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All registrations (for seminar and Home Study course and ordering the book) is through

The seminar fee includes the online seminar and Home Study course plus the book (shipping is extra).

The $599 re-take fee also includes the online seminar, the Home Study course plus the book (shipping is extra). This re-take fee is an exceptional discount for re-takers to encourage you to attend this updated seminar with exciting, in-depth information on cultivating our inner nature. This new material was not available prior to 2015.

The Home Study course consists of Chloe giving information on the three Treasures, the Five Essences, the Five Virtues and disturbed emotions relating to developing our \”inner nature\” along with information on the Constitutional Element and Meridian.

In the Home Study course Chloe teaches point location for the Master points used in the online seminar. Practitioners have found that learning point location in this way makes this art easy to learn and increases confidence because reviewing point location is available for life whenever needed.

The online seminar consists of six 3 1/2 hour segments in which Chloe demonstrates the twelve Meridian Repatternings for inner cultivation, with discussion of the client\’s Constitutional Type, the five Essences and the most powerful point to create self-healing.

Chloe is very excited about teaching Inner Cultivation online — having now taught it online several times — and all of us deeply appreciate the powerful self-healing and bonding connection we experience. The amazing thing is that seeing everyone on the computer screen feels as close as when you see each other in an in-person class.

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