the third book in the Living in Tune series

•  LIVING IN TUNE WITH YOUR LIFE is available on AMAZON and at the Resonance Repatterning eStore.

•  Each chapter relates to different facets of what it means to live in tune with our life, offering inspiring true stories, fascinating information plus Repatterning processes that help us apply the information and stories in our everyday lives.

•  Chapter 1: The Marriage of Yin and Yang: The union of yin (soul) and yang (mind) represents the innate impulse of our mind to access and live the positive qualities associated with our soul and to realize higher states of consciousness through love.

•  Chapter 2: True Aliveness is about resonating with the five essentials for living the unconflicted life. At a time when the third cause of death in children is suicide, the stories in this chapter offer a different possibility to each one of us when facing despair or when challenged to go into unconflicted action.
•  Chapter 3: Our Resonant Note is about tuning in to our personal sound or note that calms the mind and helps us through life’s transitions. Inspirational stories illustrate how we can use our resonant notes.
•  Chapter 4: Our Resonant Breath is about regaining our health through balance: oxygen and carbon dioxide balance, potassium-sodium balance, nervous system balance and acid-alkaline balance. We see how hundreds of illnesses relate to improper breathing and learn a particular way of breathing to correct these imbalances.
•  Chapter 5: Thinking in Curves is about using our goals as a stimulus that leads to wholeness and heightened awareness. Very different from straight-line A-to-Z goal setting, which is about ‘getting’ something and being fixed on a particular outcome.
•  Chapter 6: Beliefs and Perception of Time. In this chapter we learn about the discontinuous moment talked about in physics when the seemingly impossible becomes possible – and about the people who have broken the myth of time and made the impossible possible.
•  Chapter 7: Outer Image Aligned to Inner Nature. Our outer self is meant to mirror the beauty of our inner nature. How we see our outer self either limits the expression of our essence or helps us express what the ancient Chinese called our original nature – the essence of who we truly are.
•  Chapter 8: Our Resonant Weight introduces seven out-of-the-ordinary ways that relate to overweight: our fight-flight responses; conflicts and non-truths; the Five Elements of Chinese Acupuncture; the five archetypes of the Innocent Child, the Helper, the Wanderer, the Warrior and the Wise One; excess loss of carbon dioxide; cold showers; and the scientific and physical aspect of weight.
•  Chapter 9: The Hero’s Journey looks at the five characteristics associated with the hero that we see in myths, stories and movies. We see how these characteristics and the five archetypes relate to the seven journeys we have the potential to make in this life.
•  The spiralbound version: mostly for Resonance Repatterning practitioners who need to bend the book back when doing sessions.
•  The paperback version: mostly for those who want to read the book.
In October 2018 I will be teaching
  • in English as a LIVE ONLINE SEMINAR
  • October 10, 17, 24, 31, Novermber 7, 14
•   Come join us for 6 once weekly 3.5 hour sessions where you get to experience these powerful Repatternings.
•   Proxy in to the session someone volunteers to have or experiencing the power of these Repatternings yourself – as the Founder of Resonance Repatterning demonstrates each one.​​​​​​​
•    Everyone is welcome: RR practitioners, RR clients and all those interested in being part of a wonderful community of people, who are interested in experiencing Chloe demonstrating each of the nine self-healing Repatterning sessions – and you can proxy in to each other’s sessions.
•    JOIN US for this unique self-healing experience for self-mastery and transformation.
Let’s join Chloe to make a quantum leap in embracing our life in a whole new way.
REGISTER NOW with Ardis:
$300 for all six segments
All those who register will need to purchase the LIFE book on AMAZON or at the > STORE
Carolyn will be helping everyone access the online seminar through the ZOOM platformIf you have questions, please email Carolyn:

We are looking forward to seeing you in May 2018.


Keep spiraling up!

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