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Heading to the Lion’s Gate 

With great power comes great responsibility

The Syrius portal opened at the beginning of July, (one of our spiritual suns) and comes into alignment with the earth, as we head up to the Lion’s Gate portal, the energy intensifies. This year it comes in at a different and much higher frequency.

It seems that everything we are doing this year is at a higher and larger level. This shows up in more situations to deal with, that seem deeper and more challenging. We are being called during this time to take another look at areas to transform. The light pouring into the planet is of such a high frequency, whether we want to face some of our challenges or not, it seems that because of this frequency these are being automatically revealed to us, so we may as well make it a joyous occasion!

In the past perhaps you undertook your shadow work, or perhaps this is a new term for you. If it is a new term, shadow work is about actively engaging and working through our personality in so far as how we are showing up and paying attention, as well as how others are showing up towards us. We need to pay attention to these areas that have been completely hidden, that affect how we deal with our everyday lives and of course, the everyday reality that we have created.

How do we do it? We have to start by getting really self-aware. Looking at the triggers and pitfalls, that throw up aspects and parts of ourselves that have been hidden away or pushed down and we have projected them outwards into our everyday life, often from a place of ego, anger or hurt. We didn’t want to face or deal with it at the time. It can be challenging to look at ourselves.

We see these patterns in our everyday interactions. They show up in our groups, family, friends, work colleagues. Shadows can become extremely visible when we are faced with the shadow aspect of someone else, it often brings our own aspects to the surface to deal with. Such as someone showing up and simply taking from you, when all you were trying to do was help, can show up perhaps due to old patterns of being diminished or abused or taken for granted– so pay close attention, within the interactions as they are the gems of transformation.

Interpersonal situations between people, (friends, family, work colleagues and such) give us the opportunity to watch who we are in these different groups and interactions. Which version of you shows up? Because we can have many. Maybe we have invested in a situation over and over in a repeating pattern, and now when we step back and review it from a different perspective, we can see that, that version of ourselves is up for release, or letting go. Perhaps this is the key to heart-based living, becoming aware of what we put into situations and how previous interactions are currently affecting us and others and taking responsibility for how we show up in the world.

In order to take responsibility and fully step up, self-awareness is critical, it can’t be accomplished without it. When we see how we previously may have responded from perhaps ego, (our personality) stress, anger, fear, when we are aware of it, it is indeed a sign that we are ready for healing. You can forgive release and let go.

In some situations, we might have come from a point of being a victim and in others an abuser, or similar. Somebody may have gone out of their way to hurt you. It’s happened to us all. If you have been feeling like you have been going through the washing machine in your life, it is now time to claim your freedom from this washing machine living.

That being said, it’s important to know that some people have gone through an incredibly stressful pathway to get to self-mastery. The highest frequency pathways with the most responsibility are usually the ones that have been extremely challenging.

So, this can’t be achieved by ignoring it or “chucking” energy at it, making excuses and using spiritual facilities to disengage from actions that need attention. Awareness of where we are and others are on the pathway is the first step. Watch for the old interactions filled with previous versions of how we used to explain ourselves, or project our personality into that situation, we are no longer that version of ourselves, but we have to choose a different action and a different reality.

We are all leaders, regardless of whatever role we have in life, when we step out as leaders, teachers, mentors, parents, friends, with great power comes with great responsibility, so we need to be aware of our actions, reactions, our commitments and following through on those, vibrations what we speak, think and what we send out . Until we own that, we haven’t taken responsibility.

If you need assistance, reach out to one of our gifted practitioners, check out our website for details.

We have put this newsletter together with love and care and we hope you enjoy it.



Blog has been authored by Suzanne Ravenall

Resonance Repatterning® International Membership Events & Packages

Our Theme for the year – helping you and your business Rise

We are excited to share with you in the newsletter that our new membership site launched last month. Here all the members have access to all the membership benefits as part of the yearly membership fee.

Please do go and check it out, depending on your membership, here you have access:.
• Various documents
• Events
• Training
• Useful Tables
• Take on forms
• Disclaimers
• And much, much more

Even if you are not a member, you too also have access to some of our events. Come and take a look at the upcoming events for the next year and community that is coming your way.

