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The RRI Teacher Agreement

Entrainment with the RRI Teacher Agreement
  • Read the Teacher Agreement in the toggles below.
  • Be sure that you are aligned with the RRI agreements. If you have questions about any of them email
  • Sign your electronic signature and email only the signed portion (#9) of the Agreement — not the whole Agreement itself.
The Contents of the RRI Teacher Agreement

This Agreement is made between the Resonance Repatterning® Institute (RRI) and RRI Teachers (“Teacher/teacher” or “RRI Teacher/teacher”), who are endorsed by the Resonance Repatterning® Institute to teach Resonance Repatterning® (also known as RR, Holographic Repatterning® and HR).


1. Statement of purpose {1-4}

2. Teacher responsibilities {1-12}

3. Teacher consistency {1-14}

4. Teaching rights {1-7}

5. Maintaining RRI Teacher Endorsement and grounds for revoking RRI endorsement {1-8}

6. Introducing Resonance Repatterning in another country {1-6}

7. Organizing Resonance Repatterning events

8. Terms {1-2}

9. Signing Teacher Agreement

10. Appendix A: Compassionate resolution of problems arising between students and RRI teachers or between teachers and other teachers or staff members

11. Four-step protocol

12. Attachment B: Definitions

1. Statement of Purpose {1-4}

1. VISION   The Resonance Repatterning® Institute is dedicated to establishing and sustaining the highest quality services for teaching the Resonance Repatterning® system to students and teachers around the world.

2. INFRASTRUCTURE   To this end, the RR Institute has evolved a training program and criteria for RRI Teachers and has created an eStore that makes available the Spiral Up supplies, RR manuals and various books, CDs, videos and other materials that support the teaching and practice of the RR system.

3. COLLABORATION   The Resonance Repatterning Institute is committed to a strong collaboration with all active Teachers endorsed by the Institute, whose mutual aim is the on-going success in making the RR system available for the benefit of all.


  • To protect the vision, integrity and quality of Resonance Repatterning
  • To ensure quality and consistency in the teaching of the Resonance Repatterning system
  • To encourage clarity, collaboration, harmony and creativity in achieving the goals of the Resonance Repatterning Institute and the RRI Teachers endorsed by the Institute

Teacher agrees to follow the conditions of this Agreement in exchange for being endorsed by the Resonance Repatterning Institute to teach RR.

2. Teacher responsibilities {1-11}

1. NOTICE OF SEMINARS   As soon as dates have been set, Teacher will post on the Resonance Repatterning website each seminar she/he is to teach.

Cancellations   For a seminar that is not being held, Teacher will immediately cancel it on the website.

Assistance   If for some reason Teacher cannot post, edit or cancel their seminar on the Institute website and has tried to get help, they may notify the Institute for help.

Private seminars   If the seminar will be taught to a private or closed group, Teacher may request that the seminar not be posted on the Institute website, but Teacher still needs to notify the Institute of all such seminars, send in the mailing list and pay the admin fee.

2. STUDENT MAILING LIST   Teacher emails the seminar mailing list (participant information) to the Institute for each seminar taught, within seven days after the seminar: with “MAILING LIST FOR (name the seminar)” in the subject line.

Teacher/Coordinator must check that all student information is legible and correct before sending the seminar list to the Institute.

Student database The mailing list information is essential for maintaining a database of all students who have studied RR with RRI endorsed teachers. The mailing lists are used, if needed, for the purpose of giving the Institute Diploma to students who have completed their course of study and for a history of each teacher’s annual teaching schedule. The student data base is not shared with anyone else.

Info for mailing list   Teacher will submit the following mailing list information for each seminar taught, in the order given below,  – within seven days of teaching the seminar. email to:

  • Seminar name, date and location
  • Teacher name, email, phone
  • Organizer name, email, phone
  • Total number of new students, with name, address with zip code, email and phone
  • total number of re-takers  with name, address and zip code, email and phone

3. ADMINISTRATIVE FEES paid within seven days after each seminar taught   Teacher agrees to pay the agreed-upon administrative fee (Admin Fee) to the Resonance Repatterning Institute for each seminar taught, within seven days after the seminar, unless requesting otherwise.

Online record   Teacher agrees to fill out all Admin Fee payment information online and pay online. The Admin fee information online provides a record of Teacher’s Admin payments.

Procedure: Login to your teacher account; select the Admin Fee option; fill out the details of the seminar.

The proceeds from the sale of the seminar manuals (which were gifted in the 1990s by Chloe Faith Wordsworth to the Resonance Repatterning Institute) along with the Admin and Teacher License fees support the RR Institute and contribute to its administrative overheads, book translations and website expenses.

Admin fee waiver   Teacher will not be required to pay an Admin Fee for a non-paying Teacher-in-training, for a non-paying experienced certified retake practitioner who is assisting the Teacher, or for the Coordinator of the seminar.

