Pro Marketing Tips from HQ

How to Build a Busy Practice

Start thinking about and preparing so that when you are a minimum of novice practitioner you can charge and start building a busy practice.

🌞Let go of every bit of resistance you have, invest in yourself because you ARE the business.

🌞Get your brand and photos sorted and pay a professional to do it. It gives you so much more confidence to feel proud of what you are offering and really put yourself out there. You will also feel confident to command your worth because your brand image matches your service.

🌞Be authentically you in all your quirkiness. That’s how you attract perfectly aligned clients.

🌞Be specific about your service be clear on your target market i.e., women with post-natal depression. You can expand your market later.

🌞Get clear on who you are, what you stand for and who you serve.

🌞Post regularly in line with that. No one wants perfection. They want realness they can connect to. Share stories and testimonials. Let people get to know you. Your vibe attracts your tribe.  It isn’t about you. It is about those who need you. Let them know help and hope are available.

🌞Practice until you feel confident. Clear Confidence, money blocks, imposter syndrome, visibility fears and anything else that is obvious and continue to work on your blocks as you feel them come up – you will feel new resistance every time you grow and hit the edge of your current comfort zone – the journey is ongoing so long as you are growing.

🌞If you don’t have marketing skills, learn them… and then keep learning!

🌞Create your connection content. This is your story, how you healed your issue and how and why the method works. You can make this a lead magnet and invite viewers to reach out for a free strategy call with you or even to book directly on your website – don’t create too many unnecessary hoops.

🌞The more content you can create helps your prospective client. Make it about their pain and give them hope and you will build a following.

The world needs you💞