 How does it work?

Resonance Repatterning® Committee Members accrue Dollars which equate to “Barter Bucks©”, which can be bartered for goods and services supplied within the Resonance Repatterning® business.

 Can the supplier (supplier of the time/service) get credit?

Purchases by clients are generally limited to the amount of ‘Barter Bucks©” in the supplier account. However, the supplier can borrow ahead once they have been contracting within the organisation as a supplier for 2 months demonstrating capability to deliver.  Should the supplier stop contracting to the client any amounts outstanding to the client would be payable immediately and the Barter Bucks© would be used by the supplier within 12 months or be forfeited.


The client may from time to time run incentives for additional “Barter Bucks©”. An ongoing incentive is as follows:

A referral bonus of

  • @20 USD “Barter Bucks©” will be given to each supplier who brings a confirmed client for a programme and
  • @5 USD “Barter Bucks” for each group class.
  • @50 USD “Barter Bucks” for each approved mentor, teacher or designated observer

To qualify for the referral bonus, suppliers must provide the following information: name, location, and email address. Referral bonus is paid when the new client has been signed up and attended or in the case of a teacher or mentor then once they are approved and have been operating successfully for two months.

 Can I sell my barter dollars? “Barter Bucks” can be donated as a gift to another. However, a suppliers account is not transferable.

 Can Policies and Procedures be changed? The policies and procedures can be changed at the company’s sole discretion

 How are “Barter Bucks” Earned? Refer to the “Barter Bucks” earnings table. A table which details “Barter Bucks” versus deliverables.

 “Barter Bucks” Statements

Resonance Repatterning® Support will provide monthly statements of “Bartering Bucks”.

 Who is the client and who is the supplier?

The client is Resonance Repatterning® the receiver of the service, and the supplier is the giver/provider of the service.

 Paying Taxes

Bartering is considered other income, so when the deliverables are met, the client will keep the ledger of how much money is spent, how much money is earned and will provide access to a monthly report or statement that shows how much came in and went out.

Come and join the Resonance Repatterning® committees. Not only do you get the reward of building a global business, the learning the growth, the sense of community, but you get to earn rewards too – what have you got to lose!

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