Up Coming Events

July Masterclass Kick off 25 July at 6pm South African time with

About the masterclass
Self-transformation comes in two flavours. One is our desire to make changes in our career, relationships, health, wealth, etc., where the other is wanting to gain higher states of conscious awareness. Ultimately, they are both the same as the Universe utilizes our ego-based desires and motivations against us in ways that motivate us to desire only union with the Higher Self/Soul/God. This is why we should always pay attention to what our clients bring to us. They are only a mirror into what we are being called to examine and transform within ourselves. Ultimately, the Universe wants what we want: Self-Love, Self-awareness, Joy, and Fulfilled Wholeness. The heart is connected to the Knowing Field, and in turn is connected to the chakras. In other words, the heart knows what the body-mind knows (is feeling/thinking) and at the same time connected (entangled) to Universal Wisdom through vibration (resonance). This is why in Scalerheart, we have the client ask their heart for a number (number is vibration). The session menu is randomized so that only the Heart knows which statement will come up behind the number chosen by the client.
Key takeaways
• Two flavours of self transformation
• Understanding what our sessions bring us and examining ourselves
• Our heart connecting to the knowing field and our chakras and how our heart knows
• How we are entangled to Universal wisdom

About Stephen
Stephen Linsteadt is a writer, teacher, poet, painter, and a student of the heart. He is the founder of Scalar Heart Connection, a revolutionary technology based on sacred geometry for facilitating heart centered growth and personal transformation. It teaches us how to use our heart as a guide toward a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life. Stephen has a degree in natural health from Trinity College of Natural Health and is a past member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association. He studied energy medicine and bioresonance in Germany based on the principles of Oriental Medicine. He was the co-founder of New Hope Clinic, an integrative center specializing in chronic illness, and has shared his experience in the book he co-authored: “The Heart of Health: The Principles of Physical Health and Vitality”. Stephen is the author of the books “Quantum Healing Codes”, “The Heart of the Hero” and “Scalar Heart Connection; The Art of Synchronicity and Personal Transformation”. He is the founder of Scalar Heart Connection, a process designed to help people uncover negative emotional patterns behind ill-health and other challenges with well-being. Stephen has a passion for sharing his knowledge about healthy life-style habits and has lectured extensively on the subject of the mind-body connection as well as created and conducted workshops internationally in the area of physical health and emotional well-being.

July Group Session Kick off 30th July at 6pm South African time with


 About the Group Session

When our earth element is out of balance we can feel disempowered and overwhelmed by our fears and negative assumptions, which block the free flow of our natural state of love and presence. We can get frustrated and push away those that love us. This group session will support us to befriend and transform our fears so we can flow gracefully with all that life presents us with, as we navigate these challenging times.

 About Tabitha
An acupuncturist recommended RR to me over twenty years ago and I went straight to Edinburgh to take all the basic series. Within a year I had transformed from a painfully shy introvert to singing on a trapeze at circus school and feeling at ease speaking to groups of up to three hundred. Truly miraculous. I use it every day. It still fills me with wonder and gratitude. I love to share it with those who are receptive and with everyone on the level of entrainment. I love knowing every positive shift I make naturally benefits the whole. I am part of the mentoring committee.

Practitioner Marketing Coaching Call  9 August at 6pm South African time with


 About the Coaching Call

You’ve created a website – but that’s only half the story. Learn how Google ranks websites, how to set up your site to draw clients that don’t know about resonance repatterning and the anatomy of a high converting website.

 About Leigh
Leigh Little, has recently taken over as the Team Lead in Sales & Marketing and works with small business owners with strategies to rank their website, convert visitors to clients and grow their online presence.

Masterclass 19 August at 6pm South African time with


 About the Masterclass

The word “Vaastu” means ‘dwelling’ & “Shastra” means a science. Vaastu Shastra is the science of how the internal space of a building shapes and influences your mind, decisions, and feelings. Unlike traditional Western Architecture & design philosophies that prioritise aesthetic effectiveness of how the building should look, vaastu extends more holistically to including the science of how our mental space or subconscious mind interacts with the building itself.

 About Vani

Vani Pavadai, is one of very few people in the world trained in Vaastu and has over 10years of experience as a Vaastu Practitioner, and also holds the title of “Vaastu Acharya” in Africa. The word “Archarya” means a Learned person on the subject matter. Vani has over 500+ Corporate and Residential Vaastu clients across the globe. Vani has been internationally trained under the auspices of 4 different Vaastu Gurus, or teachers from India.

In addition Vani has 23+yrs as a Meditation & Wellness trainer for the Art of living Foundation, having taught 20 000+ students across the African continent in Prisons, Drug Rehab Centres, Corporates, Government to mention a few.

Group Session 27 August at 6pm South African time with


 About the Group Session

Lockdowns have had a negative impact on many aspects of life, including being and staying active. Whether you found the opportunity to build a more active routine while being stuck at home that you are now struggling to maintain, or you accidentally turned into a couch potato and want to attain an active lifestyle, this Group RR Session will support you in shifting the unconscious patterns that keep you stuck and unable to maintain the active life-style you desire.

