When you change what you resonate with you change your life

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What could be more exciting than a method that can deliver us, individually & collectively, from the recurring effects of our past traumas, and make life easier & more fun? There is no work more significant for these times.”

James Oshman

Author of Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis and Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance

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Become a practitioner from wherever you are in the world, start learning now 24/7 availability

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When I have a problem, it's the first tool I use. I can't say enough about this wonderful healing system.

Hali Chambers   USA

Massage Therapist

Resonance Repatterning is amazing! It opens us up to the magic of life. It's powerful, effective and people get results. I began studying RR in 1992, taught it for 15 years and I continue to use it in my own life, as well as with my clients.

Shady Sirotkin   USA

I was quite resistant when I had my first session in 1997. But quickly I was clear that RR works!  Suddenly I knew without a doubt that I had discovered what I had come to do. I opened my RR practice, became an RR teacher & I have never looked back!"

Leopoldina Rendon Pineda  RR Practitioner & Teacher   MEXICO 


Resonance Repatterning is divinely inspired.

Michael Fisher, Resonance Repatterning practitioner since 1997  CANADA

Resonance Repatterning is dynamic and unique. It addresses resonance and how to change your resonance, which is the basis of all true change in life.

Ardis Ozborn, Teacher of Resonance Repatterning since 1996  USA

What I am now, how I feel now, (and I do believe I will be capable of "ascending Everest") I owe to the deep changes in attitude RR has succeeded in bringing about for me.

María Teresa Trouyet de Diericx   MEXICO

Resonance Repatterning taught me to feel my feelings and commit to my truth. Being able to serve others with Resonance Repatterning makes life so worth while.

Gail Glanville   St. Thomas  VIRGIN ISLANDS

Whenever you do an RR session on yourself or someone else, it helps you make sense of your life & you always get a delightful, unexpected surprise: the situation you are experiencing is never what you think it is!

Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach & RR Practitioner since 1997  CANADA

Resonance Repatterning has catapulted my life and in my work with the bereaved and dying -- Resonance Repatterning helps people transform their pain.

Lorraine Fitzgerald,  LCSW Social Worker  USA   

Resonance Repatterning has been my tool for transformation - my 'magic wand.'  Since 1994 I've been using it for myself and in my busy practice, peeling, revealing, confronting, connecting inner with outer, whole and holy - the One behind the many!

Ileane Ellsworth   USA

As a clinical psychologist and teacher for 17 years, I now specialize in Resonance Repatterning with teenagers and young adults. I am flabbergasted with RR every time I give a session. And the kids are amazed."

Helen Martinez Nardea   MEXICO

As my talented business coach says, "you should call Resonance Repatterning Ferrari Therapy!" For me RR is the most elegant system on the planet and the results are extraordinary.

Rev Mary Schneider CEO  USA

There is such depth of wisdom in Resonance Repatterning. After breaking my neck 20 years ago, RR self-sessions brought me relief from pain. Today I use RR with CEOs and business leaders committed to making a difference.

Jennifer Moalem   AUSTRALIA

Resonance Repatterning is like many years of therapy in a few sessions. First I studied it for myself, and now I'm opening my own RR office!

Martha Arevalo  Marketing Professor at Monterrey Technological Instittute   MEXICO

I haven't put Resonance Repatterning down since I first studied it in 1997. It's part of my life. I love to use it to help those who want to heal by being true to who they are within  -- to their true inner authentic nature.

Sarah Gibbons   UK

I use Resonance Repatterning 50/50 with animals and people. What I appreciate about RR is that it allows you to identify the direction each person needs  -- no guess work -- and helps people find a consistent balance in their life.

Jonathan Martin   CANADA

I work in legal marketing and use Resonance Repatterning on myself and others. It has helped me in so many areas of my life. I feel grateful for this system every day.

Nuria Becerril, Resonance Repatterning Practitioner   MEXICO

When my son was born he was 3 Ibs and very sickly. He would go into a comatose state. Doctors couldn't help and nothing I learned did the trick until Resonance Repatterning. RR sessions changed his life and mine too -- and everyone I work with!

Carolyn Tyrer   AUSTRALIA

I've been using Resonance Repatterning pretty much every day since my first seminar in 1993. I see huge changes in peoples' lives. I couldn't find a better way to help people make the changes they are aching for. RR brings so much hope.

Helen Peak   USA

My Resonance Repatterning practice is deeply, deeply rewarding. I am so honored to help people move through their pain and trauma, and to see the amazing changes that allow them to move forward on their life path.

