Mentor Membership




  • Rights To Use Logo, Trademark and Name Under License
  • Access To Discounts on Various Courses, When Being Promoted
  • Access To Members Discussion Forms
  • Facebook Student Members Group
  • Facebook Practicing Members Group
  • Bi-Monthly Live Stream Q&Amp;A With HQ – Chargeable
  • Access To Advanced Courses
  • Discounts On Store Products When Promoted
  • Downloadable Charts, Study Materials Articles
  • Newsletters
  • Using Logos
  • Included In Practitioner Listing During Company Marketing – Chargeable
  • List Bio and Photo in Practitioner Listing
  • Example Take On Forms
  • Example Disclaimer & Terms
  • Participation In Social Media Marketing
  • Access To Expanded Practitioner Programmes
  • Access To Local Country Association To Help Build Business
  • New Product Release Before Anyone Else
  • Database Access For Exchange Sessions
  • Practitioner Marketing Community Call
  • Mentorship Programme
  • Affiliate When Launched
  • Loyalty When Launched
  • Recommended / Discounted Insurance Rates When Available
  • Present Own Products For Consideration
  • To Be Considered To Present Masterclasses
  • Access To Do Sessions On The Matrix For The Betterment Of All
  • Incentives On Spiral Up Sales
  • Accreditation With AAMA
  • Priority Support
  • Private & Hidden Courses
  • Payment Plans
  • Monthly Coaching Call
  • Lifetime Access To The Programmes You Buy
  • Quarterly Coaching Calls
  • Access To Barter Bucks
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