4. ORDERING SEMINAR BOOKS   Teacher is responsible for ordering seminar books through the eStore, Teacher book orders. Book charge plus mailing/handling fee or sales tax will be charged to the Teacher’s credit card and reimbursed as a seminar expense to the Teacher.

No returns Books must be paid for by credit card and may not be returned.

Assistance for any eStore orders on books or Spiral Up supplies  Email Customer Service at or phone them at 480-246-8616 Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm Arizona time. Arrangements for Spanish-speaking support can be made if a Teacher does not speak English.

5. SEMINAR ATTENDANCE Each Fundamentals student needs to download the RRI Seminar Attendance form. As this form is important for graduating from the Resonance Repatterning Institute and potential Teacher training you may want to recommend that the student has it printed on card stock.

Signature   Teacher will sign the seminar attendance form for each seminar the student attends, on condition that the student has attended the complete course for online seminars students will insert the date and the name of the teacher themselves.

Missed material   If student has not attended the complete course (for instance, needs to leave the seminar for more than an hour or in an online seminar has to miss a particular module), Teacher may sign the form only after the Teacher has covered the material the student has missed. It is essential that Teachers only sign the Attendance if the student was present for the full seminar.

For online seminars the Teacher is responsible for covering any material the student has missed.

Reminder to students   Student is responsible for bringing the Seminar Attendance form to the in-person seminar and getting it signed.

The Attendance Form is an essential paper record. Teacher needs to emphasize to the students the importance of their Attendance form. It may be needed to show they have fulfilled classes or that they have completed the seminar series before receiving their RRI Diploma. In addition, it will be needed by those filling out their Teacher Application.

Checking and re-signing   If student loses their Seminar Attendance form, they can download another copy. Students are responsible for filling out the seminar names and dates, and having their teachers re-sign for the in-person seminars they taught. It is the Teacher’s responsibility to check old class lists to confirm the student fully attended each seminar.

Diploma   Diplomas of completion are given only by the Institute, not by individual teachers. Teacher signs student’s Seminar Attendance form and once CEUs are available Teacher will need to sign these certificates.

6. SUPPORT FOR COMPLETING THE RRI DIPLOMA PROGRAM Teacher will explain to the students that, like a university, the RR Institute offers a complete training program. At completion of the basic training, students receive the RRI Practitioner Diploma and on completing the advanced seminar program they receive the RRI Advanced Practitioner Diploma.

Let students know that on receiving their RRI diploma they have, a lifetime listing on the Resonance Repatterning website 

Actively encourage   Teacher will encourage the students to complete the basic program and graduate from the Resonance Repatterning Institute with their RRI Practitioner Diploma and RRI Advanced Practitioner Diploma.

Promoting the series   Teachers actively promote attendance to all the Resonance Repatterning seminars, so students have the opportunity to complete their basic training and the Advanced training.

The RR practitioner Associations   Teacher explains to students that Associations in various countries are membership associations, which provide students with a way to connect with each other, exchange sessions, receive professional support and proxy into group sessions. The Associations have an independent Certification procedure (with its own criteria), a Code of Ethics and standards for the practice of Resonance Repatterning. Associations provide professional credibility.

Being certified by the RRI and/or a country’s Association is optional.

7. DRESS CODE Teacher agrees to dress appropriately and professionally for all seminars.

8. FEEDBACK At the end of each seminar Teacher encourages students to give feedback — either to the teacher or to the Institute. Provide the email for this:

9. TEACHER CONDUCT   Teacher will avoid discussion of politics and religion in a demeaning way and will be respectful of all religious and political beliefs during seminars. Prayers during a seminar are avoided as this may upset students’ belief systems. Teacher agrees to use positive generic language when teaching. For example, ‘the Divine’ or ‘the field of limitless possibilities’; ‘generational patterns’ (instead of ‘past life’) – in case there are students in the seminar who might be disturbed by and reject certain concepts.

Healing and psychotherapy   Teacher will make no claim to healing physical problems or doing psychotherapy (unless trained as a therapist). Teacher may share anecdotal evidence of results and benefits. Teacher explains to students that Resonance Repatterning is not a medical or psychotherapeutic technique, but is an energy-based system that allows the student/practitioner to identify and transform patterns they resonate with as a way to create a new and positive reality.

10. RESOLUTION OF PROBLEMS   Teacher agrees to promptly resolve problems that arise in relationship to students, other teachers or the Institute, directly with the person involved. The Institute is dedicated to supporting all teachers in completing a non-judgmental and compassionate resolution of issues that arise when teaching seminars or other skills development seminars. Teacher is encouraged to use the format recommended by the Institute for compassionate resolution of problems (Attachment A). If this format still leaves the issue unresolved, Teacher agrees to receive other mutually agreed upon support and mediation.

