Bundle #1 CYW Lenses + Flower & Geometric Pattern Kit

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ColorYourWorld Lenses: This set of 13 lenses includes the twelve primary Dinshah colors, plus pink

  • Each color has a specific frequency and is made from Roscolene gels, as recommended by the Dinshah Health Society.
  • You can use the same color for both eyes or for just one eye or you can use two different colors for the two eyes.
  • Using the color gels – sometimes with a visual field or eye movement, whether during a Repatterning or as a Modality – allows that specific color frequency into the brain-body energy field, often with a dramatic change of perspective, understanding and sense of well-being.

23 Flower Pattern Cards: Flowers are said to be the language of the heart.

  • Photographed in India and South Africa in natural unpolluted settings, these flowers represent patterns found in sacred geometry.
  • Each flower carries a high frequency associated with its shape (a manifestation of sacred geometry), its fragrance, color, texturrice and its unique note that is not audible to the human ear.
  • Each of the 23 laminated flower pattern cards shifts perspective as you see light and shadow, color and shape, depth and texture.
  • Focusing on the flower pattern activates the right brain of imagination, feeling, creativity, global vision, supporting you in receiving a new understanding of your present situation.

28 Geometric Pattern Cards: Geometric patterns represent the basic patterns or building blocks of the creation.

  • When energy vibrates, the movement creates patterns that are universal – intricate patterns such as spirals and those seen in the movement of water and cloud shapes.
  • Each frequency pattern, experienced as shape, creates coherence in its own unique way.
  • six variations of the circle
  • seven types of spirals
  • eleven variations of the platonic solids and
  • four ‘crop patterns’

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