D. MOVEMENT Options – audio



D. Movement Options
Life is energy in movement. Children, whose energies are vibrating
optimally, are full of vitality and movement; old people, whose energies are
vibrating at a less than optimal pulsation, have diminished vitality and move
slowly or with difficulty and pain.

How movement improves our health and level of energy:

  • Movement stimulates the production of endorphins (the runners “high”).
  • When walking and swinging both our arms freely, this movement integrates our brain hemispheres.
  • Movement is the major way we keep our lymph moving (death results without lymph drainage).
  • Movement discharges adrenaline and cortisol.
  • Movement keeps the joints open and the tendons and muscles relaxed and toned.
  • Movement stimulates the flow of Chi life energy, activates blood circulation and makes breathing possible.

These movements offer a universal range of ways to keep our energy balanced and flowing. In relation to any problem we don’t want to resonate with (or an intention we do want to resonate with), we can use one or more of the Movement Options to shift our resonance.

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