Respect   Teacher will be respectful of students, practitioners and other teachers, both in seminars and outside, in both verbal and written communications, including what is written in emails. Teachers agree to avoid all negative talk about other teachers, especially with students where any “talk” may be easily misunderstood. Upsets between teachers need to be handled directly with the teacher involved and/or through the RRI.

Upsets   In working to resolve the upset, Teacher may need to frankly discuss a difficult situation with another teacher in order to gain understanding and a wiser perspective. This will be done in a spirit of self-inquiry (looking at the part each person plays in the challenging situation and the unmet needs involved for those concerned) and in a spirit of mutual respect.

11. SELF-SESSIONS AND CLIENT SESSIONS Teacher agrees to regularly do Resonance Repatterning self-sessions (preferably one per month) and to receive sessions from others (when needed, but when beginning as a teacher, ideally one per month).

It is preferable that teachers maintain some kind of practice in Resonance Repatterning, unless their teaching schedule makes a private practice impossible. Doing demonstration sessions in a seminar is different from doing private sessions. Ideally, a Teacher is committed to both.

On-going sessions   Difficult situations that arise while teaching and questions that are asked are easier to handle when the teacher calls upon the knowledge, wisdom and experience gained from their on-going self-sessions and client sessions. The teacher also models the importance of “walking the talk.”

3. Teacher consistency {1-14}

1. DIPLOMA Teacher has completed the RRI Advanced B Practitioner program and has received the Diploma of Completion from the Resonance Repatterning Institute.

2. ASSOCIATION CERTIFICATION Being a member of a country’s Association (if there is one) is optional. However, if a teacher wants to be a designated observer for certifying students for their Association, they will need to be members in good standing of that Association. Being an endorsed teacher of RRI involves completing the RRI Advanced Practitioner and Teacher Trainings.

3. SEMINAR CONTENT    Teacher agrees to teach all the Teaching Materials for the seminar being taught and to refrain from teaching concepts or Energizing Options that are taught in subsequent seminars, as each seminar supports a step-by-step learning for the students.

4. NEW EDITION Teacher agrees to teach Resonance Repatterning from the most recent edition of the Resonance Repatterning books and Teaching Process Cards written by Chloe Faith Wordsworth. The Resonance eStore will communicate when a new edition is available.

5. ENERGIZING OPTIONS Teacher teaches Energizing Options from the 2014 Spiral Up book (or the Spanish Modality book until Spiral Up has been translated into Spanish). Teacher will avoid teaching Energizing Options they may be using in their private practice, unless this Energizing Option has been endorsed by the Institute and is part of the seminar being taught.

6. SPIRAL UP SUPPLIES Unless Teacher has requested and received permission from the Institute in writing to use other Spiral Up supplies, Teacher will use (in their Resonance Repatterning classes) the Spiral Up supplies purchased from the Resonance eStore. For example, in a teacher’s private practice he/she may use aluminum tuning forks, but in an RR seminar Teacher agrees to use only the Resonance eStore stainless steel tuning forks from Germany.

7. SEMINAR REGISTRATION FEE & SCHOLARSHIPS As an independent contractor, Teacher determines what they charge for the seminar registration fee. Teacher may offer a scholarship or discount, as long as the Administrative Fee is covered and the discount covers the seminar coordinator’s percentage (as though the student was paying the full fee). Coordinator may suggest a scholarship or discount for a student as long as the administrative fee is paid in full and he/she has the consent of the seminar Teacher whose seminar fee needs to be covered (as though the student was paying the full fee).

8. SEMINAR SEQUENCE Teacher agrees to teach students the seminars in sequence and will not permit a student to attend a seminar out of sequence, with the exceptions listed on the Institute web site. If in doubt about an exception, Teacher may contact RRI by email or by phoning Chloe Faith Wordsworth. Teacher may request permission from the Institute for an exception to the above for a student who has demonstrated a strong ability and a serious commitment to RR and who lives in a country or state that rarely has visiting teachers, or an advanced seminar is rarely taught in the area.

The following is the sequence for teaching the seminars:

  • Fundamentals
  • Transforming Primary Patterns
  • Transforming Unconscious Patterns
  • Chakra Patterns or Five Element & Meridian Patterns
  • If the Five Element & Meridian seminar is completed before the Chakra seminar, the student may attend Inner Cultivation (Part 1 Home Study Course & Part 2 the in-person/online seminar).
  • Students may now attend either Inner Cultivation Through the Twelve Meridians, Principles of Relationship seminar, Your Vision seminar or Energetics seminar.

