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Life is not about what you achieve but what you become

This month is a beautiful Opportunity to learn some major life lessons

We are excited as we move into this month of Saturn Retrograde which starts on the 4th June and comes to an end on October 23rd. it is a beautiful Opportunity to learn some major life lessons. It’s known that Saturn is not all fun and games, because it is a strict teacher that wants us to learn the true meaning of responsibility. But just because Saturn has lessons to teach, it doesn’t mean that learning them is easy. You may have spent your life resisting Saturn’s influence altogether. But if we embrace Saturn, this planet will push us to be the strongest version of ourselves, even if that means we have to deal with a little blood, sweat and tears.

Now more than ever we are called to step into our sovereignty and face the judgements, criticisms, denial, defense that are going on inside our heads, or as they outwardly manifest in blow outs or blame, refusing to accept our part in the way that we show up in the world or events.

(See rest of article here in our article for the month)

So now more than ever we need support, and we hope that is what our membership platform and programme provide, and it’s the ideal time to launch it we hope you love it (see below)

We have put this newsletter together with love and care and we hope you enjoy it.


Blog has been authored by Suzanne Ravenall

Marketing Training

Membership Events & Packages launched today!!

Our Theme for the year – helping you and your business Rise

We are excited to share with you that our new membership site has launched dedicated to all our members!

Check it out here:

Here all the members have access to all the membership benefits and almost 50 different events during the year as well as charts, disclaimers, take on forms, discounts, special offers, and much much more!

Resonance Repatterning® International Membership

Vision & Mission Statements for our membership community

The Resonance Repatterning® Institute Membership Vision

We are a strong global community, of like-minded professional practitioners, that strive to continually Master our craft. We focus on transformation of ourselves and impact others in a coherent way. We share knowledge, skills and tools, to help expand thinking and practices beyond the ordinary and provide a nourishing platform for like-minded professional practitioners to thrive and build long term connected relationships.

The Resonance Repatterning® Institute Membership Mission

We provide regular events and tools to our community that help to enrich, nourish and expand both
themselves, their business and their customers, whilst providing a platform for our practitioners and
teachers to take and celebrate their valued work into a wider audience.

Our platform is jam packed with Events and tools to help you rise and transform! Depending on your membership – these are all free or there is a nominal fee to pay
And if you’re not a member that’s ok too – you can join any one of our events by paying for access.

So what is in store….

  • A Monthly Masterclass featuring key speakers from all over the world that have achieved success in their respective field sharing insights on topics from Vaastu, the field of Energy Medicine, Biofield, Marketing and many more.
  • A Monthly Coaching class both from our Resonance Repatterning® Alumni or from other international speakers who have mastered their field –we also touch on both Resonance Repatterning® topics, so you can hone your skills and topics for self-improvement and transformation.
  • A Monthly Resonance Repatterning® Group Session – focussing again on areas that are key and topical to helping you grow and transform
  • A quarterly live stream Q&A where you get to come along and ask all of your questions to help you navigate the new world of Resonance Repatterning® or the products. We have a focus each quarter i.e., Membership or Certification, but any question to help you move forward is good there.
  • A quarterly Topical Group Resonance Repatterning® session. We pick a topical session on something that affects us all and we conduct a group session
  • A quarterly Marketing Coaching call – where you get to come and interact with marketing specialists, who can answer your questions and help you navigate the world of marketing yourself and your products.
  • Plus, we have examples of take on forms to use with your clients to download as well as disclaimers and lots, lots, more to help you with your business. We have even designed 3 Resonance Repatterning® websites, just waiting for you to download and in the next month you will have new business cards, ready for you to download and send to the printers.
  • As well as super offers and discounts with each class for future activity

If you’re not a member, that’s also ok – you can join by sending an email to

OR you can join some of our events or groups sessions for a nominal fee

It’s all here to help you Rise, we look forward to welcoming you to a transformational year ahead – where we all get to rise.

Here is July’s line up – come and join us – we would love to have you

July Coaching Kick off 7th July at 6pm South African time with

About the coaching call
We will explore a unique psychotherapeutic model that will help you understand how to eradicate aspects of your false identity that don’t serve you and to connect to your truer self to a greater degree. We will explore the mechanisms that are in the way of shifting repeat patterns that hinder your transformation.

About Mattheo
Matheo Galatis created a set of teachings called “Know Yourself” that teach people about the hidden dynamics that affect their life and help them connect to their own inner guidance system. He has trained over 200 coaches in trainings internationally and now works with coaches, teachers and healers to help them reach their next level of depth and connection to their true nature. He has the rare skill of getting to the heart of the matter quickly and reaching a resolution while balancing intuitive and analytical thinking. Matheo has a background as a Chartered Accountant and has been instructed in deep metaphysical and spiritual principles, professional coaching and psychotherapy.

