The most significant change in Resonance Repatterning is that you can now apply for this status after completing your Practitioner level.

The starting point is to learn how to teach Fundamentals and Primary Patterns combined, which is the now new RR Fundamentals – Pathway to Change.

It is important that you check first that you have met/are able to meet the criteria as listed below under requirements and observations before you start this process

The following are the basic steps.

  1. Contact for an application form. Once received, complete the application form and return with all the associated documentation along with a video that describes why you want to take on the role of teaching, why this is important to you, how you would market your teaching to obtain students. Feedback is typically provided within one week.
  2. The QA team will review the videos on file along with your paperwork – they may ask you to attend a meeting or interview to discuss your skills. They may even ask you to demonstrate your training skill before they approve the application. All of this is not to make life difficult but to ensure that we maintain the quality needed.
  3. Once approved, receive and sign the teacher license agreement and upgrade/purchase your license to practice for the required Teacher level
  4. Book and pay for the Train the Trainer programme (which you only need to attend once). This programme’s current cost is $500 and runs over three (3) days or four (4) short scheduled 4-hour sessions.
  5. Purchase the teacher license which includes the teacher training cards for Fundamentals and Primary Patterns. You can pay in full or on a payment plan. The license for each programme is $900.
  6. Payment plans can be provided over 2 to 24 months.
  7. Study the teacher cards and demonstrate parts of the training allocated. Record the instructional sessions to be reviewed by the Certification/Quality Assurance team.
  8. Become a Mentor on the next Basic Series and complete mentorship of students all the way through. During your mentorship, demonstrate aspects of the Basic Series programme. There is no cost to attend as a mentor.
  9. During this process, you will be allocated a mentor to give you the feedback that you need to reach the final goal of running the programmes on your own.