– For the Fundamentals Teacher Training –

The practice
1. Watch the Teacher Training video
  • Watch the Teacher Training video along with your Teacher Cards.
2. Become familiar with the video
  • Be so familiar with the video and your Teaching Cards that you embody the Fundamentals – you make it your own. Think about each section. Notice why each section follows on another, builds on what has come before and prepares for what is to come.
3. Practice doing Fundamentals Energizing Options
  • Access the Home Study video of the Fundamentals Energizing Options.
  • Practice doing all the Fundamentals Energizing Options on yourself and others.
4. Write down any questions
  • Write down any questions that arise for you, which you will bring to your Teacher Training Mentor.
5. Be aware of intentions / issues
  • Go through all the intentions in the Home Study Fundamentals Teacher Training video (under preparation).
  • Receive a session concerning any intentions or issues which you feel need some inner work.