Exclusive Offer: A complimentary 45-minute session for anyone interested to identify their transformational why: The exact aspects that keep you stuck in your personal development or spiritual progress and Access to the Know Yourself teachings for 40% off.

July Group Session Kick off 12th July at 6pm South African time with

About the Live Q&A Session
A favourite amongst inquiring minds is the Q & A with our HQ department. Curious about anything? Now is the time to jot down your thoughts. Please send your ideas or questions in advance to: {}. One hour will be devoted to answers and discussion as time permits. All in attendance will benefit from YOUR question, so audience participation is a key feature! Having recently taken over the Resonance Repatterning® Institute, this is an ideal time to come and say hello and ask questions!

About Suzanne
Suzanne sees herself as student in the world, a change maker a modern-day explorer of human potential, she is an entrepreneur, transformation Coach, CEO, keynote speaker & integrative medicine practitioner. Her day to day goal, being to help guide others tap into their innate potential, so that, those courageous enough to try can transcend their challenges, step into their power and turn the key to inner mastery. She runs several businesses that focus around transformation.

July Masterclass Kick off 22nd July at 6pm South African time with

About the masterclass
Self-transformation comes in two flavours. One is our desire to make changes in our career, relationships, health, wealth, etc., where the other is wanting to gain higher states of conscious awareness. Ultimately, they are both the same as the Universe utilizes our ego-based desires and motivations against us in ways that motivate us to desire only union with the Higher Self/Soul/God. This is why we should always pay attention to what our clients bring to us. They are only a mirror into what we are being called to examine and transform within ourselves. Ultimately, the Universe wants what we want: Self-Love, Self-awareness, Joy, and Fulfilled Wholeness. The heart is connected to the Knowing Field, and in turn is connected to the chakras. In other words, the heart knows what the body-mind knows (is feeling/thinking) and at the same time connected (entangled) to Universal Wisdom through vibration (resonance). This is why in Scalerheart, we have the client ask their heart for a number (number is vibration). The session menu is randomized so that only the Heart knows which statement will come up behind the number chosen by the client.
Key takeaways
• Two flavours of self transformation
• Understanding what our sessions bring us and examining ourselves
• Our heart connecting to the knowing field and our chakras and how our heart knows
• How we are entangled to Universal wisdom

About Stephen
Stephen Linsteadt is a writer, teacher, poet, painter, and a student of the heart. He is the founder of Scalar Heart Connection, a revolutionary technology based on sacred geometry for facilitating heart centered growth and personal transformation. It teaches us how to use our heart as a guide toward a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life. Stephen has a degree in natural health from Trinity College of Natural Health and is a past member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association. He studied energy medicine and bioresonance in Germany based on the principles of Oriental Medicine. He was the co-founder of New Hope Clinic, an integrative center specializing in chronic illness, and has shared his experience in the book he co-authored: “The Heart of Health: The Principles of Physical Health and Vitality”. Stephen is the author of the books “Quantum Healing Codes”, “The Heart of the Hero” and “Scalar Heart Connection; The Art of Synchronicity and Personal Transformation”. He is the founder of Scalar Heart Connection, a process designed to help people uncover negative emotional patterns behind ill-health and other challenges with well-being. Stephen has a passion for sharing his knowledge about healthy life-style habits and has lectured extensively on the subject of the mind-body connection as well as created and conducted workshops internationally in the area of physical health and emotional well-being.

Exclusive offer: Coming Soon

July Group Session Kick off 30th July at 6pm South African time with


 About the Group Session

When our earth element is out of balance we can feel disempowered and overwhelmed by our fears and negative assumptions, which block the free flow of our natural state of love and presence. We can get frustrated and push away those that love us. This group session will support us to befriend and transform our fears so we can flow gracefully with all that life presents us with, as we navigate these challenging times.

 About Tabitha
An acupuncturist recommended RR to me over twenty years ago and I went straight to Edinburgh to take all the basic series. Within a year I had transformed from a painfully shy introvert to singing on a trapeze at circus school and feeling at ease speaking to groups of up to three hundred. Truly miraculous. I use it every day. It still fills me with wonder and gratitude. I love to share it with those who are receptive and with everyone on the level of entrainment. I love knowing every positive shift I make naturally benefits the whole. I am part of the mentoring committee.


For those that have not yet taken on a membership come and join us! Contact – Don’t forget:

Senior Citizens discount on membership to the Resonance Repatterning® International Institute.

Great news – now that we are getting to know the make up of the community more, we have decided to launch two levels of discount for our membership

Over 70’s qualifies for a 50% discount


65-69 Qualifies for a 25% discount.

