1. Read the summary

Read the summary for each Key in your Fundamentals book and feel relaxed explaining each one (do this with a friend or family member)

  • Know some signs when we are disoriented
  • Know some signs when we are oriented
2. Questions on muscle checking

Know the answers to these questions on muscle checking – in your own words – p.29-31 Fundamentals book

3. Read and understand the definition of resonance

Resonance: p.187 Fundamentals book

  • Know the answer to the *[cr] question: why (on) for a negative statement and (off) for a positive statement
  • Understanding resonance – pp.139-140 Fundamentals book
4. Positive Action

Know the difference between (a) An Energizing Option as a Positive Action and (b) A Strategic Action. What is a Strategic Positive Action?

5. General and Specific muscle checks

Know this information on the General and Specific muscle checks – pp.143-144 Fundamentals book

6. Umbilical muscle check

Know what the umbilical muscle check means – pp.147-148 Fundamentals book

7. *cr statements

Reasons for NOT checking / re-checking *[cr] statements on client’s arm. Why? – p.159 Fundamentals book