Resonance Repatterning® is Helping to Transform Lives Across the Planet

The RRI Newsletter is bilingual in English and Spanish. The Spanish version will be sent out separately.

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Resonance Repatterning® is Helping to Transform Lives Across the Planet

We hope this month’s newsletter finds you well, staying as centred and calm as possible, in a spiral up state, using the Resonance Repatterning® tools, as we continue through these intense global and collective changes.

When we use Resonance Repatterning®, it simply brings us back to our natural state of wellbeing, it can be easy to forget how we felt before the shift and therefore, not fully appreciate the difference this process can make. Transitioning from the fire of summer in the northern hemisphere to the earth of late summer and from the water of winter in the southern hemisphere to the wood of spring, we can be rooted and secure and yet let ourselves be liquid light. We can really reap the harvest of all our experiences and know, from the perspective of Source energy, that we are whole, loved and perfect as we are in our beautiful human imperfection.

Letting our creative expression flow freely, we can be artists by bringing as much of our true spiritual presence to all we create, whether it be a meal for our friends or family, a website or simply how we move through our lives. We can call back our attention from our busy minds into our hearts and bodies and relax into being immersed in our creativity, whatever forms we prefer. We do have a choice about how much and what information we take in. We can stay neutral. We can live from the inside out. We can live and let live. We can appreciate whatever natural beauty surrounds us. Life can be peaceful and magical when we accept it, see it is as it really is and live it on its terms. We can choose love over fear, again and again.

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We have gone live with the new Resonance Repatterning® International Institute website! Check it out here We are making changes daily as we strive to improve and make it better. The shop is also now fully open. We say a huge thank you to Leigh Little our amazing Team Lead for Technology & Marketing & our amazing Team Lead for Operations & Memberships, Carla Eldorado. Ladies you have done an absolutely amazing job and we love and appreciate you for refreshing our website and making it look so awesome – we hope that you love it and that you clients and new practitioners and teachers love it too.

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Come and be interviewed by us!

Firstly, we would love to invite those of you who are willing, to be interviewed and to share inspiring success stories, either your own or with friends, family or the wider public, as a result of using the Resonance Repatterning® system. From our experience, this is what touches people the most, the hope that springs from these tangible shifts in consciousness, the magic that Resonance Repatterning® makes possible for us. You can get in touch with us directly at and we will send you some simple questions such as, what has been the most significant change that Resonance Repatterning® has made for you? Where were you before the sessions? What has changed? Where are you now? You can also send us a short video via zoom or similar, so that we can place you on our website! This will be an ongoing new feature of our newsletter and one of you will be featured each month. It’s a very practical way in which we can encourage and support each other. As Sophia so beautifully illustrated recently, during one of the member Masterclass sessions, the energy constriction release can be life changing, and even if someone only receives it once, it can set them off on a totally fresh trajectory.


Blog has been authored by Tabitha Crook

Resonance Repatterning® International Membership Events & Packages

Our Theme for the year – helping you and your business Rise

As members of Resonance Repatterning® International  you have access to some great benefits. Check it out here:

Please do go and check it out, depending on your membership, here you have access:

  • Various documents
  • Events
  • Training
  • Useful Tables
  • Take on forms
  • Disclaimers
  • And much, much more

Even if you are not a member, you too also have access to some of our events. Come and take a look at the upcoming events for the next year and community that is coming your way.

Resonance Repatterning® International Membership

Vision & Mission Statements for our membership community

The Resonance Repatterning® Institute Membership Vision

We are a strong global community, of like-minded professional practitioners, that strive to continually Master our craft. We focus on transformation of ourselves and impact others in a coherent way. We share knowledge, skills and tools, to help expand thinking and practices beyond the ordinary and provide a nourishing platform for like-minded professional practitioners to thrive and build long term connected relationships.

The Resonance Repatterning® Institute Membership Mission

We provide regular events and tools to our community that help to enrich, nourish and expand both
themselves, their business and their customers, whilst providing a platform for our practitioners and
teachers to take and celebrate their valued work into a wider audience.

Our platform is jam packed with Events and tools to help you rise and transform! Depending on your membership – these are all free or there is a nominal fee to pay
And if you’re not a member that’s ok too – you can join any one of our events by paying for access.

Membership Events

If you have not yet attended one of our weekly events where we have Coaching Sessions, Q&A lives, as well as speakers who offer guidance on how to build your practice, or overcoming challenges and key masterclasses from some of the globes brightest in the area of energy psychology, healing and energy medicine. 

Thank you to Suzanne for a wonderful topical group session this month. The theme was cooperation and collaboration, along with staying centred in our hearts and when we do this we are in our power and sovereignty. She reminded us during the session, when we come together like this to transform our unconscious patterns, the power of the shift is greatly magnified, and as ever, ripples out to benefit the whole. We are already feeling the changes from the session. It’s a simple and beautiful way we can serve humanity and all of life. If you feel inspired to offer a group session, do get in touch to step up and offer one yourself, its great for your own growth and transformation. We all have something precious and unique to contribute.

Up Coming Events

September Masterclass Kick off 16 September at 6pm South African time with

 About the Master Class

The journey to healing now has a precision guidance system. This allows the individual to curate and witness their own healing transformation and inspires integration and assimilation of the experience.
The New health paradigm focuses on preventative screening and precision healing. Journey into the science of healing and the anatomy and physiology of the human biofield which has been taboo for modern science since 1905. This has forced a need for integration with the best of modern medicine and healing modalities and a new relationship with the Divinity in Nature.

 About Thornton

With thirty year’s experience examining healing in a research environment and developing non-invasive preventative screening tools Thornton Streeter promises an immersive experience that takes us all to the leading edge of healing and introduces the Soul Mirror, Petal and Live Biofield imaging. 

Membership Group Session 24 September at 6pm South African time with


 About the Membership Group Session

Receive ongoing support by experienced facilitators who will provide topics for each session that are sure to enrich your life journey. Come and be a part of this dynamic ‘for members only’ group repatterning.

 About Atzin

I am Atzin Dominguez Rendón, my professional training is psychology. I have built my professional experience in teaching-learning processes and organizational development at a corporate level, and also with Resonance Repatterning accompanying human beings to transform themselves, in personal sessions and also in the teaching of this wonderful method. I have been studying also other methods as ontological coaching, Jin Shin Tara, and Corporative Training. One of the great gifts of Resonance Repatterning is that I can use it in my personal life to transform myself and achieve my goals, change my resonances, this is how I inspire others to check its effectiveness, and accompany them in their transitions to a fuller life. I think that some of the essential qualities to be a PR facilitator are active listening, empathy and humility.

Coaching Call 6 October at 6pm South African time with


About the coaching call

One of the key factors in your professional practice is time organization.

We will explore best practices for managing your time in the best way, you will understand what are those time thieves that are getting between you and the results you want to achieve and you will be able to carry out an action plan aimed at achieving balance in all areas of your life.

Key takeaways
What are the 6 keys to better manage your time?
Do you know how to identify time thieves?
How to manage your time and organize yourself effectively?

About Norma
Norma’s professional training and experience are as an accountant with a Financial Master degree.

In 2010, she met Resonance Repatterning. Since then, she decided to study it and started a journey of self-transformation and inner growth. In that process she got the Advanced Certification by the Resonance Repatterning Institute and in 2019 she became a Teacher in Resonance Repatterning® Seminars.
Nowadays she helps others in their own process of growth through the private consultation with Resonance Repatterning® and through teaching the RR Seminars.
Currently, she’s pursuing an additional certification for competencies as an instructor by Mexico’s Education Office (SEP), CONOCER programme, and incorporating best practices of Mindfulness, Compassion and Non-Violent Communication focused on trauma release to her practice.

Livestream Q&A 11 October at 6pm South African time with


A favorite amongst inquiring minds is the Q&A with our HQ department. Curious about anything? Now is the time to jot down your thoughts. Please send your ideas or questions in advance to: One hour will be devoted to answers and discussion as time permits. All in attendance will benefit from YOUR question, so audience participation is a key feature! Hosted every other month.

