Energetics is an advanced seminar about relationships as seen through the lens of our electro- magnetic nature.  We are energy; our body is an electrical system. These subtle energy fields our bodies create provide the foundation for our well being and therefore the well being of all our relationships. This is a unique way of using the components of an electrical circuit as a way to understand and transform our relationships and support bringing more love and vitality into our lives and relationships.

This online course will be taught by Chloe once a week for 5 weeks and twice a week on the 5th week.  Ardis will be in the class, as well as offering  a mentoring role for each student — reviewing assignments and answering questions. Carolyn will co-ordinate the technical aspects of the course through video conferencing. Please go to www.ozardis.com for details, discounts offered and to complete your payment. We are also offering payment plans. Retakers have the option of joining the live class where Chloe will be doing sessions OR receiving audio recordings of the class for a discounted fee.

Included in your fee is access the the Home Study for Energetics that Chloe is creating. All students, including retakers, will have support group practices and access to the Home Study course  at the ResonanceRepatternng.net website > HOME STUDY tab.  The class is taught on Wednesday between 12-3:30 (EST) with the two final classes on MONDAY, Feb 20th and Wednesday Feb. 22nd.

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