Hello Everyone!

We’re back with our third newsletter of the year! It is hard to believe.

We want to say a big thank you to the Committee Heads and their teams for spearheading the effort to get Resonance Repatterning 2.0 up and running, giving up their valuable time to help the Resonance Repatterning® expand.

What we would like to do today is to introduce you to these talented and multi-faceted Committee Heads all part of what has been lovingly termed HQ. So, without further ado, let us introduce you to:


The goal of the Certification Committee is to set standards of quality and performance in Resonance Repatterning® and ensure they are met. It is designed to award recognition of mastery at each level of license, so across the globe, customers receive the highest quality of service. This month we are finalize the Observer Manual and Training to open the committee up for people to join as Observers. Anyone who is interested in participating in this creative process, please get in touch!

Join us for our first Observer Training for the International Certification committee

The Observer training is free and will run on Saturday, 23rd April from 4-7pm GMT and in Spanish on Sunday, 24th April from 4-7pm GMT.

To join the Certification Committee as an Observer, and earn Barter Bucks as you do so, please email your resume and a short video explaining why you wish to serve our community as an Observer and what you bring to the program to support@resonancerepatterning.com.

BIO – With a degree in Zoology and a Masters in Climate Science, Sophia who was born in England moved to Brazil with her family in 2011. Here she was introduced to Resonance Repatterning®. On completing her training, she used the process primarily on herself and her family until she felt called to do more. She became an RPA Certified Repatterning Practitioner in 2018 and joined the RPA Executive Committee in 2019, serving as Vice-President for a year before becoming President in 2020. She has also trained in Scalar Heart Connection® and is in the process of building her own Energy Healing practice, Anasa360.


This Committee is here to support, advise, inspire, and guide students and professionals through the process. The aim is to optimize potential for success by helping master their desired goals, whether professional or family associated with students’, practitioners’, and teachers’ alike. We identify and train potential mentors for the classroom and certification and create guidelines and internal review processes for identification and training of potential candidates. The communication committee overseas all communication so that we can get to everyone in the best way we can. Come and join our committees!

BIO – Andreea is in the process of studying to become a Resonance Repatterning® Teacher. Born in Romania, she moved to the United States in 1999. She now resides in Boston, Massachusetts. Andreea obtained a bachelor’s in Human Resources Management and a Master’s in Mathematics. Her work experience ranges from flight attendant to law firm translator to international human resources consultant. Volunteering to tutor children from disadvantaged parts of Chicago, she discovered her love for teaching and became a certified teacher for the Chicago Public Schools. On leaving the business world with the arrival of her children she became interested in natural birth, healing and peaceful parenting, which led her to energy work. The connection was immediate and powerful, creating the synergy in 2011 for her journey to study and practice Resonance Repatterning®.


The goal of this committee is to bring the teachers in Mexico together as a community and build the experience and capability of teachers, mentors and practitioners on the ground.

BIO – In 2010, Norma was introduced to Resonance Repatterning®. Since that time, she began studying and commenced a journey of self-transformation. She became a Resonance Repatterning® Teacher and through this process, she helps others in their growth through private consultation and teaching Seminars. She is passionate about how the system changes lives. ”It definitely changed mine!” she say. Norma is also the Treasurer of the RR Asociación Mexico. She is an Accountant with a Master’s Degree in Finance and a Diploma in Finance and Mexican Taxation. She is currently an accounting consultant. She has also invested a great deal of time as a Director of a non-profit organization for the education and labour inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities and Down Syndrome.


This Committee develops and documents the material for each Resonance Repatterning® training programme in line with international standards. Each programme includes 30% theory and content and 70% practical application in a format that enables submitting to any government educational institution worldwide for accreditation. Developing an internationally recognized, competitive training program is essential for bringing Resonance Repatterning® to the forefront of the energy healing field as a comprehensive cognitive somatic therapy. The Training Program achieves this by creating the material to allow for deep practical learning.