9. SEMINAR LENGTH Teacher agrees to teach each seminar for the minimum number of hours designated by the Institute for a class size of ten or more students: each three-day seminar (Fundamentals, PPs, TUPs, Chakras and Meridians) are a minimum of 21 hours of class time, excluding breaks and lunch. In small groups of less than eight students, the time needed may be less. However, all information, demonstrations etc., must be covered with a sense of ease and free of time-pressures, and the students must be told that the number of hours needed may be less for a small group.

Teacher needs to ensure that she/he provides sufficient time for:

  • Teaching the information in the Teacher Process “Cards”
  • Giving demonstrations from the Mandala and Repatternings
  • Student practice with Teacher support
  • Personal process, interaction and integration
  • Breaks and lunch

10. SKILLS DEVELOPMENT AND INTEGRATION  Teacher will encourage students to complete the Assignments in the back of each manual after each seminar. This supports every student to integrate and ‘own’ what is learned in each seminar and is required for students who want to graduate from the RRI. It also ensures that continuing students are well prepared for the following seminar in the series.

11. EXTENDED SEMINAR Teacher may divide a seminar into weekly 3-4 hour segments, as long as students have paid for the complete seminar in advance, that all the material is covered, the minimum number of training hours is provided, and students attend all segments to receive credit. If Teacher divides a seminar into small segments in this way, some hours will need to be added, as it takes extra time for orientation and summarizing the previous segment.

12. PROFIT SHARING As independent contractors, Teacher and Coordinator are free to create their own financial terms and fees from the profit of the seminar.

  • Profit is calculated by subtracting the cost of the books from the total income, followed by the RRI admin fee for new students and re-takers followed by the other agreed upon expenses generated by the Coordinator and Teacher.
  • 35% and 65% Generally Coordinator receives 35% of the net profit of the seminar organized and Teacher receives 65%. However, if the Coordinator brings in a larger number of students, Teacher may want to go 60/40 or even 50/50 with the Coordinator. In no event may the Coordinator be paid less than a minimum of 10% of the net profit after all agreed upon expenses.
  • Experienced RR Teachers who are teaching seven or eight seminars annually and have a minimum of three years’ experience generally want to receive a minimum pre-set fee or 65% of the profit, whichever is greater.
  • Canceling a seminar If there are insufficient students registered to pay an appropriate fee to the Teacher and/or Coordinator, either the Teacher or Coordinator or both have the option to cancel the seminar or may agree to be paid less than their minimum.
  • Expense authorization  Teacher and Coordinator must authorize in writing all seminar expenses in advance of money being spent. If the seminar is cancelled, both Teacher and Coordinator are responsible 50/50 for the expenses incurred, that both agreed to.


  • A Teacher wanting to move into teaching the next seminar in the series needs to follow the steps listed at the Resonance Repatterning website CONT. TCHR TRAINING TAB, STEP 5: CRITERIA SECTION.
  • Endorsed teacher trainers  Teachers endorsed by RRI to train new teachers in one country are not necessarily endorsed to train new teachers in another country, unless the RRI has endorsed them in writing to do so.
  • Teaching abroad Teachers of Resonance Repatterning are free to teach in any country, after checking with RRI concerning trademarks etc.
  • Co-teaching Teachers may choose to co-teach with each other, on condition that both are endorsed by the RRI to teach that seminar.
  • Teacher Training Team members may have a teacher-in-training co-teach a seminar with them on condition that the trainee has sent in their Application form RRI, been accepted into the training and has studied the seminar video and training cards.

14. MARKETING PRODUCTS Teacher will not sell products or multi-level marketing interests or market other non-RR seminars they teach during a Resonance Repatterning seminar and will not allow students to set up a table for the sale of their products.

If Teacher markets a product or service for personal profit after a seminar is over for the day, Teacher is careful to avoid any conflict of interest, pressuring students or recruiting students into their down line.

Students need to know that the number one priority of the Teacher is their focus on the Resonance Repatterning seminar training and the self-healing process of the students who attend. This ideal and vision must be upheld and supported under all circumstances.

Student marketing Teacher will not allow students to market their products or services during an RR seminar. Teacher will discourage students from selling their products and/or services during Resonance Repatterning breaks. The purpose of the seminar is one-pointed attention on their learning and self-healing process. When the seminar day is over and students have dispersed to go home, students are free to sell what they want.

4. Teaching Rights {1-7}

Teaching rights This Agreement between Teacher and RRI is in consideration for the right to teach Resonance Repatterning to the seminar level Teacher is endorsed by the RR Institute to teach, and for the use of the copyrighted teaching materials and all other copyrighted materials designated by the Institute for the purpose of teaching under the auspices of the Institute. Honoring the copyright of the teaching materials.

1. ENDORSED TO TEACH Teacher may use the copyrighted Resonance Repatterning Teaching Process and Teaching Materials only after she/he has been endorsed by the Resonance Repatterning Institute to teach Resonance Repatterning or has been accepted into the Teacher Training program as a teacher trainee.

