Primary Patterns of RR, a live on-line seminar, is the 2nd seminar in the 5-seminar basic training series.  You will further expand your practice & application of the concepts and techniques acquired in the 1st seminar.  In addition, you are introduced to new powerful repatternings which relate to our primary patterns acquired or inherited from our parents and care-givers.  Additional modalities are introduced.  You will be given assignments which fulfill partial requirements for receiving your diploma from the RR Institute.  All classes are interactive and experiential.  Because each seminar prepares you for the one to follow, all seminars are taken in chronological order.

$4500 includes participation in all 5 seminars, and all materials and shipping within the United States. Contact Sylvi Salinas for info regarding additional shipping fees to countries outside the U.S.A.

Join us for the journey in joy, laughter & ease of learning as we raise our conscious awareness, transforming unwanted patterns into your desired victory in life – benefitting each of us as individuals, and thus naturally benefitting every living spirit on this beautiful Earth!

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