 About Sophia


With a degree in Zoology and a Masters in Climate Science, Sophia, who grew up in Greece, was introduced to Resonance Repatterning® after becoming a parent while living in Michigan, USA. In 2011, she moved to Brazil with her family where she decided to deepen her understanding of holistic health and take training in RR. On completing her training, she used the process primarily on herself and her family until she felt called to do more. She became an RPA Certified Repatterning Practitioner in 2018 and joined the RPA Executive Committee in 2019, serving as Vice-President for a year before becoming President in 2020. She has also trained in Scalar Heart Connection®, is currently completing her training as an RR teacher, heads the Certification Committee at RRII, and is in the process of building her own Energy Healing practice, Anasa360

Membership Vision

We are a strong global community, of like-minded professional practitioners, that strive to continually Master our craft. We focus on transformation of ourselves and impact others in a coherent way. We share knowledge, skills and tools, to help expand thinking and practices beyond the ordinary and provide a nourishing platform for like-minded professional practitioners to thrive and build long term connected relationships.

Membership Mission

We provide regular events and tools to our community that help to enrich, nourish and expand both
themselves, their business and their customers, whilst providing a platform for our practitioners and
teachers to take and celebrate their valued work into a wider audience.


For those that have not yet taken on a membership come and join us! Contact – Don’t forget:

Senior Citizens discount on membership to the Resonance Repatterning® International Institute.

Great news – now that we are getting to know the make up of the community more, we have decided to launch two levels of discount for our membership

Over 70’s qualifies for a 50% discount


65-69 Qualifies for a 25% discount.

Body Consciousness – This month let’s focus on the Pancreas

What does the Pancreas do?

The Pancreas is an endocrine gland and an exocrine gland producing both hormones that regulate blood sugar and other hormones, also digestive juices and enzymes. It helps us regulate how we eat, what we eat, the amount and how often. It is associated with the Solar Plexus energy centre and our ability to receive abundance, and to adapt our digestion, so we can receive maximum nutrition. And when we think about digestion this also includes our ability to think of ways to change and adapt to circumstances in our life. If the pancreas is weak, we can be unproductive, worry, have anxiety and we might choose overeating as a way to compensate.

Associated words that you could muscle check for: receiving, anxiety, adaptability, worry, thinking, subconscious

Monthly Meridian Focus / Extraordinary Meridian

Dai Mai paired with the Yang Wei Mai (more commonly known as the Belt Meridian)

This is the only meridian that goes around the body at the level of the third lumbar vertebra, like a belt, instead of up and down the body.  One of its main functions is to balance the upper and lower parts of the body. When it is not functioning appropriately, it results in a tightening belt, which leads to splitting the top and bottom which can result in changes in body shape. In women for example someone can appear from the waist up thin and undernourished and from the waist down somewhat large and in men, from the bottom down skinny and from the top up large. When there are such dramatic changes, it is likely that this involves the digestive system, liver and gallbladder, resulting in poor digestion of fats, strong migraines. People with Dai Mai issues tend to push down their emotions, which can develop into psychological disorders.

Barter Bucks©

Come and volunteer your services to the HQ committee in exchange for Barter bucks. And you can exchange this for license fees, teaching programmes, becoming a teacher, or something else! Welcome to the Resonance Repatterning® International Institute Community of Exchange. It was great to see a $2000 dollar claim coming through the system for committee work into building the Resonance Repatterning® Institute and in turn we are grateful we can help others navigate their career and transformation through the system.

Vacancies in the committee

We still have a few left! Come and apply – no Resonance Repatterning® experience needed!

The committees are filling up fast, we now have over 20 new members and we look forward to sharing more pictures of this wonderful community in our next newsletter. Please contact so you can join this HQ community and help build this into the business that you can flourish in – and earn Barter Bucks© in exchange for license fees, courses membership and so on!

The following slots are available

  • Team Lead – Governance, process and compliance
  • Team Lead – Customer Intimacy
  • Team Lead – Public Relations
  • Observers for the Certification Process (whilst we have a number of observers, we are always happy for more to join)
  • Mentors for Practitioners, right the way up to master Instructor (whilst we have a number of mentors, we are always happy for more to join)
How to reach us at head office

Certification, Team Lead, Sophia –
Certification Support, Shayna –
Legal, Team Lead, Garry –
Mentorship, Team Lead, Andreea –
Membership, Admin, Shayna –
Membership, Team Lead, Carla –
Sales & Marketing Team Lead, Leigh –
Teachers, Team Lead, Norma –
Teacher Admin, Shayna –
Technical, Team Lead, hector –
Escalations or complaints or compliments too! Team Lead, Carla –
Everything else –


Website chat 24/7

You will notice we have a 24-hour chat service on our website which is a live person! So, if you have any queries wherever you are in your part of the world get hold of us via chat!

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