Article of the month – Stepping into our sovereignty and increasing our conscious awareness

a We are excited as we move into this month we move into this month of Saturn return which stays in our sign which starts on the 4th June and comes to an end on October 23rd. Now more than ever we are called to step into our sovereignty and face the judgements, criticisms, denial, defense that are going on inside our heads or as they outwardly manifest in blow outs or blame refusing to accept our part in the way that we show up in the world or events. 

Our first masterclass speaker Stephen says:
“Self-transformation comes in two flavours. One is our desire to make changes in our career, relationships, health, wealth, etc., where the other is wanting to gain higher states of conscious awareness. Ultimately, they are both the same as the Universe utilizes our ego-based desires and motivations against us in ways that motivate us to desire only union the Higher Self/Soul/God. This is why, we should always pay attention to what our clients bring to us. They are only a mirror into what we are being called to examine and transform within ourselves. Ultimately, the Universe wants what we want: Self-Love, Self-awareness, Joy, and Fulfilled Wholeness” Stephen Linsteadt.

So when we respond in judgement, criticism, failing to own our commitments, blowing up a relationship, defending, putting words in others mouths, failing to recognize a kindness – you know what I mean, the list is endless, it just means that we have stepped out of our conscious awareness and we are not seeing the gift that was provided to us so that we could see what needs to change within.

During this month – we are being called to step up and navigate our way around the challenges and obstacles with a higher state of conscious awareness.

Body Consciousness – This month let’s focus on the Pineal

What does the Pineal do?

The pineal gland produces melatonin to regulate our sleep cycles and therefore, it is also sensitive to light. It connects us to the natural rhythms of our day as well as the seasons.  When we have a good night’s sleep we feel balanced and this gives us a strong sense of wellbeing. The Pineal is also associated with the crown chakra which connects us to the world, it is also associated with our desire to know ourselves and our connection to all that exists.  This is also a masculine drive, as the masculine aspect of our mind actually strives for improvement in all things and that also includes our spiritual connection.   The Pineal’ s primary job is to provide a healthy expression of the masculine energy in the body mind system and help us to produce a sense of wellbeing, keeping us conscious of our connection to spirituality.

Associated words that you could muscle check for:  Rhythms, balance, spirituality, masculine energy

Good question to ask yourself, bearing in mind that our journey is all about balancing our masculine feminine.  So what masculine qualities are you rejecting and how does this show up in your life?

Monthly Meridian Focus / Extraordinary Meridian

Yin Qiao Mai paired with the Ren Mai (more commonly known as the Conception Vessel)

The Yin Qiao Mai is concerned with left and right balance, (Yin and Yang) inversion of the feet and pain in the eyes. Mentally, it can induce depression, or feelings of unworthiness around self-trust and being abandoned.

The areas affected are: the medial aspects of the legs, genitals, abdomen, chest, lungs, throat, eyes, nervous system, Musculo Skeletal, digestive and respiratory systems. It affects the movement of the body, particularly in association with the strength of the legs and walking ability, also upward movement of fluids and downward flow of Qi.

If you are suffering with any of these symptoms it does not mean that this is the root cause. Calling on a practitioner to help you for a doctor would be the best course of action.

Barter Bucks©

Come and volunteer your services to the HQ committee in exchange for Barter bucks. And you can exchange this for license fees, teaching programmes, becoming a teacher, or something else! Welcome to the Resonance Repatterning® International Institute Community of Exchange. It was great to see a $2000 dollar claim coming through the system for committee work into building the Resonance Repatterning® Institute and in turn we are grateful we can help others navigate their career and transformation through the system.

Vacancies in the committee

We still have a few left! Come and apply – no Resonance Repatterning® experience needed!

The committees are filling up fast, we now have 20 new members and we look forward to sharing more pictures of this wonderful community in our next newsletter. Please contact so you can join
this wonderful HQ community – and earn Barter Bucks in exchange for license fees, courses membership and so on!
The following slots are available
• Team Lead – Sales
• Team Lead – Marketing
• Team Lead – Governance, process and compliance
• Team Lead – Customer Intimacy
• Team Lead – Public Relations
• Observers for the Certification Process (whilst we have a number of observers, we are always happy for more to join)
• Mentors for Practitioner right the way up to master Instructor (whilst we have a number of mentors, we are always happy for more to join)
How to reach us at head office

Certification, Team Lead, Sophia –

Mentorship, Team Lead, Andreea –

Membership, Admin, Shayna –

Membership, Team Lead, Fern –

Teachers, Team Lead, Norma –

Legal, Team Lead, Garry –

Escalations or complaints or compliments too! Team Lead, Carla –

Everything else!