Masterclass 21 October at 6pm South African time with


About the Masterclass

Everything is, and always has been in a permanent state of evolution, we are an infinite part of an infinite universe which is constantly expanding, there is no end only permanent change. Yet most of us resist change! Our reluctance to change is resistance to life itself, it creates, suffering, stress, dis-ease, illness and even failure in our relationships and careers and the dreadful feeling of being stuck.

When we resist change, we stop the flow of life that wants to express itself through us, when we open ourselves to change, we get back in the flow of the Universe and magic happens.

A paradigm shift is needed to establish a meaningful relationship to change, such shift requires an internal uprising.  We cannot escape evolution, and crises seem to be necessary catalysts for change; but it does not have to be that way, we can choose our change instead, and enjoy a fulfilling and inspired life.

 About Christine

Born and raised on the island of Mauritius Christine moved to South Africa in 1983. Christine is a certified Applied Life Coach and TAG Consciousness Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Holistic Practitioner combining the TAG principles with her practice of Energy Therapy, Shamanism and Spiritual healing.

Christine is the founder and owner of Touch the Soul and a partner at Growthpoint Organization the home of TAG Training International. Christine believes that to Touch the Soul of another is a sacred responsibility and a privilege. Her holistic approach to coaching acts as a catalyst for change, transformation, and expansion, through Conscious Living, Soul Alignment and Self Mastery. Her strength lies in her ability to connect with people through her simplicity, astute clarity steeped in intuitive insights and deep caring.

Membership Group Session 29 October at 6pm South African time with


About membership group session

  • Identify and release those deep-seated generational patterns you have around stress.
  • Understand what are the underlying needs of your problems in handling stressful situations.
  • Use stress in a positive and consistent way.

 About Norma

Norma’s professional training and experience are as an accountant with a Financial Master degree.

In 2010, she met Resonance Repatterning. Since then, she decided to study it and started a journey of self-transformation and inner growth. In that process she got the Advanced Certification by the Resonance Repatterning Institute and in 2019 she became a Teacher in Resonance Repatterning® Seminars. Nowadays she helps others in their own process of growth through the private consultation with Resonance Repatterning® and through teaching the RR Seminars.

Currently, she’s pursuing an additional certification for competencies as an instructor by Mexico’s Education Office (SEP), CONOCER programme, and incorporating best practices of Mindfulness, Compassion and Non-Violent Communication focused on trauma release to her practice.


For those that have not yet taken on a membership come and join us! Contact – Don’t forget:

Senior Citizens discount on membership to the Resonance Repatterning® International Institute.

Great news – now that we are getting to know the make up of the community more, we have decided to launch two levels of discount for our membership

Over 70’s qualifies for a 50% discount


65-69 Qualifies for a 25% discount.

Exploring effective marketing strategies to grow your business.

Across this beautiful world of ours we are shifting into a new season and it makes us acutely aware that we are fast approaching the end of the year. It is not too early to think about whether or not you want to run a promotion for Black Friday and what your marketing plans are for the festive season.
No matter what marketing we undertake, there needs to be some strategy behind our marketing. One of the MOST important aspects of our strategy is know precisely who our target audience is. One of the more often used methods of deciding on your target audience, is to develop a Customer Avatar. This is a representation of your most ideal customer, pin pointing it to a one-person profile, that represents your perfect customer.
Too often business owners believe their product or service is right for everybody but this is usually very far from the truth. Even businesses that sell the exact same product or service, will find they have very different ideal customers, based on their business culture, processes and goals. The better a business is in identifying their perfect client, the better able they are to get their messaging and offering right for that client. By trying to “catch them all”, you inevitably catch none.

The thought process behind creating a Customer Avatar is that you can really delve deep into many aspects of this person such as:
• Age
• Gender
• Location
• Fears
• Aspirations
• Family
• Income
• Social media platforms
• Influencers
• Etc. etc.

