Receiving sessions

It is always best to begin with receiving some sessions in Resonance Repatterning. When you experience the power of this system for yourself, you will know if you want to continue receiving sessions, or if you want to study it so you can resolve your own unconscious patterns or help family and friends, or even do Resonance Repatterning professionally.

Receiving sessions allows you to make an educated and informed decision that serves your best interests. It also makes learning Resonance Repatterning much easier.

Reading Quantum Change Made Easy

Reading Quantum Change Made Easy by Chloe Faith Wordsworth with Gail Noble Glanville is another great way to begin your journey of personal transformation and creating new and empowered outcomes for yourself. If you are inspired by the vision of Resonance Repatterning it often leads to the next step, which is to study it!

Attending The Fundamentals of Resonance Repatterning seminar

Attending the the Fundamentals is the best place to begin as these two seminars give you the basics of the Resonance Repatterning system, which you can start to apply immediately in your life. Every seminar includes a manual containing all the information you need in order to become skilled and to apply the Resonance Repatterning techniques with ease and success. Every seminar also teaches a range of energy modalities to transform resonance for self-healing on every level.

What do you learn that isn't in the Resonance Repatterning manuals?

More important than information is a quality of heart. As you continue onward in your learning, you experience how Resonance Repatterning seminars encourage the heart connection that is the basis of all self-healing and of every relationship. Skill without heart may get good results, but when heart is added to skill – compassion, understanding, being a listening presence free of judgment – clients and students make a quantum leap in their self-healing process, their relationship connections and for creating positive outcomes in their lives.

The emphasis throughout the Resonance Repatterning training is on your own growth and personal development, as well as on learning the skills required to help your become a confident and effective practitioner. You’ll find that every aspect of your life improves – whether you work, relationships or spiritual practice – as you become the best of who you really are.

What is different about the Resonance Repatterning teaching techniques?

Our teaching technique includes a balance of:

  • Inspiring information you need to know
  • Demonstrations
  • Supervised practice
  • Skills development and connecting to the eight wisdom ways of the heart Page 4 of 4 Resonance Repatterning Site Content v3.1 (Word 2003)
  • Competence with modalities
  • The use of music and movement to integrate left and right-brain hemispheres for ease of learning and understanding
  • And most important, a sense of fun, joy, laughter, along with an atmosphere of acceptance, non-judgment, encouragement, sharing and inspiration

How long are the seminars?

Most seminars are three days in length. Advanced seminars may be four to six days in length. Sometimes seminars are taught in 6-9 day intensives according to the teacher’s preference and schedule and the desire of students to complete the program – whether slowly or more intensively.

Where is Resonance Repatterning taught?

A number of teachers offer seminars in the USA and overseas. The founder of Resonance Repatterning, Chloe Faith Wordsworth, teaches the complete Diploma Training Program in Scottsdale Arizona, over a period of 15 months, beginning every July. Many students from abroad like to attend this program, which guarantees completion of all seminars and training towards certification in a set time, and diminishes the expense of travel to individual seminars.

Seminars are also taught by teachers in Mexico, Chile and Spain, South Africa and by teachers in the UK.

How many seminars do I need to attend in order to start my program of becoming a practitioner certified by the Repatterning Practitioner Association?

All seminars marked with an asterisk are required before declaring candidacy for Certification and receiving your certification manual from the Repatterning Practitioner Association.
That is: Empowering Yourself, Fundamentals, Transforming Primary Patterns, Unconscious Patterns, Chakra Patterns and Five Element and Meridian Patterns.

Practitioner Master I (The Eight Wisdom Ways), and Practitioner Master II and III are part of the Diploma Training Program – leading to a deeper understanding of being a healing presence and developing the skills needed for certification. Instead of Practitioner Mastery II and III Teachers may offer individual and group observation training, and some teachers may also offer Practitioner Mastery 1.

What is the cost of the training?

As Resonance Repatterning teachers are independent contractors they are responsible for creating their own seminar fees. When you go to register for a particular seminar you will see how much that teacher charges. In addition, some teachers give intensives at which two or three seminars are taught in the same period, which also affects how much is charged. Chloe Faith Wordsworth teaches the full Diploma Training Program, committing to personally mentoring students from beginning to end through every seminar and preparing students for certification. This program is more expensive than attending single seminars in the Self-paced program of study.

Can you take the seminars in any order?

All seminars are taken sequentially, unless otherwise stated in the curriculum.

  • You begin with 010 Empowering Yourself, where you learn to muscle check on yourself and shift your resonance in quick self-help ways;
  • This is followed by 020 Fundamentals where you learn all the basics of Resonance Repatterning and how to apply it on yourself and others.
  • Each seminar that follows builds on the skills learned in the previous seminar – supporting you in developing your knowledge, understanding, technical ability and ability to be a “healing presence” for another.
  • In addition to the 10 training seminars created by the founder, Chloe Faith Wordsworth, there are a number of powerful ‘endorsed seminars’ created by certified teachers, which are endorsed by the Institute. These seminars can be taken any time after a student has completed the Five Element and Meridian seminar.

List of all seminars

  • 010 *Fundamentals of Resonance Repatterning
  • 020 *Transforming Primary Patterns
  • 030 *Transforming Unconscious Patterns
  • 035 Practitioner Mastery I
  • 040 *Transforming Chakra Patterns
  • 050 *Transforming Five Element and Meridian Patterns
  • 060 Inner Cultivation: Presence through the 12 Meridians
  • 071 Inner Cultivation: Safety through the 12 Meridians
  • 081 Healing the Family Constellation I
  • 082 Healing the Family Constellation II
  • 095 *Practitioner Mastery II
  • 100 Principles of Relationship
  • 105 *Practitioner Mastery III
  • 110 A New Vision
  • 120 Energetics of Relationship
  • 250 Diploma Training Program with Chloe Faith Wordsworth