BIO – Susan Newman is a spiritual, intuitive counselor, energy practitioner, and researcher in subtle energy and energy psychology. After establishing her energy practice in 1998, Susan later received all the basic training and part of the advanced training in Resonance Repatterning® with Chloe in 2000. More recently, after completing all the advanced, she became a Certified Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner and is currently studying to become a Resonance Repatterning® teacher. Susan is finishing her Ph.D. in Complementary and Alternative Medicine with an emphasis in Energy Dynamics at Akamai University. She is a licensed ordained minister with All Faiths Church of Spirituality and Health. The greatest joy of Resonance Repatterning for her is the opportunity to bear witness to so much transformation and positive change.


This committee focuses on providing the services listed in the membership categories as well as how we provide service across the board. Please come and join me in this exciting portfolio.

BIO – Reshma resides in Mauritius. She discovered Resonance Repatterning® and was literally ‘wowed’. Reshma firmly believes that this tool must be spread worldwide and is honoured to be part of this amazing team. Reshma is currently studying to be a teacher as she helps to spread Resonance Repatterning® through the region.

a following in Mauritius. Reshma is a Senior Business Partner at one of the main banks in Mauritius focusing on performance analysis.


The committee of project management and supplier negotiations is responsible for all the deliverables across the board, as well as bringing in the right suppliers to help us expand and grow.

BIO: Annelot was born and raised in The Netherlands. After finishing her law degree, she moved to London and attained her Masters At Law and worked for 7 years in the insurance industry.  In 1997, she moved to South Africa and was blessed with 2 wonderful children. She continued in the insurance industry for 19 years and after being booked for a Resonance Repatterning® session which culminated in many sessions and completing the full basic series with Suzanne in 2021.

It is my dulcet tones that you hear when reading this newsletter, within contributions from me.  This committee is responsible for compiling information and writing the International Institute’s monthly newsletter. So much fun!! If you have ideas and contributions do let me now. I am lucky enough to get to keep up with everything happening when it happens. With so much moving so fast, it’s challenging and exciting…

BIO – While studying philosophy at Michigan State University in the 1970’s, Mary was assigned a book entitled, The Dao of Physics. The basic premise of this book being, that sometime in the not-too-distant future physics and religion would be described with the same language. That time coincided with the advent of Resonance Repatterning®.  Resonance Repatterning® is the practical application of this reality in the healing arts. As an ordained Minister for the past 30 years, today Resonance Repatterning® is her ministry. Mary has been a student of energetic medicine since 1989. She became a certified Practitioner in 1996 and has been in private practice for the past 22 years. Formerly a marketing/public relations executive, she brings a unique perspective to the healing arts. Her work is also featured in Society Texas where she has a column called – Thrive.

We hope you enjoyed hearing more about the team, next month we will introduce you to some of the committee members! And new committee team leads as they come on board!

Join me in welcoming and thanking all these people for their dedication and support!


The committee of project management and supplier negotiations is responsible for all the deliverables across the board, as well as bringing in the right suppliers to help us expand and grow.

BIO: Annelot was born and raised in The Netherlands. After finishing her law degree, she moved to London and attained her Masters At Law and worked for 7 years in the insurance industry.  In 1997, she moved to South Africa and was blessed with 2 wonderful children. She continued in the insurance industry for 19 years and after being booked for a Resonance Repatterning® session which culminated in many sessions and completing the full basic series with Suzanne in 2021.

Pro Tips from HQ

How To Build A Busy Practice?

Start thinking about and preparing so that when you are a minimum of novice practitioner you can charge and start building a busy practice.

🌞Let go of every bit of resistance you have, invest in yourself because you ARE the business.

🌞Get your brand and photos sorted and pay a professional to do it. It gives you so much more confidence to feel proud of what you are offering and really put yourself out there. You will also feel confident to command your worth because your brand image matches your service.

🌞Be authentically you in all your quirkiness. That’s how you attract perfectly aligned clients.

🌞Be specific about your service be clear on your target market i.e., women with post-natal depression. You can expand your market later.

🌞Get clear on who you are, what you stand for and who you serve.

🌞Post regularly in line with that. No one wants perfection. They want realness they can connect to. Share stories and testimonials. Let people get to know you. Your vibe attracts your tribe.  It isn’t about you. It is about those who need you. Let them know help and hope are available.

