Dr. Richie experienced the WWII concentration camps first hand when he went into them with the allied forces.

One survivor he worked with was in good health, had lost little weight and worked seventeen hours a day helping with the liberation process. Dr. Richie thought the man must be a new arrival, but he had been in the camp for six years, experiencing the same starvation diet and trauma as everyone else.

What was his secret?
His attitude. Dr. Richie was shattered when the man told him that he had watched the Nazis shoot his wife and five children. In that moment the man realized he had only two choices: to hate or to love. If he hated, he would be no better than the people who had killed the ones he loved most in the world.

So he chose to love – to love everyone unconditionally: the Nazis and each person living in the near-death terror of the camp.

Science shows that attitude alone changes our health
Harvard University psychologist Ellen Langer studied eighty-four women who cleaned hotel rooms. Half the group were told to think of their work as exercise: changing linens for fifteen minutes burned 40 calories; vacuuming for fifteen minutes burned 50 calories; cleaning bathrooms for fifteen minutes burned 60 calories.

A month later the women who thought of their work as exercise had lowered their blood pressure by 10% and on average they lost .5% body fat and 2 Ibs in weight. The control group showed none of these improvements. The work was the same; attitude alone made the difference.

A positive attitude is a spiral up state of mind
In Resonance Repatterning, everything we do, ultimately, is about attitude:

  • We IDENTIFY AND TRANSFORM our resonance with the unconscious patterns, beliefs, negative feelings and perceptions that unconsciously lock us into a spiral down state of tension, stress, fear, anger, reactivity and unhappiness, which cause our negative attitudes.
  • Every ENERGIZING OPTION helps us shift our resonance so we ‘spiral up’ to our natural state of being, which is always positive.
  • And the COMBOS FOR CHANGE – combinations of Energizing Options – enable us to change specific mental-emotional states (fear, irritation, anxiety, nerves before a test etc.) in a few minutes.

What particular attitude do I want to work on this week?

Am I willing to do one Energizing Option each day to help me spiral up beyond this attitude?

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