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The mirage is a wonderful tool for teachers, practitioners and parents to use with students, clients and children.

The pig mirage illustrates that although our problems look "real" – you can see the pig from all sides – yet they aren't real at all: you can put your finger right through the pig of your problem. It simply isn't there.

What is real are the unconscious patterns that underlie our problems (the pig underneath the mirage). Change the patterns and the mirage is transformed!

The marvels of this nine inch diameter device are numerous:
  • It is powered by ambient light
  • No film is necessary
  • Objects are rendered in full, natural color
  • Objects may be easily changed
  • Objects display lifelike, 3-D appearance
  • Viewable from 360 degrees
  • No skill or training needed to operate it

The Desktop Mirage Dimensions are:

  • Diameter 9″
  • Opening 2″
  • Height 3″

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