As a potential Resonance Repatterning teacher

you need to fulfill the following (7) criteria

1. Receive the Resonance Repatterning Institute Diplomas of Completion

You are both an RRI Certified Practitioner (Diploma received after the Inner Cultivation seminar, once all requirements have been completed) and an RRI Advanced Certified Practitioner (Diploma received after the Energetics of Relationship, once all requirements have been completed.

2. Re-take the first three (Funda, PPs, TUPs) Resonance Repatterning seminars at least once
  • Ideally re-take with a different Teacher from the one you originally studied with – in order to experience different ways or teaching the same material.
  • Ideally, re-take in person. For those who originally attended the seminars online or through Chloe Wordsworth’s Home Study course, the re-take needs to be in person.
  • A prospective teacher needs to re-take the seminar they hope to teach within one year before they will be teaching the seminar (This applies to in person and online seminars). Re-take with a different teacher from the original teacher you studied with — unless this is impossible. If there isn’t a different teacher in your country, you can always re-take by accessing Chloe’s Home Study video seminars once they have been filmed in 2017.
  • Ideally, a prospective teacher has attended the first three seminars two or three times – in person, online and /or by Home Study video seminars.
  • The original attendance, or the re-takes, of the first three RR seminars need to include attending in person (this applies to those doing online seminars or Home Study video seminars).
3. Home Study video seminars with the Founder
  • A prospective teacher needs to take Chloe’s Home Study video seminar for the seminar he/she will be teaching. The Home Study video seminars to be filmed 2016-2017.
4. Private practice
  • You have a private practice in Resonance Repatterning for at least one year before applying to be an RR teacher. Your practice needs to include in-person sessions (in addition to phone or skype/V-See sessions).
  • Teaching focuses on in-person session demonstrations. Teachers need to be thoroughly confident and competent doing sessions in-person and in front of a group of people.
  • In your practice you do a minimum of 10-20 sessions a month. Some of these sessions need to be in person as teaching depends on experience doing in- person sessions.
  • Do a minimum of four group sessions with a minimum of three people in the group. These can be with family, friends or clients. Group sessions give you practice in holding the group energy and doing sessions in front of a group. It also helps to build your clientele. Keep a file of all group sessions you do.
  • Resonance Repatterning is the primary system practiced.
5. Receive sessions
  • Give two sessions to two different Resonance Repatterning teachers
  • Receive two sessions from an RR teacher (or two different RR teachers). Teachers have their own fee structure, which you will need to check.
  • We recommend that you receive Resonance Repatterning sessions on an on-going basis. These sessions can be non-paying exchange sessions with friends and colleagues.
6. A willingness to support students
  • support students so they are able to complete their basic training up to and including the Inner Cultivation seminar, and by organizing other RRI Teachers to teach whatever seminars in the sequence you are not yet endorsed to teach.
  • mentor students so they receive their Practitioner Certification Diploma, if this is the student’s goal.
  • encourage students to attend the Advanced seminars (Principles of Relationship; A New Vision; Energetics of Relationship) so they are able to complete their Advanced Practitioner Certification, if this is their goal.
  • Clarify for students the difference between the RR Institute and their country’s Associations (if there is one).

The aim of the RR Institute is to train practitioners and teachers.

The aim of a country’s membership Association is to bring members together for mutual and professional support, for virtual or in-person conferences and to provide continuing education requirements, a code of ethics and an independent Association Certification.

  • It is a student’s own choice whether they complete the RRI Practitioner Certification, the RRI Advanced Practitioner Certification and/or their country’s Association Certification. However, it is always positive to encourage students to achieve a professional standard of excellence and to be part of the Resonance Repatterning community, which is fostered by a country’s Association.