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The month of New possibilities & expansion… Resonance Repatterning® live or online via phone, tablet or laptop, anytime anywhere

Marketing for Small Business

One of the biggest questions we hear is “how do I market myself online to attract customers?”.
Very soon we will have an abundant of programmes online to help you market yourself and learn how to tackle social media and digital marketing online – watch this space. But in the meantime, here is a really nice article from Hubspot on marketing for small business

Marketing Training

New Product

Taking the basic 5 series online in English
We have released a BETA version of the basic series of learning with Resonance Repatterning® online. It’s an intensive programme which we recommend you take with a mentor once a week. And once you have completed it – you would need to pay a retakers price to complete the live programme to become a certified practitioner if you choose this path, with one of the many teachers around the globe. If you are interested contact
Courses, now live online via phone, tablet or laptop – ANYTIME ANYWHERE
You can now train with Resonance Repatterning® from wherever you are in the world, from your phone, laptop or tablet, at your own pace whenever you feel like it, live or online.
AND new in the next 60 days, if you’re a member you will have access to an abundance of online self-paced, trauma programmes, mental health, marketing, social media programmes and more. Don’t delay if you haven’t signed up yet to the membership now is the time.
Contact us to find out more


We love James Oschman: Consciousness: A User’s Guide

Having exchanged conversations recently with James Oschman, we look forward to welcoming him to undertake one of masterclasses amongst other things. For those of you who are not sure who James Oschman is, he wrote the forward for one of Chloe’s books, he is a biophysicist, and key mastermind in energy medicine. We thought that you would enjoy this excellent video on a user’s guide to consciousness by James.

IICT Approval

Resonance Repatterning®/ Holographic Repatterning® becomes an approved modality for all those that are qualified with the Resonance Repatterning® international Institute and members of good standing, with international organisation International Institute for Complementary Therapists based in Australia and covers the following countries.
Belgium, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guernsey, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, isle of man, Italy, jersey, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States

Everybody is a Leader

Not everybody can become Mahatma Gandhi, or Martin Luther King, but if we lead and influence others in the most positive way, even in the smallest way, we make a major difference to society.

“If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, ‘Here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.’”—Martin Luther King, Jr.
Everybody is a leader, whether you are a CEO, a middle manager, a junior manager, a factory worker, a janitor, an entrepreneur, a single parent, a teacher, healer, whatever role we have in life, we have the ability to influence others towards a growth and expansive mindset or in the opposite direction. The one who leads from the front is a leader. The one who sets an example is a leader. The one who walks the talk is a leader. The one who takes responsibility is a leader. The one who influences others positively is a leader. The one who makes a difference to others is a leader. Everybody can be a leader, but we all cannot be effective leaders, effective leaders have in them extra ingredients that not every leader possesses.
As we move in our environment so do we influence the energy and frequency of our surroundings positively or negatively, it is said one person can influence 700,000 people with their energy field.
To build our practice, to influence our clients, our colleagues positively, to change, to move with the times, to try new things, all of these are leadership qualities. Are you an effective leader?
As you take the time to read this, think about your influence, suppliers, clients, children, parents, siblings, this speaks to all of that.

Some of the world’s leading business minds share 15 easy-to-share insights from conversations that will elevate your professional life, relationships, and impact. By Beri Meric


“I’m all for writing the headline first and living the story toward the headline, which is a form of goalsetting. Write that headline first, and then let’s live our story toward that goal. But usually, when we get there, the headline has changed a little“
“When you’re on your way to your goal, don’t give yourself a narrow one-lane highway to get there. Just pick out your general direction, what your general idea of what that goal is going to be. In highway terms, pick out if you’re going north, south, east, or west. And then give yourself a 16-lane Autobahn. You can weave all through those lanes, take an exit anytime, and be inspired along the way.”

2. Take Risks, Break Barriers, and Create Success on Your Terms — SHELLYE ARCHAMBEAU, ONE OF TECH’S FIRST FEMALE AFRICAN AMERICAN CEOS
“At the end of the day, setting goals, making plans to achieve the goals, and then making decisions every day consistent with the plan is how you unlock the power. Most people do not do that. And then they wake up, and they’re 38, 45,52. And they’re like, ‘I’m just not where I thought I would be.’ Well, it’s not a surprise because you weren’t intentional about setting a plan that had timelines and then making decisions to keep yourself on track and pivoting when you hit the roadblock or hurdle. So set a goal, make a plan, and then make decisions consistent with that plan every day.”