Website chat 24/7

You will notice we have a 24-hour chat service on our website which is a live person! So, if you have any queries wherever you are in your part of the world get hold of us via chat!

New Committee Members corner

Welcome Ardis Ozborn – Certification Observer

Ardis has been teaching Resonance Repatterning® since 1995 and was the first teacher trained by Chloe Wordsworth, the founder of Resonance Repatterning®.
She feels privileged to teach this amazing process traveling around the world to reach people from South Africa to Australia, from England to Mexico, from the Virgin Islands to Hawaii, from Toronto to Chile and all over the USA and feels honoured to have worked closely with Chloe over the years as she developed this system. Ardis was the first teacher to bring the training online and has enjoyed the expanded international reach of zoom classes since 2013.
Ardis has a BA degree in Social Work from Michigan State University and has studied Psychology and Inner Child work in depth. She was drawn to learn about energetic systems including: Applied Kinesiology, Touch for Health, Meridian Systems, Chakra Systems, Color Healing and Sound Healing.
Chloe told Ardis when they met more than 25 years ago: “You know how to help people find the source of their problems as a social worker. What you need to learn is how to help them change the energy field that is holding their problems so they can heal”. This is similar to Einstein’s famous quote: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”.
Ardis teaches the Resonance Repatterning® system because she believes it gives people hope. Her goal as a teacher is to empower everyone to believe in the possibility of transformation. She has used the process on herself, family, friends and clients for over 25 years. It is extraordinary, she says. She tailors her training to the students learning style and enjoys seeing the sparkle in their eyes when they get their first taste of self-transformation and begin to understand the inner power, they have to change their own lives. She loves being a part of their journey from feeling stuck and hopeless to feeling empowered and happy.
Ardis lives in Henderson Nevada and has the joy of being close to her three wonderful grandsons! They keep her on her toes…..

Welcome Kiffin Allington – Mentor
Kiffin lives in Walla Walla, WA USA. She has two grown sons and a wonderful fiancé.
She was introduced to RR in the year 2000, her younger sister had been receiving sessions for a couple of years and encouraged her many times to try it. Although hesitant of not wanting to look at the skeletons in her closet. After having a panic attack, she decided to give it a try. The results were life-changing and she has not had a panic attack in the 22 years since. Over the years it has helped her through many challenging moments and in the year 2020 she started her practice. The joy she receives in seeing clients lives change is unlike anything she has ever experienced. There have been challenges along the way but every time she receives a call from an overjoyed client, she knows she is going in the right direction.

When the opportunity to mentor came up, she hesitated. Having never been a mentor or had a true mentor in her life. She says, It has been wonderful to see the changes in the students as they progress through classes while gaining confidence. Every mentor brings something different and I am grateful to have the opportunity to share what I have learned along the way.

Welcome Atenea Xocohuetzin Domínguez Cuevas – Certification Observer – Mexico
Atenea is an anthropologist, teacher of the Resonance Repatterning® system and facilitator with advanced certifications. She is a guidance counsellor in Bonding and Hug Therapy, among other systems of personal transformation. Through her life she has been interested in knowing different cultures, philosophies and arts of self-discovery and healing, that led her to find Resonance Repatterning®, which created a 360º turnaround in her life, she then went on to create “Antakarana, Light in Consciousness”, a space for reunion with oneself and personal transformation, where she gives sessions and seminars of Resonance Repatterning®.

Welcome Atzin Dominguez Rendon – Certification Observer – Mexico

Atzin is a psychologist and she has been practicing Resonance Repatterning® for 20 years; She found Resonance Repatterning® because of the surprising transformations and changes she experienced in others. What she loves about Resonance Repatterning® is that it is a very forceful and yet compassionate method. She sees her role in the committee as observer to promote certifications that meet the quality and standards required for the method to remain professional.

Welcome Hector NucamendiTeam Lead Technology

Hector is a website designer and graphic designer. Since 2008 he began a journey of preparation, to provide Therapies to heal and balance the mind, emotions, physique and the soul. Beginning with an in-depth study of the chakras taught by Tania Karam; he continued other studies such as Angelic Coaching with Andrea de la Mora and Reiki. 2012 Hector began to study the method Resonance Repatterning®, which helped improve & change his life, way of thinking, and living. His mission is to help other people, in their process of self-knowledge and growth and to bringing light to their being. In 2016 he became certified as a Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner attending courses with Chloe. For more than 12 years, he has studied different methods and techniques of self-healing (Planetary Frequencies with Yuriria Robles, Systemic Constellations, Attract Love to your Life with Magui Block), all of which has allowed him to increase his knowledge, and thus, be able to obtain comprehensive results. Today he is busy with Biomagnetism by Alejandro Lavin.

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