Greetings to all of you and wishing you a wonderful 2018

For many people 2017 was a difficult year: hurricanes, floods, fire, earthquakes, loss of jobs, health problems and for many, difficulties with paying basic bills…

My hope with this Newsletter is for us to look at the wisdom of the Five Elements with the intention of being receptive to healing, strength and courage – both for a deeper understanding of 2017 and as a preparation for 2018.

I would also like to encourage as many RR practitioners as possible to join us on January 30th for six sessions using the new LIVING IN TUNE WITH YOUR LIGHT book. These sessions are a healing preparation for 2018 with Repatternings that focus on overwhelming issues people have faced and overcome: from fear to courage, the blessing of anger to open prison doors, self-mastery in the face of failure, commitment that challenges us to our greatness, and what it really means to live our dreams.

The Gift

My hope for this seminar was that it would be a gift to the community – drawing us all together to access our light and expand our light for powerful healing. cancer.

This one-time reduction in the seminar price to just $300 for all six sessions was a special thought to make it possible for as many as possible to attend.

In future, the fee will go back to our normal charge – so make best use of this gift and come join us all for powerful healing.

These online seminars are very special — seeing all the faces of people from different states and countries, receiving or proxying in to the LIGHT Repatternings and for RR Practitioners deepening our ability to use these Repatternings on clients — and all in the comfort of our own home!

2017 and the opportunity for 2018

The EARTH Element in 2017

When we look at the Mexico earthquake, with many in the mountain villages camping out on the rubble of their homes and others in Mexico City, who within a few minutes lost everything… And the many thousands homeless after the Himalayan earthquake, the floods in Texas and Puerto Rico, the fires in California, the devastation in the Caribbean and the meltdown of the Japanese reactors that is still unresolved, we see the impact on our Earth Element: our home. 

Not only the home we live in, but the home of our body. Our survival.

Our Earth Element is about stability, predictability, equilibrium and nurturance. All of these qualities have been seriously stressed in 2017 – and worry or anxiety about the basics of life have often predominated in our consciousness.


2018 may be as unpredictable as 2017, but if we maintain the strength of the Earth Element:

    It will allow us to keep our center in the face of the unpredictable. 

    It will help us stay relaxed and free of tension, rather than worry about what we cannot change. 

    It will make it possible for us to be aware of others’ needs: to look out for each other, to be helpful, kind and generous in whatever way we can – support, time, a donation no matter how small.

    Strong Earth will help us hold on to our inner stability in the flux of life. It will help us create order. Like the story of the soldier who was imprisoned in a pit in the jungle of North Korea: he kept one corner for sleeping, another for eating, another for exercise and the fourth for the latrine bucket. 

    Balanced Earth will enable us to create stability and predictability – in our schedule, how we nurture ourselves, in our environment.

The METAL Element in 2017

In 2017 we saw a radical shift in the running of the government in the USA: corruption in high places, non-truths to the point that people lost the discernment to know what was true and what fake. 

Metal – the Large Intestines – is about letting go. And in the disasters, people were forced to let go of their homes, their livelihood and those who died.

And Metal – the Lung Meridian – is about breathing in the breath of life. The fires resulted in pollution that compromised people’s breathing. In Delhi the pollution reached such a point that it was dangerous for people to leave their homes.


•    The strength of our Metal Element is our capacity to stay connected to spirit, to the Divine, within ourselves and others. 

•    If we can hold on to our inner spiritual connection, whether through prayer, contemplation or meditation, reading spiritual literature or being of service, then, as a spiritual adept once commented: “Whether you are the richest person on earth or a beggar on the streets, it won’t make any difference to you.”

•    With this inner strength, we know that everything is passing; that whatever we are going through now, it will be different in five years time, even in one year’s time, perhaps even in a few months.

•    We cannot control others’ behaviors and negative habits. But we can and must be responsible for our own. The negativity in the world (the quality of inertia, density and heaviness) will either pull us down into negativity and criticism, or it will motivate us to transcend the negative by living upright honest lives, by focusing on spiritual qualities and putting in right effort to stay positive regardless of the circumstances in our life.

•    Maintaining our spiritual equilibrium, our inner tranquility, we accept whatever is happening free of regrets or complaints. We have faith there is a higher purpose. 

•    The strength of our Metal Element enables us to hold on to all that we are grateful for in life. It helps us re-live happy memories and transform grief into acceptance, day by day responding to the opportunity to re-create our life as it is now.

•    A strong Metal Element is willing to let go of old habits, ways of living, material objects, people we are attached to, and open the space for the next phase of our spiritual growth.

2017 saw floods and droughts. Inundated with water and not enough water. Surrounded by floods, but no water to drink.

The WATER Element in 2017

It saw fear, panic.

The Water Element is also about power, ambition, drive. And we saw that those in power were not able to use their power to support others in their time of need – as in Puerto Rico or immigrants who are being threatened by expulsion from the USA even though many of them have been here for decades.


•    In 2017 we also saw individual citizens stepping up to the plate: sending support, food, medical supplies to those overwhelmed by disaster.

•    The opportunity for 2018, instead of going into overwhelm, is to access our inner power and energy. Instead of helplessly giving in to “What can I do?” we say, “This is one act I can do that will make a difference.”

•    We stay in the flow of life as it happens, using our willpower to keep manifesting our spiritual and life purpose, no matter what the circumstances of our life. We ask ourselves, “What am I here for? What is my purpose?” And we go into action to find our purpose and live it.

The WOOD Element in 2017

In 2017 we were inundated by the media reporting on verbal abuses between one political candidate and another and between political parties. The Wood quality of anger, frustration and lack of unity took over. 

In the face of floods and fire, it was easy to feel hopeless about the losses so many experienced.


•    The power of the Wood Element is that it drives us to stand up for what is right – to overcome inertia, stay positive and go into coherent action. It lets us know that we can stand up and be counted, that we do make a difference.

•    Our strong Wood energy gives us a sense of hope – allowing us to be receptive to whatever will help us move through our difficulties.

•    We make plans to do what is most beneficial for our health, work and for manifesting our life purpose and spiritual potential.

•    We make decisions based on our plan of action and we go into action, no matter how many times we fail.

•    We are unstoppable in our desire to keep learning and growing. Like plants pushing through cement, we keep reaching for the light.

The FIRE Element in 2017

THE OPPORTUNITY FOR OUR FIRE ELEMENT IN 2018In 2017 there was the burning of thousands of homes. And in 2017 sexual abuses and harassment in the film industry were brought into the open.

•    We all need to take responsibility to ensure that the abuse of women and children is stopped. Safety is our basic life need.

•    Everyone in the world is part of the indivisible hologram. What happens to one person affects all of us. As we digest this understanding, we will hold on to the Fire Element qualities of love and compassion as the only way we can unite by creating positive change that benefits all people. 

If you identify with any of the above needs in the Five Elements, remember you can always have a Resonance Repatterning session. 

See > SESSIONS tab for the list of RR practitioners.

The opportunity of our Five Elements may seem pie in the sky. 

But if each one of us takes tiny steps to manifest these qualities in whatever way we can, our world will change for the better.

A spiritual teacher said “Happy New Year means that we are moving towards the Divine.” This is our personal challenge: what do I want to do personally and for others to manifest a happy new year…

All the best for a happy new year!


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