Trine Whist   CANADA

I was nineteen years old when I took my first Resonance Repatterning seminar in New Delhi (India) in 1996. What I continue to love about RR is that you can be the professional, a friend and a guide helping people achieve their intentions and move forward through their problems.

Kulpreet Kaur   INDIA

I love the results I get with Resonance Repatterning.

Donna Bruschi  Trainer for Breast Feeding and business owner   USA

Resonance Repatterning is a way of life for me. For the last fifteen years I have used it everyday to maintain my state of well-being and to help others.

Berti Burkart   MEXICO

Resonance Repatterning is one of the most life-altering experiences I’ve ever had.

Monica Doyley, wife, mother & volunteer Bible study teacher   USA

I think Resonance Repatterning is the most empowering way to help yourself and others. I love that I can get myself unstuck whenever I’m stuck.

Annelies Boodt Clemente  USA

Resonance Repatterning gives me a storehouse of information and tools that I use in my work with large groups of young people. I use RR tools to help them sort out the riches of their cultural heritage and their painful experiences and to direct their energy towards new options for shaping their future.

Trinket Monsod   USA

As a yoga teacher, I find that yoga and Resonance Repatterning work perfectly together and my clients' lives change dramatically."

Jeroel Elbitar, Yoga Teacher, RRPractitioner   MEXICO

Resonance Repatterning has been like a college education in releasing my blocks and limitations and understanding how my moods and emotions relate to my energy. RR shifts my life energy and I experience more joy and freedom.

Shyama Orum, Former school teacher   USA

In Family Services we used Resonance Reppatterning with economically marginalized families who found it very useful. The Resonance Repatterning process engages the heart, mind and body. It focuses on meaning and understanding of our present life experiences, building resilience and growing capacity to handle life stresses.

 Dedi Madden LCSW Former director of Family Services at Highbridge Community Life Center, Bronx New York   USA

I am Regional Sales Manager at Microsoft Latinoamerica and RR is the MAIN resource for me to keep my life in balance. I have received sessions for seven years & now I have studied Resonance Repatterning & give myself sessions whenever I need to.

Erendira Gonzales   MEXICO

I’ve been a practitioner of Resonance Repatterning for 16 years and as an ex-lawyer I think RR is an amazing process that gets practical results. It reveals the real issue and what each person needs to move through life’s challenges. On a personal level, I wouldn’t still be married if it weren’t for Resonance Repatterning!

Liz Tobin, RR practitioner   USA

My passion is doing RR sessions. When something doesn't shift, Resonance Repatterning shifts it. The depth of this work gets to the core of any problem and yet feels so easy.

Yvonne Bost-Brown   AUSTRALIA

Of all the things I've studied, Resonance Repatterning is my "go-to" therapy. RR always takes you to the key place you might never have considered and the results speak for themselves.

Jo Helesfay-Evans  RR Practitioner  UK

I have been studying and practicing Resonance Repatterning for 14 years. RR is marvelous. It allows you to have deep transformations. I lost 30 Ibs after the Birth Process Repatterning! I am passionate about teaching this work and helping others to use it in their life.

Judith Urbina   MEXICO

I once heard that 'we need to look for what is breaking through in the midst of what is breaking down.' RR gives us that opportunity as well as to transform on every level. I am deeply grateful for my years of using RR in my personal & professional life.

Jennifer Johnson, RR Practitioner & Teacher Washington   USA  

I found in Resonance Repatterning the perfect blend with my coaching practice. It helps me and my clients to be our 'true self' I love it!"

Mariela Garcia Bringas, RR Practitioner   MEXICO

Resonance Repatterning is my favorite tool to tackle my life and deepen my spiritual experience -- it's as though a light shines through all my cells.

Heide Groezinger   GERMANY

Resonance Repatterning is absolutely wonderful. Clients are astounded that things come up that they hadn't even talked about, which are so relevant to their life. RR gives a definite shift by the end of each session.

Lisa Whittle  Psychotherapist- RR Practitioner  UK

Resonance Repatterning is a phenomenal tool for my personal work and my work with clients."

Silvia Garcia  Acupuncture Practitioner, University Professor, RR Practitioner  MEXICO

In 1998 I had an RR session and knew right away that I needed to study this work. 3 years later I was diagnosed with Lupus after an attack that left me paralyzed and in excruciating pain. RR had opened my eyes so I was convinced that I didn't have to live on cortisone for the rest of my life or die. I had hope. I explored everything that would allow me to handle this autoimmune disease and also live a fulfilling life. Resonance Repatterning is my core work and one of the key pieces in my continuing process of healing.

Mill Diericx, Author of Befriending the Wolf: the guide to living and thriving with Lupus, RR Practitioner, MEXICO

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