Stories of Transformation

How Resonance Repatterning® has changed lives

An acupuncturist recommended RR to me over twenty years ago and I went straight to Edinburgh to take all the basic series. Within a year I had transformed from a painfully shy introvert to singing on a trapeze at circus school and feeling at ease speaking to groups of up to three hundred. Truly miraculous. I use it every day. It still fills me with wonder and gratitude. I love to share it with those who are receptive and with everyone on the level of entrainment. I love knowing every positive shift I make naturally benefits the whole. I am part of the mentoring committee.

Tabitha Crook (United Kingdom)

I learned HR, now known as RR, beginning in 1998 in response to my own painful experiences. ‘Nothing traditional medicine or talk-therapy could do beyond a ‘band-aide’ effect. Then came this ‘weird thing’ people were talking about in hushed conversation. I checked it out. POWERFUL from the first session! I felt different – not better yet but enough to keep going and my family noticed the difference! Healing, taking classes, going to conferences and I fell in love with the work. By 2002, I became a practitioner and was no longer in trauma mode. The passion hasn’t stopped for this process and the outcomes it brings to people’s lives, including my own.

Theresa Larson (USA)