I have just finished re-reading for the third time Water & Salt the Essence of Life – the healing power of nature by Dr. Barbara Hendel M.D. and Peter Ferreira. The following summary is just a small segment of what they write about energy and water.

In another newsletter I will summarize what they say about salt (pink Himalayan sea salt, which is millions of years old – not the salt you pour) for regaining and maintaining our health.



Energy, form and crystals

  • Life is energy and energy is information – in other words, energy is a carrier of information. For instance, food is a carrier of the energy information contained within it.
  • The earliest form of materialized form is found in the mineral kingdom. And one mineral, the quartz crystal, has maintained the same perfect geometric shape (consisting of the trigonal structure) over millions of years. The trigonal structure is part of the five platonic solids from which all matter arises.
  • In computers the main element is the microchip, which is made of quartz crystal.  The microchip enables it to receive, store and transmit information (by virtue of its geometric structure). Without its geometric structure, quartz crystals are simply silicate. It is the geometry of the quartz that enables it to receive, store or transmit information.
  • In life it is the same: the geometric shape carries the energy content or information. For instance DNA is composed of atoms of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. Nothing dramatic about these atoms. But the helix shape of the DNA – its spiraling geometric pattern – is what powers our DNA to be the means of our continuity.     

Health and disease

  • Our bodies, when healthy, have perfect geometric crystalline structures,  energy and coherent information. When healthy, we have sufficient energy/coherent information or life force to keep our batteries charged.
  • In disease, or when we lack energy, we have lost our perfect geometric structure with its life-giving information. This always shows up as symptoms.
  • Every symptom is a lack of energy.  And as Fritz Albert Popp and the Russian team of scientists have discovered, disease symptoms are caused by non-coherent light and the misinformation non-coherent light carries.
  • Western medicine has 40,000 different disease labels, 1,200 allopathic specialty fields and 58,000 medicines. But fundamentally, every symptom is simply a lack of energy and the coherent information it carries!
  • Hendel and Ferreira in their book, Water and Salt, write:
“Healing happens from within us
because healing is a process of consciousness.
By becoming conscious, we receive the missing information,
the energy, a specific range or pattern
or electromagnetic vibrations.”


We may receive this missing information through eating healthy food, by words, or as in Resonance Repatterning, by becoming conscious of the non-coherent unconscious patterns and beliefs we resonate with and by resonating with the missing coherent information we need.


Water – the essence of life – and our body fluids

  • Now let’s look at water – the essence of life.  Water in nature never flows straight. It spirals. In our industrial society we direct water in straight lines — canals and pipes, which has a deadening effect on water.
  • The earth’s gravitation and expansion (levitation) creates a spiraling movement, which is called a meander movement.
  • Blood and lymph also flow in a meander movement, building gravitational and levitation forces, which create energy.
  • Due to the gravitational energies of the watery fluids in our body, our feet stay on the ground. And due to the forces of levitation in our body fluids, we can get out of bed in the morning and stand.
  • When the forces of gravity predominate in our body fluids, the weight of the water pulls us to the ground: we find it difficult to stand, move and live (sickness). We don’t have enough levitation force to stay upright and move easily.

Centripetal and centrifugal movement

  • Everywhere in nature we find centripetal movement: movement from the outside in – spiraling towards the center. In nature, the basic geometrical pattern is the spiral (as seen for example in nebulae, galaxies, our spiraling DNA, seashells and hurricanes). The spiral symbolizes the natural order of things, always returning to its original point but at a different level, a new beginning, never the same as before.
  • Centripetal movement creates order and is energizing.
  • Centrifugal movement from within to the periphery is explosive(perhaps also cleansing, detoxifying the field).

The Schumann Resonance

  • The earth’s atmosphere vibrates at 7.83 Hertz – known as the Schumann Resonance Frequency. Our healing brainwaves have a frequency of 8-10 Hertz.
  • Water absorbs the 7.83 frequency pattern of the earth’s atmosphere.Because our body has the same frequency pattern as the water molecule, by drinking water and being in coherent water we can replenish the energy frequency that is missing that is causing low energy levels and poor health.
  • Water is our primary and most important food source for enlivening us with its living energy and information.

Water as a crystal 

  • The geometric pattern of water is a tetrahedron, which makes water a liquid crystal − and makes 70% of us a liquid crystal for receiving, storing and transmitting information.
  • When four water molecules (four tetrahedrons) are combined, this creates the same precise structure as the great Egyptian pyramids.
  • Because water is in a liquid state, and we are in a 70% liquid state, we are able to adapt to the constant changes in our environment either in a positive or a negative way, depending on the coherent or non-coherent information stored in our watery system.

Water, light energy and geometric frequencies

  • Photon research has shown that it takes more than one billion light quanta to build one single water molecule. Photons are pure light energy. Photons align each water molecule in a unique way – giving each and every water molecule its own unique identity.
  • As we know, each snowflake under a microscope has its own unique and beautiful geometrical structure − even though all the millions of snowflakes consist of the same two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen. Each water molecule carries its own unique and coherent information.
  • Water molecules form clusters, which enables water to store information. This is the basic principle behind the Bach Flower Essences and homeopathy.
  • Water has memory. For instance, if you melt a snowflake and then re-freeze it under the same natural conditions, it reforms to the same geometric pattern as before.
  • Dr. Emoto proved that water is imprinted with information. He placed the words, “You make me sick” on a jar of water, froze the water at 23 degrees Fahrenheit and then photographed the crystallized water: it looked like a cancerous ulcer. Then he melted the same water, spoke “love” to it and refroze it at 23 degrees Fahrenheit. It became a perfect geometric crystalline structure.
  • The words we use are like living food or dead food.


The importance of water for us

  • Water transfers its frequency patterns or wavelengths to us. If we give our body the correct information, it will heal.
  • In twenty-four hours, 370 gallons of blood flow through our brain. 530 gallons of blood pass through our kidneys. We eliminate .4 to .6 gallons of water per day.
  • The more we are starved for water, the greater the number of cells that die. As Dr. Batmangelidj proved, dehydration is one of the principal causes of aging and many, if not most, of our ills.
  • We must replenish at least half our weight in ounces of water every day – about two quarts or two liters. Coffee, tea, soda, alcohol and carbonated drinks do not count as water: they dehydrate cells and carbonated water cannot absorb toxins. We need water for its vital force and the coherent information it carries.

What kind of water do we need to drink?

  • Although water purifiers, distillation and RO water filter out some of the chemical pollutants found in water, they do not cleanse the water of the energetic imprint of these pollutants.
  • Water requires maturation in the earth and only rises to the surface when it has sufficient forces of levitation to overcome gravity. This means that the best water is natural artesian water, which has matured in the earth and rises to the surface naturally, with no drilling.
  • Of all the waters tested, Fiji artesian water was found to be the highest in energy.
  • For those of us who cannot afford to drink Fiji water on a daily basis, structured water may be an excellent alternative. Structured water re-invigorates water with its natural spiral. www.cnswater.com
For me, the main message is to drink more water, the cleaner the better and with good thoughts imprinted on every glass! Sometimes I stir my water centripetally – from the outside into the center – just in case this makes a difference!
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