Chloe is Teaching INNER CULTIVATION Online
This coming September: 13, 14, 18, 20, 25, 27
Once weekly classes from 12 noon to 3:30 pm (EST)
​​​​​​Early discount for New Students if registered by August 17, 2017.
Seminar cost includes the Inner Cultivation Home Study Course, the online seminar and the Inner Cultivation book (shipping is extra), plus practice sessions and assignments towards Practitioner Certification. 
The Inner Cultivation Home Study Course and Online Seminar take what RR students have learned in the Five Element and Meridian seminar to a whole new level of understanding.
For the ancient Chinese, real healing involves an understanding and practice based on the three Treasurers, the Five Essences and the Five Virtues that are associated with the Five Elements.
In addition, each of us has our own Constitutional Element and Meridian, which plays a highly significant role in any positive change we want or need for ourselves.
Practitioners who study Inner Cultivation find that it brings greater depth, awareness and positive outcomes to their sessions, whether on themselves or others. 
(a pre-requisite for the online seminar)
•    Provides all the information you need on the Treasures, Essences, Virtues, disturbed emotions and Constitutional Typewhich practitioners will learn to apply in the Inner Cultivation seminar and the Repatterning sessions. 
•    You learn the point location for the Master Points and Chloe talks about the healing power of each of these points – like receiving a mini-session.
•    You can access the Home Study Course whenever you want, and for life.
•    The discounted price for re-takers includes the Home Study course and the live online seminar.
•    Based on the learning in the Home Study Course, the IC seminar now takes participants directly into their self-healing process.
•    Chloe demonstrates the twelve Inner Cultivation meridian Repatternings on seminar participants.
 •    Chloe leads a group discussion of the demo-client’s Constitutional Element and Meridian, and how the Essences, Virtues and Constitution are integrated into the acupuncture point chosen at the completion of the session.
​​​​​​•    To learn more, please listen to the following short interviews with Chloe:  
•    Special invitation for all Inner Cultivation retakers if you have attended the six-day Advanced Meridian seminar or the six-day Inner Cultivation seminar, you may want to take advantage of this one-time offer.
Chloe has now created and updated these seminars:
For the special discounted price of $599 you may access the new Home Study Course AND attend the live online seminar where you can choose to be proxied in to all the sessions or you may be muscle checked to receive a session!
NEW STUDENTS who have completed the Transforming Five Element and Meridian Patterns seminar, may attend Inner Cultivation and AT THIS TIME save $200 by taking advantage of the discounted registration fee:
$1625 if you register by August 17, 2017
RESERVE YOUR SEAT TODAY and GET STARTED WITH THE HOME STUDY PROGRAM RIGHT AWAY register for this seminar through the organizer, Ardis Ozborn, and you will be sent a coupon for accessing the Inner Cultivation Home Study Course.
 IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS please contact: 
Carolyn Winter:
Ardis Ozborn (is away on holiday for the first half of August):
Phone: 480-481-9023
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