1. Watch the Teacher Training video
  • Watch the Teacher Training video along with your Teacher Cards.
2. Become familiar with the video
  • Be so familiar with the video and your Teaching Cards that you embody the seminar you training to teach. Think about each section. Notice why each section follows on another, builds on what has come before and prepares for what is to come.
3. Practice doing Energizing Options for the seminar you will be teaching
  • Practice doing all the Energizing Options on yourself and others.
  • Access the Home Study video of the Energizing Options for the seminar you will be teaching.
4. Write down any questions
  • Write down any questions that arise for you, which you will bring to your Teacher Training Mentor.

5. Be aware of intentions / issues
  • Go through all the intentions in the Home Study Fundamentals Teacher Training video (under preparation).
  • Receive a session concerning any intentions or issues which you feel need some inner work.
6. The day before you teach
  • Look at your Teacher Cards.
  • What are your intentions for the seminar: do sessions to resonate with your intentions.
7. Arrive early
  • Some students like to arrive early. It is important that you arrive sufficiently early to set up your table and be free to welcome students as the arrive.
8. After the seminar
  • Write down where you felt a wobble, lost your confidence, didn’t feel like you handled a challenging person or situation as well as you could have done. You will talk with your TTM about your perception of the “good and the bad” and anything your re-take helper observed. These observations and talking with your TTM is a major support for your learning.
  • Write down what went well for you and for the students.
9. Teacher Training Diploma
  • If the student feedback has been integrated and both you and your TTM feel you’re ready, you’re welcome to move forward to training for the next seminar in the sequence.
  • After teaching your third seminar, you may receive your RRI Teacher Certification Diploma.