PRIMARY PATTERNS — Know the following by heart:
UNCONSCIOUS PATTERNS — Know the following by heart:
CHAKRA PATTERNS — Know the following by heart:
The seven Chakra centers.
The functions, five senses, emotions and body areas associated with each Chakra center.
What a Chakra is and how it steps down from the crown to the base of the spine.
Why the Triads are important. How we can use them in a practical way.
The five lines of force from each Chakra and how they flow through the fingers and toes, and how we can use this knowledge in a practical way.
The six Polarity Principles.
All the basic correlations (p.23) including the sound for each Chakra.
Know some of the coherent and non-coherent qualities associated with each Chakra.
Some of the major physical issues associated with a non-coherent Chakra energy.
A few of the signs when each of the Chakras is disrupted in its outward and inward flow.
The life cycle associated with each Chakra.
5 ELEMENT & MERIDIAN PATTERNS — Know the following by heart: