TRANSFORMING UNCONSCIOUS PATTERNS with Resonance Repatterning, Seminar #3

This seminar focuses on the neural pathways of the brain and looks at the impact of earlier life experiences on our current stresses, beliefs and ways in which we view the world.  We will explore how we can change our brain’s neural responses and how we function in life by shifting resonance with our unconscious beliefs and feeling response patterns.

  1. You will experience five new Repatternings to assist with forging new neural connections to support new creative, life-energizing ways of being, acting and relating.
  2. Learn additional information on how to use the expanded Resonance Repatterning Mandala.
  3. Learn new Energing Options (Modalities) for positive change, including the Diffusion Process for diffusing negative energy states.

This class in an in-person seminar in my home where you receive personal feedback and interaction with other students.

There are two required books which are in addition to the basic seminar fee.  TRANSFORMING UNCONSCIOUS PATTERNS, $45 (includes shipping) and the PROCESS GUIDE $35.

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