Once you are really clear who your marketing message is speaking to, you can then use verbiage and imagery that resonates with this persona. Your ad content will speak to their fears, their aspirations and clearly answer why your product or service is the right choice for them.
Too often as business owners, we are so close to our business and we can only voice why we believe our product or service is right for our audience from our own view point, which can be totally different from the view point of the person we want to sell our product or services to. By taking time to really get to understand who our perfect client is, we are able to look at our offering from the client perspective, which is invaluable.
So, before embarking on any marketing, always be clear on who you are targeting and then make sure, your marketing is about them.
To assist you in creating your customer avatar download the Digital Leads Company “Know Thy Client” Customer Avatar template by going to

Marketing Inspiration is written by Kim Bezuidenhout, who owns Digital Leads Company, a digital marketing agency that specializes in lead generation marketing. If you would like to reach out to Kim, you can email her at or visit

Body Consciousness – This month let’s focus on the Heart

When we really slow down and listen to the wisdom of our hearts, we often make choices that lead to greater health and positive outcomes. Our hearts and our minds can work together harmoniously and we do need our left and right brain intelligence to navigate through life. However, our hearts truly know what’s best for us and can sense with an intelligence our conscious minds simple don’t have access to.

Our hearts are beautifully housed in the centre of our bodies, nestled safely between our ribs and our spines. When we stand and sway, like healthy trees, rooted and lifted, our hearts can be free to radiate their full love and compassion. Life can be a delight and all our relating can significantly improve.

Monthly Meridian Focus / Extraordinary Meridian

Conception vessel (Ren Mai)

The master point for the Ren meridian is Lung 7, which is coupled with Kidney 6, on the yin qiao mai channel. The Conception Vessel, when in balance and healthy flow supports the birthing process, from idea to creation through to completion. It regulates our reproduction organs and respiratory systems. It literally supports us to breathe life into our dreams.

Ren Mai is paired with yin qiao mai, related to the kidney and lung meridians. It governs how we receive qi life energy, which affects how we breathe, how alive we feel and the direct health of our lungs.

Barter Bucks©

Come and volunteer your services to the HQ committee in exchange for Barter bucks. And you can exchange this for license fees, teaching programmes, becoming a teacher, or something else! Welcome to the Resonance Repatterning® International Institute Community of Exchange. It was great to see a $2000 dollar claim coming through the system for committee work into building the Resonance Repatterning® Institute and in turn we are grateful we can help others navigate their career and transformation through the system.

Vacancies in the committee

We still have a few left! Come and apply – no Resonance Repatterning® experience needed!

The committees are filling up fast, we now have 20 new members and we look forward to sharing more pictures of this wonderful community in our next newsletter. Please contact so you can join

this wonderful HQ community – and earn Barter Bucks in exchange for license fees, courses membership and so on!
The following slots are available

  • Team Lead – Governance, process and compliance
  • Team Lead – Customer Intimacy
  • Team Lead – Public Relations
  • Observers for the Certification Process (whilst we have a number of observers, we are always happy for more to join)
  • Mentors for Practitioners, right the way up to master Instructor (whilst we have a number of mentors, we are always happy for more to join)
How to reach us at head office

Certification Support, Shayna –

Legal, Team Lead, Garry –

Certification & Mentorship, Team Lead, Sophia –                  

Membership, Admin, Shayna –

Membership, Team Lead, Carla –

Sales & Marketing Team Lead, Leigh –

Teachers, Team Lead, Norma –

Teacher Admin, Shayna –

Technical –

Escalations or complaints or compliments too! Team Lead, Carla –

Everything else –

Website chat 24/7

You will notice we have a 24-hour chat service on our website which is a live person! So, if you have any queries wherever you are in your part of the world get hold of us via chat!

Private Member Facebook Groups

Scheduled Online Programmes

To view a comprehensive schedule of the up and coming training available, please visit

Websites to assist you on your journey

Effectiveness Company  ~  Suzanne Ravenall  ~  Ravenall Institute ~ Human Performance Replicator

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