  • Authorized seminar level  Teacher may use the copyrighted Resonance Repatterning Teaching Process and Materials only to teach to the seminar level the Teacher has been authorized by RRI to teach.

2. LIMITS OF USE Teacher will not allow any person not authorized by the RR Institute USA to use the Teaching Materials or Teaching Process. In a medical emergency that causes a teacher to be absent for a short time, an organizer who is a Certified Practitioner may support students in their practice sessions, or an organizer-teacher may demonstrate a Repatterning.

3. REVISIONS Teacher agrees that she/he does not have the right to revise, amend or in any way change the Resonance Repatterning Process (known as the ‘Mandala’), the Specific Muscle Check List, the Teacher Training Process ‘Cards’ or any other copyrighted materials without Chloe Faith Wordsworth’s express written permission. Teacher agrees that any revision, amendment or change proposed by Teacher, when endorsed by Chloe Faith Wordsworth and incorporated into the copyrighted materials, will become the property of Chloe Faith Wordsworth and the RRI.

4. SEMINAR AIDS Teacher will not distribute to students any seminar aids or seminar visual aids unless they have been approved in writing by the Resonance Repatterning Institute.  If Teacher is developing aids, she/he is welcome to use them in a few seminars to discover if they are valuable. Once satisfied, Teacher sends them to Chloe for endorsement and general use by all other RR Teachers.

5. RELATED ENERGIZING OPTIONS Teacher will not use any teaching materials in related Energizing Options not covered in the Resonance Repatterning manuals or in the RR Spiral Up! book, unless first obtaining written approval from the Resonance Repatterning Institute.

6. RECORDINGS Teacher will not allow any type of recording of a Resonance Repatterning seminar (audio, video, digital etc.) without prior written permission of the Resonance Repatterning Institute. This is to protect copyright laws.

  • Handicapped students Teacher may allow a blind student to use a recording device for personal use only, so the copyright is honored.
  • Training program  Teacher may allow a video or audio recording of a training program session or observation for the sole use of that training program or observation and not for any other use. Teacher is responsible for having seminar participants sign a release and for getting prior written permission from RRI.

7. RR name and logo  Teacher will let students know that only RRI Practitioners (and Practitioners certified by their country’s Association) have permission to use the Resonance Repatterning® logo on business cards, brochures, websites, etc.

Anyone can use the registered trademark name, Resonance Repatterning®, but it needs to be followed by ® at least for the first few times of use, or when used prominently.

Students must be careful to avoid implying that they are RRI Practitioners or Advanced Practitioners until they have completed the Diploma process. Students of Resonance Repatterning need to clarify that they have attended a certain number of seminars in Resonance Repatterning, or are in the process of becoming an RRI Practitioner.

5. Maintaining RRI Teacher Endorsement {1-8}

1. TEACHER WILL ABIDE BY ALL THE AGREEMENTS IN THIS RRI TEACHER AGREEMENT (this document as a whole and in all its parts). Failure to do so is grounds for the RRI to contact the Teacher, get clarity on what is going on, and if necessary ask Teacher to take a leave of absence until the issues have been remedied to the satisfaction of the RRI and those concerned.

2. ATTENDING SEMINARS Teacher needs to stay up to date on new Resonance Repatterning seminars, which ensures that Teachers are up to date on new information and that they know as much as their students. Teachers are also encouraged to re-take seminars periodically.

3. MAILING LISTSee 2. Teacher Responsibilities {#2} above.

4. ADMIN FEESee 2. Teacher Responsibilities {#3} above.

5. LICENSE FEE for maintaining RRI Teacher endorsement, the annual license is due by February 25th. There are two choices concerning annual License Fee payments:

  • Automatic Renewal Teacher may choose the automatic renewal option, so the License Fee is charged automatically on February 25th each year, unless Teacher cancels the automatic renewal.
  • Paying annually   Login to your teacher account on the website, fill out the information and pay online by credit card.

6. SABBATICAL Teacher may take a one-year sabbatical. RRI understands and supports the need of each teacher to rest and renew. The Teacher who plans to take a sabbatical needs to send a written communication to RRI before the end of January and will therefore not receive a License Fee invoice and will not need to pay the annual License Fee. Their name will not appear on the website teacher list. If the sabbatical is for one year only, Teacher will receive an invoice for the following year and may continue teaching at that time. If the sabbatical is for more than one year, Teacher will need to apply to the RRI Teacher Training Team for re-instatement.

7. RESIGNATION POLICY Teacher will submit her/his resignation in writing to the Institute and agrees to no longer use the copyrighted Teaching Materials in any teaching they may do. On accepting Teacher’s resignation, the Institute will remove Teacher’s name from the Institute’s website list of active endorsed teachers.

