“I am so excited by the new Energetics Home Study course. I was so enthusiastic when I first listened to it that I wanted to keep going right to the end – although I didn’t! But I do want to share how I feel.

I’ve taken the Energetics seminar numerous times and yet somehow with the Home Study course, Energetics landed for me in a totally different way than ever before.

When I saw the diagram of the hologram and heard Chloe’s description of how it relates to what we have learned in Resonance Repatterning, everything fell into place for me.

Energetics is now part of my language and how I view life and all my relationships. And I’m now using this information with my clients to help them understand what they are going through.

Whether you have studied Resonance Repatterning or not, or taken the Energetics seminar or not, I highly recommend that you watch this video.  I love that we can listen to these courses at our own pace, over time and re-visit them whenever we want to.”

If any of you would like to share your comments on anything to do with Resonance Repatterning, please send an email to info@resonancerepatterning.net

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