Meet Our Committee Members

Lovingly known as HQ


The goal of the Certification Committee is to set standards of quality and performance in Resonance Repatterning® and ensure they are met. It is designed to award recognition of mastery at each level of license, so across the globe, customers receive the highest quality of service. This month we finalize the Observer Manual and Training to open the committee up for people to join as Observers. Anyone who is interested in participating in this creative process, please get in touch!

Join us for our first Observer Training for the International Certification committee

The Observer training is free and will run on Saturday, 23rd April from 4-7pm GMT and in Spanish on Sunday, 24th April from 4-7pm GMT.

To join the Certification Committee as an Observer, and earn Barter Bucks as you do so, please email your resume and a short video explaining why you wish to serve our community as an Observer and what you bring to the program to

Meet Sophia Avramides: With a degree in Zoology and a Masters in Climate Science, Sophia who was born in England moved to Brazil with her family in 2011. Here she was introduced to Resonance Repatterning®. On completing her training, she used the process primarily on herself and her family until she felt called to do more. She became an RPA Certified Repatterning Practitioner in 2018 and joined the RPA Executive Committee in 2019, serving as Vice-President for a year before becoming President in 2020. She has also trained in Scalar Heart Connection® and is in the process of building her own Energy Healing practice, Anasa360.


This Committee is here to support, advise, inspire, and guide students and professionals through the process. The aim is to optimize potential for success by helping master their desired goals, whether professional or family associated with students’, practitioners’, and teachers’ alike. We identify and train potential mentors for the classroom and certification and create guidelines and internal review processes for identification and training of potential candidates. The communication committee overseas all communication so that we can get to everyone in the best way we can. Come and join our committees!

Meet Andreea Dersidan: Andreea is in the process of studying to become a Resonance Repatterning® Teacher. Born in Romania, she moved to the United States in 1999. She now resides in Boston, Massachusetts. Andreea obtained a bachelor’s in Human Resources Management and a Master’s in Mathematics. Her work experience ranges from flight attendant to law firm translator to international human resources consultant. Volunteering to tutor children from disadvantaged parts of Chicago, she discovered her love for teaching and became a certified teacher for the Chicago Public Schools. On leaving the business world with the arrival of her children she became interested in natural birth, healing and peaceful parenting, which led her to energy work. The connection was immediate and powerful, creating the synergy in 2011 for her journey to study and practice Resonance Repatterning®.


The goal of this committee is to bring the teachers in Mexico together as a community and build the experience and capability of teachers, mentors and practitioners on the ground.

Meet Norma Garcia: In 2010, Norma was introduced to Resonance Repatterning®. Since that time, she began studying and commenced a journey of self-transformation. She became a Resonance Repatterning® Teacher and through this process, she helps others in their growth through private consultation and teaching Seminars. She is passionate about how the system changes lives. ”It definitely changed mine!” she says. Norma is also the Treasurer of the RR Asociación Mexico. She is an Accountant with a Master’s Degree in Finance and a Diploma in Finance and Mexican Taxation. She is currently an accounting consultant. She has also invested a great deal of time as a Director of a non-profit organization for the education and labour inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities and Down Syndrome.


This Committee develops and documents the material for each Resonance Repatterning® training programme in line with international standards. Each programme includes 30% theory and content and 70% practical application in a format that enables submitting to any government educational institution worldwide for accreditation. Developing an internationally recognized, competitive training program is essential for bringing Resonance Repatterning® to the forefront of the energy healing field as a comprehensive cognitive somatic therapy. The Training Program achieves this by creating the material to allow for deep practical learning.

Meet Susan Newman: Susan is a spiritual, intuitive counselor, energy practitioner, and researcher in subtle energy and energy psychology. After establishing her energy practice in 1998, Susan later received all the basic training and part of the advanced training in Resonance Repatterning® with Chloe in 2000. More recently, after completing all the advanced programs, she became a Certified Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner and is currently studying to become a Resonance Repatterning® teacher. Susan is finishing her Ph.D. in Complementary and Alternative Medicine with an emphasis in Energy Dynamics at Akamai University. She is a licensed ordained minister with All Faiths Church of Spirituality and Health. The greatest joy of Resonance Repatterning for her is the opportunity to bear witness to so much transformation and positive change.


This committee focuses on providing the services listed in the membership categories as well as how we provide service across the board. Please come and join me in this exciting portfolio.

Meet Reshma Raggoo: Reshma is from Mauritius. Reshma is a Senior Business Partner at one of the main banks in Mauritius focusing on performance analysis. She discovered RR only last year and she was literally ‘wowed’. Reshma firmly believes that this tool must be spread worldwide and is honoured to be part of this amazing team. Reshma has not been practicing for very long. But she sees lots of good things around her, starting with herself and close friends. Reshma is currently studying to be a teacher as she helps to spread a following in Mauritius. She also looks forward to introducing RR in this region of the world and in other French speaking places.


The committee of project management and supplier negotiations is responsible for all the deliverables across the board, as well as bringing in the right suppliers to help us expand and grow.

Meet Annelot Schrijver: Annelot was born and raised in The Netherlands. After finishing her law degree, she moved to London and attained her Masters At Law and worked for 7 years in the insurance industry.  In 1997, she moved to South Africa and was blessed with 2 wonderful children. She continued in the insurance industry for 19 years and after being booked for a Resonance Repatterning® session which culminated in many sessions and completing the full basic series with Suzanne in 2021.


The administration committee is responsible for ensuring the smooth administration of both the website and the administration surrounding Resonance Repatterning®. We would love to have more volunteers so please join me!

Meet Carla Eldorado: With a degree in Industrial Photography, Carla ElDorado was born in the USA and moved to South Africa in 1994. In 1996, she attended seminars taught by Chloe in Johannesburg and began working with Chloe in 1998 in assisting her with lifting & improving the quality of her books and preparing them for publication. Since then Carla has been helping Resonance Repatterning® and those involved.


The committee lead by Garry is responsible for the legal compliance and legal matters across the board. We have a lot to do, so please come and join me on this committee!

Meet Garry Wetzel: I see beauty in nearly everything. I Grew up in Pacific Palisades and began university at the age of 14.  Having received a bachelor’s degrees in Social Psychology, Criminal Law, Architecture, and a master’s in industrial engineering, I started my career in Safeway Grocery stores help the engineering & design team. In 1987 I designed store flow patterns for marketability based on psychological profiling.  

In 1999,  a drive that changed the course of my life, I created and opened the Santa Barbara restaurant, nightclub, and live English-speaking 165 seat theater in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, with my focus on using the establishment to raise money for local charities. The project was a success after creating a charitable community with a single vision. So with the support and help of 360 local businesses including other restaurants, we raised 1 million USD for local charities and then sold the business. Presently I spend a lot of my time wandering the beach with my Lil dog Buddy.