8. REMOVAL OF A RESONANCE REPATTERNING TEACHER   If Teacher fails to abide by the terms of the Teacher Agreement, the 11 Principles and Criteria, the Institute shall have the right to revoke Teacher’s endorsement either temporarily or permanently or to suggest further support or training. Grounds for removing a Teacher’s RRI endorsement to teach include:

1. Anger, reactiveness Teacher exhibits highly charged emotional reactions or anger in seminar situations or with students and has not corrected this behavior after feedback has been given.

2. Code of Ethics Teacher breaks the Code of Ethics set by the equivalent Association in the Teacher’s country.

3. Sexual innuendoes or misconduct is to be totally avoided with RR students. If Teacher is dating or is in partnership with a student who attends a seminar, Teacher will refrain from sexual behavior with the student/partner during seminar hours.

4. Unresolved negative feedback Teacher is consistently unable to resolve negative feedback with students, other Resonance Repatterning teachers or the Institute, or concerning their teaching.

5. In spite of reminders by the RRI administrator, Teacher continues to fail in posting the seminars they are teaching on the website; sending seminar mailing lists to the Institute; paying Admin Fees, License Fee, or their Coordinator’s percentage.

6. Standards If the Institute deems the Teacher is unable to meet the standards set forth in this Agreement, the Institute reserves the right to terminate this Agreement or to ask Teacher to take a sabbatical in order to resolve the issues that makes Teacher unable to meet the Institute standards.

6. Introducing RR in another country {1-6}

1. PERMISSION  Teacher must request and receive written permission from the RR Institute prior to teaching Resonance Repatterning in any country where RR is not already being taught by RRI teachers.

2. TRADEMARK  Resonance Repatterning can only be introduced into a country outside the USA once the RR Institute has initiated or completed trademark registration, or the equivalent in that country, or unless the RR Institute gives Teacher written permission without such trademarks in place.

3. TRANSLATIONS If the native language of the country is other than English, Teacher may only teach Resonance Repatterning in that country once the basic RR seminar books in the most recent edition (up to and including Inner Cultivation Through the Twelve Meridians), have been translated or are in process of being translated. A translation agreement with the RR Institute needs to be in place, or permission has been given by the RR Institute to teach with the English books.

Translator The RR Institute USA is responsible for hiring and paying the translator of all RR books and manuals.

4. PUBLISHING AGREEMENT  Teacher will only introduce Resonance Repatterning into a country outside the USA once a Resonance Repatterning publishing agreement has been completed with Chloe Faith Wordsworth/RRI USA.

5. IN-COUNTRY RR PRACTITIONERS  Teacher will only introduce Resonance Repatterning into a new country once there are at least two RR Certified Practitioners who have agreed to support the growth of Resonance Repatterning in that country, or if Teacher is able to provide support online or if RRI gives permission for a teacher to teach in a country that has no RRI Diploma Practitioners.

6. TWO-YEAR PLAN  The Resonance Repatterning Teacher wishing to introduce Resonance Repatterning into a new country must submit for review and approval by the RRI, a two-year plan addressing on-going committed support for students to complete the entire Resonance Repatterning curriculum.

In-person RR teacher support  The Resonance Repatterning Teacher wishing to introduce Resonance Repatterning into a new country must be willing to provide seminars, Skills Development for RRI graduation, Personal Process days, practitioner supervision in-person, by skype or internet. In this way students are ensured that they can complete the curriculum training and are supported in moving toward receiving their Diploma as a Resonance Repatterning Practitioner, if this is their goal.

Teacher is responsible for researching the laws of the country they plan to teach in and being in compliance with those laws or having their coordinator/marketing person to do so.

7. Organizing Resonance Repatterning events

The intention {1-4}:

1. RRI ENDORSED EVENTS   To create clarity amongst students as to whether an event is related to Resonance Repatterning and whether the Resonance Repatterning Institute has endorsed the event.

Creating endorsed seminars  Any Teacher who would like to create and teach a seminar on a subject related to Resonance Repatterning or of specific importance to Resonance Repatterning students, is welcome to contact their country’s association to discuss the idea and receive approval. 

2. HEALTHY COLLABORATION  To maintain collaborative communication between teachers and the Resonance Repatterning Institute regarding events organized by Teacher.

3. MUTUAL BENEFIT FROM ENHANCED REPUTATION   To provide mutual benefit for the Teacher(s) organizing an event, for the RRI teachers in general and for the Resonance Repatterning Institute, by making clear the link between the event and Resonance Repatterning.

4. CREATIVITY ENCOURAGED  To encourage Teacher’s creative contributions in a way that is mutually beneficial, clear and fair for Teacher, the students and the RRI Institute.

What constitutes an RRI event {1-3}

Resonance Repatterning Events For each of the following types of event organized, taught or facilitated by Teacher, Teacher posts the information to the RRI website and pays the Admin Fee, if indicated (#1-2).

