Combos for Change #3: Nerves > Confidence




A job interview, speaking in public, going on a first date, driving round a new city, doing a presentation at a meeting — and nerves come up: adrenaline, cortisol — stress hormones. Not pleasant. We want to run away or “fight” the threat. This Combo for Change helps us control and use our stress response so we can do what want to do with self-confidence.
Each of these special Combos for Change help you handle difficult situations, reactions, negative feelings and attitudes — in the moment. Each Combo for Change has a PDF New Awareness of the problem (whether anger, fear of groups, exhaustion etc), and an audio and video download where I talk your through five-seven Energizing Options to support you in moving from the problem to the solution — from nervousness to self-confidence, from anxiety to clarity etc.
If you find the Combos for Change helpful, you can blog me with suggestions and I’ll create an one for you, and others who may have the same problem.
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