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The following Spiral Up Supplies are required for teaching the Fundamentals seminar

Om Tuning Fork

Chromatic Tuner

Harmonic Overtone Guide & CD

The “Pig Mirage”

1. Access the Energizing Options Home Study Course

Access the Energizing Options Home Study Course from the ResonanceRepatterning.net website

  • for hints on how each Option can be taught
  • for ideas on how you can encourage students in various professions to use the Energizing Options

2. Read each Fundamenals Energizing Option

Its purpose and How To.

  • Each day do one Option, remembering its purpose and How To.
  • Remember any story about doing this Option with a client and the success that resulted, or your own success story with an Option. Write it down.
3. Practice teaching each Fundamentals Energizing Option

Practice teaching a family member, a child or a friend each Fundamentals Energizing Option

  • Teach each Option without using your Spiral Up book. Share one or two important points about what this Option does – why it’s important.
  • Remember: do the Option with the person; then as you repeat the Option (which they now know how to do) tell them something important that it does. If you repeat the Option again, tell them something Avoid giving all the information before you start, or all at once. Teach the basic way of doing the Option and then add a little information or a story.
  • Remember: you always do the Option with the person you are teaching, but at the same time you stay aware of the person, so if they need some help in doing it, you can make the “correction” – free of negativity, simply telling the person the right way : “point your toes forward – that’s perfect” or “relax your arms – good,” etc.
4. Energizing Options to know by heart

Know by heart without using your Spiral Up book.

  • Basically, we should know how to do all of the Fundamentals Energizing Options: how to do them and one or two things of importance about what it does.
  • It is especially important to know those Energizing Options that you simply cannot demonstrate while reading or holding your book!

The following are the ones we will want to check that you know without your book.

  • Pause for Centering: be able to talk through each step calmly, with pauses. In the seminar, you can use your book, but it is helpful to memorize the steps in case you don’t have your book.
  • Integration for Completions: be able to talk through each step calmly, with pauses. (You can adapt this Energizing Option for a powerful closure to the seminar).
  • The Laughing Breath: be able to do all the body movements, first of all without making any sound:
    • Lifting up your arms and leaning back…bending over with “ha ha”…knees and body bouncing up and down…holding your belly or thighs…making eye contact when belly laughing with someone else…”soft” pointing at person you are laughing with. Then repeat with sound: ha,ha ha etc.
    •  As a teacher, you need to be able to demonstrate the Laughing Breath free of inhibition, so they too will enjoy this powerful Energizing Option.
  • Harmonic Overtones
  • Peripheral Soft Focus Vision
  • SNS Body-Shake-Out
  • Fountain of Youth Neck Release
  • Calming Cross-Overs
  • Chi Kung Bounce, Holding and Energy Circulation
  • Diaphragm Anxiety Release
  • Shoulder Blade Release
  • Katsugen
  • Left Nostril Breath
  • Breath for Mental Tension
  • Vitality Breath