1. ALL RESONANCE REPATTERNING SEMINARS developed by Chloe Faith Wordsworth. Admin fee required

2. PRACTITIONER MASTERY Skills Development support may be provided by Resonance Repatterning Teachers to ensure that skills and competence in Resonance Repatterning have been integrated by students. It provides Teacher with the opportunity to observe assignments that have been completed. Practitioner Mastery may be in the form of individual observation tutorials or with a group of students being observed and receiving feedback as a group from the Teacher so the whole group benefits. No Admin fee required.

3. RR PERSONAL PROCESS DAYS  These personal process days may be offered by Teacher to support Resonance Repatterning students’ self-healing process by demonstrating sessions, showing how sessions emerge from the Mandala, and how to explain Resonance Repatterning and muscle checking. Personal process days do not include the teaching of skills and information from RR seminars, but do include Repatternings from any RR seminar. No Admin Fee required.

Non-RR events {1-2}:

It is not necessary for Teacher to notify the Institute of the following events organized, facilitated or taught by Teacher. These events will not be promoted on the Institute web site and No Admin fee is required:

1. ENERGIZING OPTIONS SEMINAR  A seminar that does not involve the Resonance Repatterning system, or involves an Energizing Option the teacher is trained to teach. For example, Jin Shin Jyutsu or Essential Oils.

2. NON-RR TOOLS AND SKILLS A seminar that does not teach Resonance Repatterning tools or skills.

RR-related regional events {1-3}: An RR-related regional event is an event in any location or country that involves the Resonance Repatterning Institute in some way, including but not limited to the following examples:

1. THE DATABASE of Resonance Repatterning students is used in part or whole for notifying practitioners and students of the event.

2. There is a FOCUS ON RESONANCE REPATTERNING. The event may include Personal Process days, Skills Development seminars, Endorsed seminars, Practitioner Supervision, etc.

3. One or more accredited Resonance Repatterning TEACHERS are involved in coordinating or teaching at / before / after the event.

Communication of regional events is essential {1-2}:

Communication lets the Resonance Repatterning community know that all Teachers and RRI are working together harmoniously and with mutual support of the work, the students and the practitioners.

1. Teacher will notify the Institute in writing prior to organizing a regional event to discuss the focus of the event, proposed dates of the event, proposed presentations, other Resonance Repatterning teachers involved, and possible financial terms.

2. The Institute may promote the regional event on the Institute website or provide other support for the event at the discretion of the Institute or the organizer of the event.

8. Terms

RENEWAL The term of this Agreement is from the date the Agreement is signed and is automatically renewed annually by February when the Teacher License fee is paid to RRI. Teacher sends the signed teacher agreement page to RRI USA once only, unless the Teacher Agreement is updated at which time Teachers will re-read and send in their electronic signature again.

9. Signing the Teacher Agreement

Teacher will copy and paste the following into an email and send to

The Subject line of the email: SIGNED TEACHER AGREEMENT by (Name of Teacher) In the body of the email:

I have read, understood and agreed to all the terms and conditions of the Teacher Agreement. I agree that by typing my name below, with date, this electronic signature stands for my written signature.



10. Appendix A: Compassionate resolution


Compassionate resolution is about hearing each other and understanding that something happened that created upset and a sense of separation. Compassionate resolution is about the people involved having an understanding of each other’s point of view.

Whatever happened in the past cannot be changed. But at least in the present there is the potential to heal the bond that has been broken and to re-establish trust through genuine listening and understanding of the other’s point of view – free of the need to convince the other person of our own point of view.

Both people involved must be ready to listen, share, understand and be motivated by a desire to reconnect with warmth. The priority is relationship, rather than being right and convincing the other person that we are right (which automatically puts them in the wrong).

Always begin by doing Orientation, and (mcs) whether Intention is also needed.

The upset person After both have agreed to do a Compassionate Resolution with each other, the upset person expresses the following to the person involved. Ideally, it would be good to check resonance after each of the following:

