Video Observation

1. Video two sections
  • At your third seminar, have a friend video you doing two sections from the Fundamentals.
2. Sound quality
  • Make sure the sound quality is excellent.
3. Sections to teach
  • Your Teacher Coach will discuss with you which sections she would like to see you teach.
  • Usually two half-hour sections is sufficient.
4. For your greatest learning
  • it is best to video a section you are not so sure of,
  • or a section where you want to improve and you would like your coach to share how she would have taught that section.
5. Each time you teach it you will learn something new
  • You aren’t expected to be “perfect” after teaching the Fundamentals three times.
  • Usually teachers say they finally “landed” with teaching the Fundamentals after teaching it seven times.
  • And even after a hundred times, each time you teach it you will learn something new.
  • Like doing RR sessions, each time you teach, the seminar feels new, unexpected, exciting, inspiring, moving and a learning for you as well as your students.
6. Further consultations
  • Although your training fee includes about three hours of group coaching with your Teacher Coach, you are always welcome to have further consultations with your Coach any time you need them.
  • Your Coach will tell you how much she charges for a training consultation.
7. This is your training
  • You want to learn as much as you can from your Coach: have your questions ready.
  • Know your strong and weak areas in each seminar you teach.
  • Write down any challenging situation or student so you can learn as much as possible from your Coach.