🌞Practice until you feel confident. Clear Confidence, money blocks, imposter syndrome, visibility fears and anything else that is obvious and continue to work on your blocks as you feel them come up – you will feel new resistance every time you grow and hit the edge of your current comfort zone – the journey is ongoing so long as you are growing.

🌞If you don’t have marketing skills, learn them… and then keep learning!

🌞Create your connection content. This is your story, how you healed your issue and how and why the method works. You can make this a lead magnet and invite viewers to reach out for a free strategy call with you or even to book directly on your website – don’t create too many unnecessary hoops.

🌞The more content you can create helps your prospective client. Make it about their pain and give them hope and you will build a following.

The world needs you💞

Research Opportunity

Exciting opportunity for Resonance Repatterning® Practitioners 

ACEP, the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology, is launching a research project, the first of its kind, to explore the effectiveness of a range of energy psychology approaches. They are partnering with Bond University in this project to collect data as practitioners continue doing what they normally do. They are adding measures, pre, during, post, and follow-up. We have spoken with the researchers, and Resonance Repatterning® qualifies to be part of the study. Very very exciting!

You need not be a member of ACEP to join the project. As a practitioner, here is what’s involved:

  • You will need to define a presenting complaint for each client.
  • You can use the number of sessions you usually use.
  • For the purposes of the study, there should be some time limit – rather than open-ended treatment for years.
  • A practitioner, for example, might have 5 people in the study working on different issues for different time periods.
  • It’s important that practitioners use one modality for the bulk of treatment. (For example, if the person does RR, that should be the bulk of the treatment over the number of sessions for that client).

Their goal is to get a minimum of 30 subjects per approach to have enough statistical power. They foresee collecting data for at least one year.

Steps you need to take to be part of the study:

  • Read through everything on the website.
  • Watch the training video on the website.
  • Fill out the practitioner survey. (mandatory)

Everything is in English. At this point, they cannot translate to any other language. Fill out a client survey yourself to know what’s involved in answering questions for your clients. (On the form, mark it that you are a practitioner and just testing).

Over the course of the next year, you’ll be able to enroll as many clients as you wish in the study (as long as you’re doing only a single intervention).

We encourage any Resonance Repatterning® practitioner interested in taking part in this study with as many clients as you feel comfortable. It takes approximately 15 additional minutes for the client to fill out the paperwork at the start of treatment (middle if several treatments are given) and end, as well as 3 and 6 months after the end of treatment.

We know the validity of Resonance Repatterning®. Here is an excellent opportunity to get it on the map with empirical research arranged and funded through ACEP.

For more information, see:

RESEARCH PROJECT: http://ep-research.com

ACEP, the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology, is an international Professional Membership organization. You can find their website at https://www.energypsych.org/


This invaluable information was provided to this newsletter courtesy of Susan Newman, Head of the Training Committee.

Stories of Transformations

How Resonance Repatterning® has changed lives

An acupuncturist recommended RR to me over twenty years ago and I went straight to Edinburgh to take all the basic series. Within a year I had transformed from a painfully shy introvert to singing on a trapeze at circus school and feeling at ease speaking to groups of up to three hundred. Truly miraculous. I use it every day. It still fills me with wonder and gratitude. I love to share it with those who are receptive and with everyone on the level of entrainment. I love knowing every positive shift I make naturally benefits the whole. I am part of the mentoring committee.

Tabitha Crook (United Kingdom)

I learned HR, now known as RR, beginning in 1998 in response to my own painful experiences. ‘Nothing traditional medicine or talk-therapy could do beyond a ‘band-aide’ effect. Then came this ‘weird thing’ people were talking about in hushed conversation. I checked it out. POWERFUL from the first session! I felt different – not better yet but enough to keep going and my family noticed the difference! Healing, taking classes, going to conferences and I fell in love with the work. By 2002, I became a practitioner and was no longer in trauma mode. The passion hasn’t stopped for this process and the outcomes it brings to people’s lives, including my own.

Theresa Larson (USA)

If you have any stories of transformation or your clients – share them with us!

Meridian Focus

The Heart Meridian

We have decided to introduce a new element each month in this publication. For this first year, we are concentrating on a meridian every month. This first month in the series we are focusing on the Heart Meridian, the Supreme Controller.

