Meridian Focus

The Heart Meridian

We have decided to introduce a new element each month in this publication. For this first year, we are concentrating on a meridian every month. This first month in the series we are focusing on the Heart Meridian, the Supreme Controller.

The “King of the Organs,” the heart is the house of the vital essence. It commands all the other organs and emotions. The heart is also seen as the seat of the mind. It works with many organs to regulate circulation and maintain a healthy mental state. If the heart is imbalanced, all the other organs and meridians will suffer. It is also seen as primary in the defense against disease.

The tongue is used in diagnosing heart imbalances. Speech impediments or being mute is considered to have been caused by an imbalance in the heart meridian. As a source of bodily heat and circulation of the blood, a pallid facial complexion can also diagnose heart meridian imbalances.  

All manner of mental and emotional issues can also occur from an imbalance of the heart meridian.

The heart meridian begins near the armpit and runs down the lower inner arm before ending at the tip of the little finger.

Element: Fire
Direction: South
Season: Summer
Climate: Heat
Cultivation: Growth
Sense Organ: Tongue
Sense: Touch
Tissue: Vessels
Positive Emotion: Joy
Negative Emotion: Arrogance
Flavor: Bitter
Color: Red
Sound: Laughter
Smell: Scorched
Time: 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Opposite: Gall Bladder
Yin/Yang: Yin
Flow Direction: Up
Origin/Ending: Chest to Hand
Number of Acupoints: 9


This invaluable information was provided in Uncovering the 12 Meridians of Acupuncture by Dr. Derek Kirkham