3. Master the Secrets to Daily Joy and Lasting Fulfilment in Life and at Work — TAL BEN SHAHAR, CREATOR OF THE MOST POPULAR COURSE AT HARVARD: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF LEADERSHIP
If you put your mind to being happy, if you say to yourself, I want to be happy; you actually get in your own way. People who do that end up being less happy. Why is that? Think about sunlight. If you look at the sun directly, you’ll hurt yourself. To enjoy sunlight, you need to look at it indirectly. Then you can look at the colours of the rainbow, enjoy them, and derive benefits from them. It’s the same with happiness. When I pursue it directly, I’m hurting my happiness. ” if I pursue it by breaking it down into its constituents, I’m much more likely to increase my level of happiness.”
4.The New Rules for Unlocking Creativity, Courage, and Success — REBECCA MINKOFF, FASHION DESIGNER
“I was willing to experience anything. I was willing to experience people’s biggest nightmares. It was“ But like, ‘All right. Fine. Good. That’ll totally suck. But I’ll re build.’ I think that’s probably the biggest ingredient — that you can just stare at the failure or the risk head-on and really get cozy with it. And then, if and when you fail, it’s about asking: What did I learn?”

“I think most people don’t take on enough risk. On a scale of zero to 10, many people hang out in the one, two, maybe three zone. There’s a lot of potential left on the field because you haven’t got up into the five, six, seven, eight area. I’ve always been comfortable up there in the high single digits. Indeed, when you’re starting out, if you’re not taking risks, you’re doing it wrong. Risk is demonized in our society, particularly in larger organizations; you have risk reduction and risk management and risk committees, and it’s all “risk is bad.” Well, no risk, no reward, no innovation, no breakthroughs, no nothing— that’s what’s bad. You’ve got to embrace risk and take those big swings

“One of the meanings that we’ve grappled with as humans is what do we leave behind us? And increasingly, as I’m getting older, I think that what we leave behind us are our stories. In the Jewish tradition, on the Day of Atonement, you say, ‘May she be inscribed in the book of life, make her story live on, may her descendants remember her.’ At some level, our meaning is to write our stories and then have them be remembered.”

7. Master a Culture of Reinvention— ERIN MEYER, INSEAD PROFESSOR
“We’re still working with this industrial era hangover, focused on managing every little thing, optimizing efficiency, and reducing error. I would encourage you to not think so much about KPIs but instead try to release people to just really use their best judgment and feel things out and see how things are going.”

8. Do it Yourself Wisdom from the World’s Greatest CEOs, Founders, and Game Changers — DAVID RUBENSTEIN, COFOUNDER OF THE CARLYLE GROUP
One of the most effective ways to communicate with your followers is to lead by example, which is to say, don’t make a big speech telling them what to do, do it yourself, so they can see you working around the clock traveling, and paying attention to details. He/she is doing what he/she wants other people to do, and therefore they follow him/her. So, I think it’s his attention to detail and willingness to step in and do what he/she says he/she wants others to do. I think that’s what makes him/her very effective.”

“Everyone’s relationship to change is different, and the best thing you can do right now is start getting to know your own. In my experience, very few people spend time doing this. We spend time trying to manage, react to, triage, or engineer change. We’re so focused on what’s happening in the outside world that we don’t do the inner work to recognize our relationship to it. If you’re not clear on that, you will be playing defence constantly. You’re continually going to be feeling insufficient, unhappy. But when you get clear on that on the inside, it immediately shifts how you see and behave and how you show up in the world on the outside. Have you given thought to your relationship to change today? And in particular, what drives you and excites you? And what triggers you? What unravels you? Self-awareness is an essential part of becoming resilient in flux”

10. Key Leadership Principles for the 21stCentury —HUBERT JOLY, FORMER CEO OF BEST BUY
“Real leadership is not principally about coming up with the right strategies or the correct answer — although, of course, you have to do this. But more importantly, we need to create energy. It’s a very different mindset. In physics, we learn that energy is a fixed quantity. In a human organization, it’s not. You can create energy. How do you do this? It’s by co-creating the plan with your team, working with them to develop a plan, and then just getting going and celebrating the small wins, the early wins. And if there are problems, be transparent, be vulnerable. ‘Oh, it didn’t quite work out as intended. We need to rethink this one.’ Be vulnerable and ask for help.”

“My observation and the research tell me that when you allow the best people to do the best work, and you are the leader who enables them, there will always be a place for you. The world desperately needs leaders who enable people to do great work. Don’t be afraid that because they’re doing great work, you’re going to look like a lesser individual. What you’re going to look like? ‘Finally, we found somebody who can lead this bunch, who can actually get great input, great ideas out of these people, innovation of these people. Oh my God, we love you forever.”