  • The facts of the problem: What was done/said – free of labeling, criticism or the expression of highly charged feelings. *[cr] with “I share my point of view honestly and lovingly.”
  • The feelings involved: How did you feel in response to this behavior? *[cr]
  • The need: What did you need that was not met, which caused your upset feelings? *[cr]
  • Memory: Does this upset, unmet need and feelings remind you of something in your past? *[cr]
  • Instead: What would you have liked that would have made all the difference for you?
  • Ask yourself: “What mistake did I make in this upset?” Person involved in the upset appreciates the upset person’s courage, acknowledges what the upset person has shared by giving feedback on what was said, and checks if the upset person is willing to listen to another point of view:
  • Say, “Thank you for having the courage to share your upset with me directly and honestly.”
  • Say, “I understand that you are upset because (name what was done/said from upset person’s point of view), that you felt (name feelings) and that your need for (name needs) weren’t met for you. I am sorry about that and I wish it could have been different for you.” Take a pause.
  • Say, “I would like us to have a mutual understanding and to be able to trust each other once more. Are you willing to listen to my point of view?” Ideally, check resonance after each of the following:
  • Facts of the issue from point of view of person involved in the upset — no feelings at this point. *[cr] with “I share my point of view honestly and lovingly.”
  • Feelings: Name how you felt in response to the situation. *[cr]
  • The need: What did you need that was not met, which caused your upset feelings? *[cr]
  • Memory: Does this upset, unmet need and upset feelings remind you of an earlier memory in your past? *[cr]
  • Instead: What would have made all the difference for you? *[cr]
  • Ask yourself: “What mistake did I make in this upset?” *[cr]
  • RESONANCE After both have listened to each other, both people involved in the upset may need to receive sessions to resonate with the following coherent statements:
  • This issue is resolved for me
  • I let go of the past painful feelings associated with (name person) and open my heart to love and trust once more
  • I get clarity on what would allow me to let go and open my heart to love and trust once more

As Resonance Repatterning practitioners, we need to do sessions to make sure we resonate with letting go and opening our heart to love and trust.

Even the process of doing the Compassionate Resolution begins to change our resonance so we can see and appreciate all points of view.

We may not be able to resolve the issue because sometimes problems are caused simply by a difference in perception. In this case, the only resolution may be to resonate with accepting each other’s different point of view.

A large part of every upset is that pain triggers a past memory. To be free to open our heart in the present always involves changing our resonance with the past trigger that someone activates in us.

Our brain operates through resonance. Non-coherent frequencies clash, like static on a radio.

Coherent frequencies transmit clear information. There’s always a Point of Choice in how we respond.

11. Four-step protocol

To support Compassionate Resolution

This four-step protocol may be helpful for students and teachers/Institute staff to think about or do by yourself after an upset; or during an upset if you have your wits about you:

1. Listen to the upset, feelings and the need beneath the upset or afterwards ask yourself, what was the need underneath the upset?

2. Clarify and acknowledge the upset, feelings and unmet need to the person involved.

3. Ask yourself: “What mistake did I make in this upset?”

Both sides are involved. A mistake usually involves:

  • a strong reaction, rather than listening with understanding or communicating the need clearly
  • interrupting before the individual has communicated what she/he needs to say
  • not feeling heard (lack of feedback on what was said and the feelings)
  • a need that was not acknowledged and met
  • It is okay to apologize for not recognizing a need or not meeting a need.

4. Support the need being met if this is possible; or explain why you cannot support their need at this time; or decide in future to handle upsets differently.

Appreciate yourself when you handle a future challenging situation with coherence and learn from a previous upset. The main thing is to keep learning!

12. Appendix B: Definitions

“Administrative Fee” and “Admin Fee” is the fee that is paid to the Resonance Repatterning Institute by the Teacher for each student who attends an RR seminar. This “admin fee” is paid to the Institute within seven days of each seminar is taught, unless an extension is requested.

“Association” shall mean the local membership association representing Resonance Repatterning students and practitioners.

“Coordinator” shall mean anyone who coordinates a seminar for a teacher (also known as “Organizer”). The coordinator is responsible for giving presentations, marketing, registering students, handling the registrations, receiving checks, finding a location for the seminar, sending out information, seminar set-up, taking care of the teacher’s needs, and being present for the whole seminar, etc.

“New Student” shall mean a student who has not previously taken that seminar; “Retaker” and “Retake Student” shall mean a student who has previously taken the seminar and is retaking it.

“Resonance Repatterning” throughout this Agreement shall include or may be referred to as “RR”.

“Resonance Repatterning Institute” and “Resonance Repatterning Institute Office” and “RRI” shall mean Resonance Repatterning® Institute, PO Box 4578, Scottsdale, AZ 85261 –

“Resonance Repatterning system” shall mean the complete method as delineated in the Process Guide and all other seminar manuals (it is also known as the Holographic Repatterning system or the HR system).

“Teacher” shall mean an RR teacher who is endorsed by the RR Institute to teach RR seminars up to and including a particular seminar level.

“Teacher-in-Training” shall mean an individual who has been accepted by the RRI for training as a Resonance Repatterning teacher and is in the process of being trained, but is not yet fully qualified as a Resonance Repatterning teacher of the seminar he/she is being trained in.

“Teaching Materials” shall mean the teaching “Cards” or method, written by Chloe Faith Wordsworth, that each teacher uses for the seminar she/he is teaching.

“Teaching Process” shall mean the teaching method as endorsed by the Institute, referred to as the teaching “Cards,” in addition to other materials provided by the Institute