For our Spanish Practitioners & Teachers!

The Spanish translation of the Fundamentals is now complete, and you can order the 2016 edition of this book at the RRI eStore. This new edition of Fundamentals includes Empowering Yourself with Resonance Repatterning.

The Primary Patterns book (Spanish) is also in the final stage for its publication. It should be available in January after the holiday rush is over.

TRANSFORMATION Let’s stay positive and keep our vision tuned to a higher level of consciousness so we access the potential of the holographic field. Let’s help each other keep remembering that anger, fear, anxiety, worry, lack of acceptance and all other negatives block access to the holographic field of limitless possibilities. Einstein reminds us: “The field is everything.”

And Konigsberg said that when you provide a healthy environment, cells thrive: adjust the environment and sick cells are revitalized, transformed, made well.

Let’s adjust the environment we create with our thoughts, words and actions. If each one of us does this, even a little, we’ll see “sick cells” transform around the globe.

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