Bundle #2: ColorYourWorld Torch + Geometric & Chakra Symbols

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ColorYourWorld Torch

The light and color are used to balance energy by focusing it on specific Acupuncture points, cranial bones, the spine, Jin Shin and other body areas.

This Energizing Option has been successfully used in the Mu Point Repatterning for releasing fears and phobias and is essential for the Inner Cultivation Repatternings.


A burgundy box

  • which can hold two Maglites for practitioners who need different color gels when doing more than one Acupuncture point.

One MagLite

  • includes a cap to hold the Color Mini Gels, Chakra and Geometric Symbols in place.

13 Roscolene mini color filter gels

  • contain combinations of color gels that create the specific frequency color recommended by the Dinshah Health Society.

A quartz crystal mounted on a silver base

  • Each crystal amplifies the frequency of color and light and is unique in its shape and size (but has the same amplifying effect).

Geometric & Chakra Symbols

These symbols are used in the ColorYourWorld Torch, along with the color gels and crystals

  • Includes Sanskrit symbols for each of the seven Chakras
  • Eight sacred geometric symbols which include the five platonic solids (the blueprint for all cell structures), which are the shapes of the fundamental components of the physical universe and the Flower of Life, the Infinity 8 and the Star Tetrahedron.

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