– For the Fundamentals Teacher Training –

At the End of the Seminar

Fundamentals Student Feedback Form
  • It’s very important to give your students the opportunity to give you feedback.
  • Encourage your students to be honest about their feedback. Tell them that this is part of your on-going learning.
  • For in-person seminars Teacher will download the Student Feedback form and give it to each student after the last break, before the end of the seminar. Students are also welcome to email their feedback to 
  • If Teacher has not printed the Student Feedback form have the students use a piece of paper.
Seminar Attendance
  • In order for students to receive credit towards their RRI Practitioner Diploma, Advanced Practitioner Diploma (and even Teacher Training), they need to have attended the complete seminar.
  • If a student misses one hour or less of the seminar, the Teacher may sign the student’s Seminar Attendance form.
  • If a student has no choice but to be absent for more than one hour of the training, and the Teacher is willing to catch them up on what they have missed, the Teacher may sign the student’s Seminar Attendance giving them credit for the seminar.
    • For instance, if the student misses a demonstration of a particular Repatterning, the student will need to observe the Teacher doing that Repatterning, and the Teacher may charge extra for this service.
  • Online students will download the Seminar Attendance form and insert the name of the Teacher and the date of the seminar on completing the whole seminar. If the student was absent for part of the seminar, he/she needs to complete what was missed with their Teacher.

After the Seminar

Finance Form

THE FINANCE FORM It is wise to use this. One day you may have organizers and you will need to be confident with handling finances. Start right from the beginning with keeping your finances straight, keep receipts for all expenses stapled to the finance form.

  • It is wise to attach receipts for every seminar expense to this form.
  • The finance form clarifies your expenses and admin fees and is helpful for tax purposes.
Admin Payment


  • AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, and not more than seven days after the seminar,
  • Login to the website as a Teacher and pay the student ADMIN:
  • (In Mexico, 200 Ps for new students and 100 Ps for re-take students.)


  • Your only other expense is the RRI annual Teacher License of $250 US. This confirms that you are an endorsed RRInstitute Teacher. This is due in February of each year. You login to your account and pay online.
Student Mailing List


  • Send the email list of your students in the following sequence, to
  • Name of seminar
  • Date of seminar
  • Location of seminar
  • Name of teacher and email (and organizer if you have one)
  • Names and emails of NEW STUDENTS
  • Names and emails of RE-TAKE STUDENTS
Continued Learning
  • Write down what went well for you and for the students.
  • Write down where you felt a wobble, lost your confidence, didn’t feel like you handled a challenging person or situation as well as you could have done.
      • You will talk with your Teacher Mentor about your perception of the “good and the bad” and anything your re-take helper observed. These observations and talking with your Mentor is a major support for your learning.
  • Teaching Fundamentals isn’t about being perfect. It takes time and practice to get your confidence. Chloe says: the main thing is to learn what works and what doesn’t work with each seminar you teach.
  • Improvement takes time, energy and practice. It doesn’t happen by itself. Every time you teach, you need to integrate your student feedback and what you have learned from teaching the previous seminar.
  • As we know, in the Teacher agreement Teachers agree to avoid selling their own products during the seminar. The focus needs to be 100% on learning and self-healing. After the seminar is over, students are welcome to sell products to each other in their own time.