Our origins

“When we recognize we have a problem we take the first move toward change”


The original founder of Resonance Repatterning® Chloe Faith Wordsworth was lucky enough to be raised by extraordinary parents interested in organic farming, naturopathic medicine, homeopathy & creative education. She grew up in the English countryside.  Being fascinated by healing she went on to study with some of the greats in the field of energy medicine: Dr. Randolph Stone (creator of Polarity Therapy) J.R. Worsely (key in bringing the ancient Five Element System of Chinese Acupuncture to the West) Moshe Feldenkrais (re-educating the brain & body through movement).  Dr. Upledger, (first doctor to teach Cranial Sacral to the non-medical public), Ann Wigmore and Mary Burmeister and many more.

Chloe went on to run a Traditional Acupuncture practice and in this practice recognized the power of sound, colour, light, movement, breath, essential oils & energy contacts, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Acupuncture, Chakra balancing & left-right brain integration. From the Spiral Up book was born followed by. The launch of Resonance Repatterning® (previously Holographic Repatterning) in the 1980’s. In 2021 Chloe moved to England, and retired, where she continues to focus on updating her existing books under Resonance Publishing.

Chloe passed the Resonance Repatterning® International Institute to Dr Suzanne Ravenall, a long time practitioner and teacher of Resonance Repatterning®.

At the beginning of 2022 Suzanne completed an analysis of what was working, in place, not working, and understanding and a better way to serve the community. A new structure a new website, a capable team, a new working model, and a membership structure were installed along with a model that would sustain the business in the longer term and most significantly a capital injection amongst others. All in an effort to right size the business into a model that could be expanded/grown sustainably in the longer term and in doing so, be able to support the teachers, practitioners and community in a much more global and expanded sense.

A successful membership scheme was launched along with events and sessions to help practitioners broaden their horizons, improve their practice and help with personal transformation. “RR is a live system, like a real, living, breathing human and it needed coherent business help, organisation and support to shore it up for a new direction and packaged for the challenging world we live In “ Suzanne Says.

Having turned around the business, Suzanne donated the business to the new owners  from 01 January 2023 Norma Garcia, Ylleana Calderas and Nuria Becerril. All long standing key members of the community.

Before handing over the reigns, Suzanne pioneered the self-study to learn the first 5 programmes of Resonance Repatterning from Scratch from anywhere in the world online and will remain with this responsibility. In support of this, she launched an accelerated practitioner certification process which involves firstly the completion of the self-study online and then a one-month Live programme that allows the people that would like to study on-line at their own pace, to then progress to cement their skills and obtain their practitioner certification. (This is only for those that want to study the basic programmes online – and we still carry on with the live programmes. It just allows more options for learning and growth of Resonance Repatterning.)

New Future Having completed the first phase of turnaround, the purpose of the next phase was to bring the RRII community together, so the 3 new capable ladies, Norma Garcia ~ Ylleana Calderas & Nuria Becerril, took on the task to own, run and build the business. But what is significant in terms of this transfer agreement put in place by Suzanne, is that a condition of the transfer contained the requirement of the new owners to:

  1. Build a share ownership scheme for the RRII Committee Team leads and for the teachers, based on a system of delivery and contribution. This allows teachers to own real shares and ultimately have dividends in the business and earn realistically from its success.
  2. Build a share ownership scheme for the Associations based on a system of delivery and contribution. This allows the associations to own real shares and ultimately have dividends in the business and earn realistically from its success.
  3. Build a profit share scheme for the Committee team members based on a system of delivery and contribution. This allows the committee members to earn realistic profits of the business.

This means that all stakeholders have a meaningful way to input into decisions, contribute against global plans, make a significant difference to the world and create growth and wealth, should they wish to. A structure to build one coherent grouping that will benefit all.

Nuria, Ylleana, Norma

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