Spiral Up! 127 Energizing Options To Be Your Best Right Now (Paperback)

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Chloe Faith Wordsworth, Founder of the Resonance Repatterning® System, has collected 127 Energizing Options from around the world – both ancient and modern – and wrapped them up into one accessible book.

You can use these Options at work when your back hurts or you're in overwhelm, at home when you need to calm down or recharge your energy, to help your kids when they're nervous about a test or making friends, in relationships when differences leave you upset and stressed out – any time, anywhere, the 127 Energizing Options help you move back into resonance with your best, right now!

Chloe gives a detailed "HOW TO" for each of the 127 Energizing Options. You can open the book at random, you can turn to the eleven "Ways to Use Spiral Up" or you can choose one of the seven sections – Sound, Color, Movement, Breath etc.

In the final chapter, "A Scientist Speaks," James L. Oschman PhD, author of ENERGY MEDICINE: THE SCIENTIFIC BASIS, shares his fascinating 30-year adventure in the science of spirals - published for the first time in SPIRAL UP. In his Afterword Oschman describes why he is enthusiastic about SPIRAL UP, and says "I look forward to learning how people are affected by these Spiral Up Options, because medical science needs to know about this work."

Chloe Faith Wordsworth has spent 45 years studying, practicing and teaching alternative systems of health. She and the Resonance Repatterning teachers have taught Resonance Repatterning and these Energizing Options to over 15,000 people around the world.

In addition to SPIRAL UP, Chloe Faith Wordsworth is the author of QUANTUM CHANGE MADE EASY and A PROGRAM FOR SUPER HEALTH AND VITALITY, as well as eleven practitioner books on the RESONANCE REPATTERNING SYSTEM.

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