• The following self-evaluation is something all of us can use for the rest of our life!
  • We don’t need to be perfect as teachers (or as people), but we do need to know our strengths as well as our weak areas. We also need to be actively involved in our self-healing and growth in relation to our weak areas.
  • We need to use any tool, including Resonance Repatterning sessions, for those areas needing positive change. Go back to this self-evaluation regularly and check yourself out.
  • When a teacher doesn’t “walk their talk” students may feel frustrated or disappointed, and Resonance Repatterning may be discredited.
Go through each of the following guidelines and evaluate yourself. Say a few words or expand on each statement in whatever way you are drawn to. Be absolutely honest. Let us know if the statement is a problem for you, is not a problem, or is sometimes a problem. Again, we aren’t looking for perfection! We are looking for honesty, self-understanding and a willingness to grow, self-heal and change.
WOOD ELEMENT self-evaluation

Anger and reactivity are generally speaking under my control.

  • I listen when someone is upset and reacting.
  • I take a pause when someone blames or criticizes me or isn’t listening to me.
  • I share what I need calmly, rather than getting charged up and speaking quickly and forcefully.
  • I listen and let someone complete what they are saying before I give my point of view.
  • I hear the need that underlies someone’s anger.
  • I talk slowly and find out what the angry person needs.
  • I set boundaries firmly with an individual or group – for instance, in a seminar situation I would be able to calmly but firmly say “I hear you’re upset. Let’s talk about it during the break.”
  • I am optimistic and hopeful.
  • I enjoy finding solutions to my challenges.
  • I can (or I believe I can) teach in challenging situations (or with people who don’t learn easily, or seem closed down or unreceptive to me/RR) and maintain the positive energy of the group.

I am able to make decisions in the moment.

  • In a challenging situation – for instance the person with the key to the Center where you are teaching hasn’t arrived and all your students are waiting to get in – I would be able to stay calm and find a creative solution.
  • I keep my sense of humor in challenging situations (as in the above example)
  • I am able to be decisive and go into action in a challenging situation (as in the above example)

I have a good sense of timing.

  • I arrive early.
  • I arrive on time.
  • I complete what needs to be done in the time I have available, free of feeling rushed.
  • When doing a session, I complete it in the time agreed upon, free of feeling pressured for time.

I set a goal and go into action to achieve it.

  • I maintain consistent actions towards my goals.
  • I go into action to achieve my goals.
FIRE ELEMENT self-evaluation
  • I am warm and loving.
  • I enjoy connecting with people.
  • I am comfortable connecting one-on-one.
  • I am comfortable connecting with groups of people.
  • I have a sense of humor / I see the humor in the moment / I enjoy a good laugh.
  • I laugh easily.
  • I am compassionate.
  • I am cheerful.
  • I am mature in my emotional responses.
EARTH ELEMENT Self-evaluation
  • I am grounded and centered.
  • I enjoy taking care of people’s needs.
  • I am patient with needy people.
  • I am fine going the extra mile – giving my energy and time to others.
  • I take care of my own needs: for healthy food, for time alone, for relaxation time, work, family, friends, exercise, hobbies, my spiritual practice.
  • I am mentally stable.
  • I am emotionally stable.
  • I eat a healthy diet that nourishes me and gives me plenty of energy.
  • I am relaxed.
  • I walk my talk.
  • I am kind.
METAL ELEMENT Self-evaluation
  • I am respectful with everyone I meet.
  • I am polite with hotel personnel, taxi drivers, bank tellers etc.
  • I am able to share my successes for the higher learning of others and to support their self-healing process.
  • I avoid sharing my successes to boost how good I am at something. I avoid making others feel inadequate.
  • I let go of grudges and forgive people easily.
  • I am polite and friendly with someone who is upset or angry with me, no matter what their response to me may be.
  • I am respectful when handling difficult situations and people.
  • I re-frame negatives in a positive, constructive way.
  • I express myself clearly and articulately.
  • If I make a mistake, I am comfortable rectifying it and resolving the miscommunication.
  • I dress professionally (when at work).
  • I am receptive to feedback.
  • I let go of my anger and move on.
  • I am honest in all my dealings.
WATER ELEMENT Self-evaluation
  • I have plenty of energy from morning to night.
  • I tend to get tired at particular times of the day. (Make a note of the times of day when your energy dips).
  • I am free of pain / back pain etc. (If you have pain, write a note about what and where).
  • My voice has energy and power. I can project my voice easily, free of it getting tired over a three-day period.
  • I conserve my energy. I am aware when I am wasting my energy in unnecessary talking or actions and I do something about this.
  • People feel heard by me.
  • I listen to others’ point of view with ease, especially when different from my own.
  • I stay calm in a crisis.
  • I have the drive to teach in difficult situations.
  • I am free of panic and overwhelm in challenging situations / when criticized.
  • I stand firm within myself in the face of powerful or angry people.
  • I have the will power to overcome habits that I know are not good for me.
  • I have the will power to do those things that I want to do, that are healthy for me.