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THE A-Z of MUSCLE CHECKING HOME STUDY COURSE Muscle checking (also known as muscle testing and Applied Kinesiology) is the tool we use in Resonance Repatterning to access the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS gives us reflex responses through the muscles that, with training, we can use for giving us “on” (active)/”off” (inactive) muscle responses — and discover what energizes and de-energizes us. In the A-Z of Muscle Checking, you can access everything Chloe has learned in the last forty years about muscle checking — information, demonstrations, how to muscle check yourself and the power and limitations of muscle checking.

  • This course is excellent for all those who want to learn muscle checking for using along with the Spiral Up book
  • For those of you who want to prepare yourself before attending your first Fundamentals seminar
  • For students and RR Practitioners who want an excellent recap on muscle checking with hints on how to explain muscle checking to others
  • And for RR Teachers this course is a resource for your students, either before or after they attend the first few seminars, for those who want more confidence and need a recap at their own pace of what they have learned with you
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