“We think of creativity as a two-step formula. You come up with a great idea, and then you execute it well, right? But there tends to be this hidden step in between where we flip outsiders to insiders, so they feel like they are part of this idea as well so that when we get to execution stage, we get there together. And I believe that you can trace every successful political movement, civic movement, organization, company, or non-profit back to this hidden step. It’s not charisma that makes a person convincing — it’s conviction. Backable people take the time to convince themselves first before trying to persuade others. And then they just let that conviction shine through whatever style it is that feels most natural to them.”

“If you’re going to be giving critical feedback, it’s important to state your good intentions. This is the easiest one to skip because we think the other person already knows. But all too often, when a manager gives bad news, employee assume they have malevolent intentions. It’s the immediate defensive reaction that we have. We tell a negative story. So use exact language (it could be as generic as, ‘I want good things for you’), and you’d be amazed at how people will perk up with that. Once you’ve stated your good intentions, people will be more willing to hear what you have to say next.”

“What is true for everybody in human life? The answer is three things. Number one in life, we have loss. We lose pitches. We might lose lovers. We might lose husbands and wives. And we’ll eventually lose our lives. We have loss. Number two, in most cases, is learning. Even if you don’t formally educate yourself, you learn. Part of being human is learning. And the last thing is love. It might be fishing, people, hobbies. To be human is loss, love, and learning. Now, what is success? Everybody says they want success. Okay. But what is success? My definition of success is the freedom to spend your time the way you want. What do you love? Success is the freedom to spend time in a way that gives you joy.”

Meridian Focus / extraordinary Meridian Yang Wei Mai

We promised to bring you a focus on a meridian each month. This month we are going to focus on one of the extraordinary meridians
Yang Wei Mai (Yang Linking Vessel)
This meridian partners with the Dai Mai (we will talk about that in the next newsletter) Because the combination of these two meridians is considered to dominate the exterior of the body, it is often talked about as being the last line of defence against serious pathogens (microbes). The symptoms can often show up as chronic or acute chills and or fever. This meridian regulates our old habits and patterns. It affects the hips, joints eyes, ears, the sides of the body, and the immune and Musculo skeletal system. Influential points: GV14.
Watch this space for a new course coming soon on the extraordinary meridians

Mental health & 30 messages from the future

It’s the year 2030. What did business leaders do right today that created a better world? Real Leaders asked 30 entrepreneurs to share what they did to make it work. And Surprise surprise; mental health as a key requirement appeared twice in the list.

Here’s just one of those messages; we will share more as we move on through the year.
“As an impact leader in the new decade of technological dominance, we owe most of our success to leaders who worked hard to make it possible in the 2020s.The focus in the 2020s was mental health and innovative solutions for our work places. The idea was that workers with a health mindset would work harder and promote positive activities that counter any actions destructive to our environment. Fostering empathy among employees translated into compassion for the well-being of our planet. Furthermore, pushing innovation that usually results in stressful change for most employees was offset by the emotional care we gave employees to help them cope and succeed. Adapting to the technological revolution of the 2020s required our employees to sync with new and improved solutions. We offered our staff automated tools and project management applications to stay on track. Improving employees’ mental health to prepare them for the technological revolution was an investment in my company’s future.” Alan Duncan, founder, Solar Panels Network.
So how are you thinking about providing your practice to support this evolving boom in helping people improve their mental health. Your market just became enormous?

Barter Bucks©

Come and volunteer your services to the HQ committee in exchange for Barter bucks. And you can exchange this for license fees, teaching programmes, becoming a teacher, or something else! Welcome to the Resonance Repatterning® International Institute Community of Exchange.

Body consciousness / Thyroid

As you may or may not know each part of our body has consciousness, but what does it mean. Every month, we will take a part of the body and look at the consciousness and see what it means for that part.

This month let’s take a look at the Thyroid.
What does the Thyroid do: it produces the hormones that regulate our metabolism along with the growth as well as the health of our brain and bones. It also promotes blood flow to the brain and of course this then affects our mental clarity. Its main role is to give us the energy that we need to meet our day-to-day challenges with clarity and to help us communicate from the heart, and as this is linked to the throat, to help us to also communicate what we really need. Did you know it was so important?

What chakra is it linked to: The Throat Chakra. So being linked in this way, it is affected positively or negatively by our beliefs around communication. When we are not expressing ourselves or feel 

suffocated, feeling held back or choked by life, our thyroid is affected.

Associated words that you could muscle check for: communication, the act of giving, activity, energy, clarity, self-expression, communication, being choked or suffocated by life.

Membership to the Resonance Repatterning® International Institute Last call.

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