The “King of the Organs,” the heart is the house of the vital essence. It commands all the other organs and emotions. The heart is also seen as the seat of the mind. It works with many organs to regulate circulation and maintain a healthy mental state. If the heart is imbalanced, all the other organs and meridians will suffer. It is also seen as primary in the defense against disease.

The tongue is used in diagnosing heart imbalances. Speech impediments or being mute is considered to have been caused by an imbalance in the heart meridian. As a source of bodily heat and circulation of the blood, a pallid facial complexion can also diagnose heart meridian imbalances.

All manner of mental and emotional issues can also occur from an imbalance of the heart meridian.

The heart meridian begins near the armpit and runs down the lower inner arm before ending at the tip of the little finger.

Element: Fire
Direction: South
Season: Summer
Climate: Heat
Cultivation: Growth
Sense Organ: Tongue
Sense: Touch
Tissue: Vessels
Positive Emotion: Joy
Negative Emotion: Arrogance
Flavor: Bitter
Color: Red
Sound: Laughter
Smell: Scorched
Time: 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Opposite: Gall Bladder
Yin/Yang: Yin
Flow Direction: Up
Origin/Ending: Chest to Hand
Number of Acupoints: 9


This invaluable information was provided in Uncovering the 12 Meridians of Acupuncture by Dr. Derek Kirkham


Barter Bucks©

Welcome to the Resonance Repatterning® Community of exchange

To build the new Resonance Repatterning® organisation that will survive for many years to come and help change hearts, mind and health across the globe, we have invented the Barter Bucks© economy the “community of exchange”!

This means for the effort that you put into Resonance Repatterning® by joining a committee is rewarded through Barter Bucks© and you can use these Bucks to exchange for programmes/seminars, discounts, license fees, gift vouchers and so on.

What is the Barter economy?

  • A barter system is known as an old method of exchange. This system has been practiced for centuries and long before money was introduced. People started exchanging services and goods for other services and goods in return.
  • Today, bartering has made a considerable comeback using more sophisticated techniques to aid in trading.

How does it work?

Resonance Repatterning® Committee Members accrue Dollars which equate to “Barter Bucks©”, which can be bartered for goods and services supplied within the Resonance Repatterning® business.

Can the supplier (supplier of the time/service) get credit?

Purchases by clients are generally limited to the amount of ‘Barter Bucks©” in the supplier account. However, the supplier can borrow ahead once they have been contracting within the organisation as a supplier for 2 months demonstrating capability to deliver.  Should the supplier stop contracting to the client any amounts outstanding to the client would be payable immediately and the Barter Bucks© would be used by the supplier within 12 months or be forfeited.


The client may from time to time run incentives for additional “Barter Bucks©”. An ongoing incentive is as follows:

A referral bonus of

  • @20 USD “Barter Bucks©” will be given to each supplier who brings a confirmed client for a programme and
  • @5 USD “Barter Bucks” for each group class.
  • @50 USD “Barter Bucks” for each approved mentor, teacher or designated observer

To qualify for the referral bonus, suppliers must provide the following information: name, location, and email address. Referral bonus is paid when the new client has been signed up and attended or in the case of a teacher or mentor then once they are approved and have been operating successfully for two months.

Can I sell my barter dollars? “Barter Bucks” can be donated as a gift to another. However, a suppliers account is not transferable.

Can Policies and Procedures be changed? The policies and procedures can be changed at the company’s sole discretion

How are “Barter Bucks” Earned? Refer to the “Barter Bucks” earnings table. A table which details “Barter Bucks” versus deliverables.

“Barter Bucks” Statements

Resonance Repatterning® Support will provide monthly statements of “Bartering Bucks”.

Who is the client and who is the supplier?

The client is Resonance Repatterning® the receiver of the service, and the supplier is the giver/provider of the service.

Paying Taxes

Bartering is considered other income, so when the deliverables are met, the client will keep the ledger of how much money is spent, how much money is earned and will provide access to a monthly report or statement that shows how much came in and went out.

Come and join the Resonance Repatterning® committees. Not only do you get the reward of building a global business, the learning the growth, the sense of community, but you get to earn rewards too – what have you got to lose!

Contact us now support@resonancerepatterning.com  

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