I have just finished reading Small Stories Big Changes by Lyle Estill. And there’s an inspiring quote I want to share with you about imaginal cells — that’s you and me!

When a caterpillar reaches a certain point in its life, it gets a voracious appetite
It becomes over-consumptive. This triggers the formation of what biologists call imaginal cells. As the caterpillar eats and eats, these imaginal cells begin to vibrate at a different frequency than all the other cells. As the caterpillar makes its cocoon, (the imaginal cells) begin to find each other.

“Then, all the other cells in the caterpillar’s body melt into what is called “nutritive soup.” They actually UN-differentiate, from being heart cells or brain cells or stem cells, to create this nutritive soup.

“The imaginal cells then orchestrate the formation of a completely new being. A butterfly, completely unrecognizable from its earlier state of being.

“Our culture is in an over-consumtive state…one which we can’t sustain. And amazingly enough,imaginal cells are beginning to appear. We are finding each other and gathering, and have the potential to orchestrate a whole new form of being.”  By Megan Toben: Pickards Mountain Eco Institute

Let’s ask ourselves three caterpillar-butterfly questions 

Are we simplifying our life — moving beyond excess consumption?  Where am I over-consuming in my life?

Are we interested in transformation — in who we are? In our relationships? In our health? In our spiritual life? In our communities? Are we actively seeking something more? Are we going into action? Are our “Imaginal Cells” beginning to vibrate at a different frequency?

Do we feel we are in a nutritive soup — things collapsing, feeling chaotic and even hopeless? Remember, Dr. Hans Jenny, early 1900s Swiss scientist, said that when you change the frequency that creates one geometric pattern, chaos results. Then out of the chaos a new pattern of greater order, harmony and complexity emerges. Are we trusting our process — accepting, free of resistance?

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