Transforming Unconscious Patterns of RR is the 3rd course in the basic training series of 5 courses. You will learn how the brain’s neural pathways, so habitually used that they appear to be ‘who I am’, are actually activated and created in response to earlier experiences, stresses, beliefs and the ways of viewing ourself and life. The intention of this course is that you realize that we can change our brain’s neural connections and therefore change how we function in life. In addition, you will learn many modalities and repatternings which address the issues identified above.

Prerequisite: Fundamentals of RR, and Primary Patterns of RR. This course, if taken individually, totals $1,055 which includes all materials & U.S. shipping. Discounts are available for those who wish to pay in full for the whole basic series. I hope you will join me! Sylvi

For further details and information, please contact Sylvi Salinas at

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