– For the Fundamentals Teacher Training –

The following Eleven Principles set a standard for teachers of Resonance Repatterning.  The Eleven Principles let students know what they can expect of us – that we have agreed to strive towards integrating the following principles into our life.
1.   I avoid smoking.

2.   I avoid using drugs and I am free of addictions (to alcohol, food, etc).

3.   To the best of my ability I maintain my health and a high degree of energy by eating healthy food.

4.   I exercise in the best way that supports my health, a high level of energy and that gives me pleasure:

  • aerobic exercise such as walking, running, bicycling, swimming, rebounding (on a home trampoline), etc.
  • mind-body movements such as Tai Chi, Yoga, Feldenkrais, etc.
  • strength training such as Foundation to build a stabilized spine, working out in the gym, lifting weights, etc.
5.  Anger and reactiveness are for the most part under my control in my daily life, in my RR practice and in my teaching. With few exceptions, I am able to take a pause, breathe and listen in highly charged emotional situations.
  • If I do become emotionally charged, I make sure I receive an RR session to change my resonance with what is happening beneath the charge for me.
  • I commit to resolving the highly-charged situation with the person involved, and I apologize if I am at fault in the situation.
  • I avoid holding on to resentments and treat the person involved in my upset with respect and friendliness, no matter what his/her response to me may be.
MENTAL: #6-9
6. I do RR sessions on myself and receive RR sessions consistently, towards my ongoing growth and to deal with difficulties or goals on a consistent basis.

7.  I avoid gossiping about other RR teachers.

  • If some behavior concerning another teacher upsets me or I feel a situation is wrong, I talk about it with my practitioner or a teacher I trust in order to get clarity and feedback.
  • I do a self-session or receive a session to change my own resonance.
  • I then have the courage to talk directly to the person involved: I share the facts of the problem and what would make a positive difference for me.
  • If I don’t feel I can talk directly to the teacher involved, or if I feel the information needs to be handled for the benefit of Resonance Repatterning, students and other teachers, I contact about the situation.
  • My intention for discussing the charged situation with RRI is that as a teacher I am committed to staying on track towards living a Spiral Up life and supporting the integrity of Resonance Repatterning for all concerned.

8.  In sessions I do on clients and in my teaching, I observe my own behavior concerning excessive talking about myself or telling detailed stories that are too long and don’t get to the point.

  • I make sure I only share my successes when it illustrates a way to give hope, bring humor and lightness or for a specific learning in relation to a point I am teaching that I want the students to integrate.
  • In the seminars I teach, I observe if I am boasting about myself and my achievements without any higher purpose in mind.
  • I am aware when I am boosting my ego and I use this awareness to go deeper in my personal work in the Resonance Repatterning sessions I receive.

9.   I am respectful and polite with everyone. I may be firm about a request or behavior I observe, but I do so in a respectful way.

10.   I am honest.
  • I observe when I tell a non-truth or do something that is not truthful. I do my best to avoid all non-truths.
  • In my financial dealings and as a teacher I am honest.
  • I understand that being truthful is a high ideal and that living this ideal as much as I can is the basis for being a Resonance Repatterning teacher.

11.  I recognize that there is a higher power no matter what we call it – Love, Spirit, Truth, God, Jehovah, etc. –

  • I aim to practice the presence of this higher power in my life and work, no matter how many times I may forget or fail to do so.
  • I am open to and respect all my students’ and clients’ spiritual beliefs and practice.