Participants need to have completed the Home Study course for this seminar before attending the three-day in person seminar. (Go to > Home Study to register — this is a separate fee from the three-day in person portion).

To register for the three-day seminar in Ferndale, Washington and for any questions you may have, contact Jennifer Johnson: or phone: 360.384.1415

Inner Cultivation is a new seminar, which covers the Three Treasures, Five Essences and the Constitutional Type of the inner tradition of Chinese Acupuncture. In-depth information and point location is provided in the Home Study course.

The three-day in person seminar will apply what has been learned in the Home Study through demonstrations of the 12 Inner Cultivation Repatternings and discussion of the Element picture in each session, the disturbed emotion, the Constitutional Type, the Five Essences and choice of the Acupuncture point for the session.

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